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Jonker Street: Ultimate Travel Guide 2017

Jonker Street Ultimate Travel Guide

1. Jonker Street Hotel 2. Jonker Street Attractions 3. Jonker Street Cafe 4. Jonker Street Restaurant 5. Jonker Street Food 6. Jonker Street Shopping 7. Jonker Street Nightlife

18 Malacca Attractions You Probably Didn’t Know About

Malacca attractions that are definitely worth to visit when travel to Malacca!

Visiting Malacca is like to take a breathtaking time-travel. One of the states in Malaysia is a unique blend of ancient and modern with wonderful sights, rich heritage and history. You may asking: what to do in Malacca? No worry as we have prepared for you with

10 Attractions Near Jonker Street To Visit On Your Next Vacation

Top 10 Attractions Near Jonker Street

Interested to know more about the unique historic character of Malacca? Then you must not forget to visit the heritage and historic buildings in Malacca that always open their doors and welcomes you warmly! In this article, we have compiled 10 of the most famous tourist attractions

13 Famous Local Foods In Jonker Street Every Foodie Must Try (& Where To Eat Them)

Top 13 Food To Eat In Jonker Street

Searching for decent food at Jonker Street? We’ve found you the most sought-after food along the street where you can eat your way down! Whether it is local delicacies, desserts, western burger or Indian cuisine, there must be something at Jonker Street that can satisfy your ultimate

Top 11 Attractions In Jonker Street Makes A Great Weekend Getaway

Top 11 Attractions In Jonker Street

Planning an escape to the historic town of Malacca but don’t know where to go? No worries! We have compiled the top attractions in Jonker Street for you! Despite the photogenic places where you can take endless photos, we also introduce you some of the historic places

Top 7 Nightlife In Jonker Street – Where To Go At Night In Jonker Street, Malacca

Top 7 Nightlife in Jonker Street

Finding a perfect place to unwind yourself after a long tiring day at Jonker Street? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we gonna introduce you 7 places where you can quiet yourself down while listening to music until midnight. Some café even offers outdoor

Top 11 Hotels Near Jonker Street (Good To Know Before You Book The Hotel)

Top 11 Hotels Near Jonker Street

Are you looking for hotels near Jonker Street? No worries, we have already figured it out for you! In this article, we have compiled 11 hotels which are within 15 minutes driving distance to Jonker Street! Almost all the hotels we mentioned below offer rooms with river

12 Best Restaurants In Jonker Street That Will Keep You Returning For More

12 Best Restaurants In Jonker Street

If you have been wondering where to eat at Jonker Street, this article will help you in many ways! We have got you 12 different restaurants along or near the Jonker Street that has been frequented and recommended by the locals. These Jonker Street restaurants not only

9 Best Places To Buy Souvenirs At Jonker Street

9 Places To Buy Souvenirs In Jonker Street

Planning to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones after a wonderful vacation at Malacca but don’t know where to go? This article gonna help you a lot! To make your souvenirs shopping experience less hassle, we’ve find you the most sought-after souvenirs shop near the Jonker

11 Best Cafes In Jonker Street That Are Perfect For Brunch, Breakfast, Dessert & Coffee

11 Best Cafes In Jonker Street

Feel like going on a café hopping adventure in Malacca? We’ve made you a list of the best cafes in Jonker Street! The cafés below come with different unique themes and concepts ranging from rustic theme, western style, tropical rainforest to a contemporary cafe. When the weather

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