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Top 11 Hotels In Jonker Street (Travellers Recommend List)

Top 11 Hotels In Jonker Street

Planning a perfect holiday to Malacca but getting a big headache because of the accommodation problems? We’ve listed out the ideal accommodations in Jonker Street for you! Staying over here is the best of all because most of the Malacca attractions and local eateries are just within

13 Famous Local Foods In Jonker Street Every Foodie Must Try (& Where To Eat Them)

Top 13 Food To Eat In Jonker Street

Searching for decent food at Jonker Street? We’ve found you the most sought-after food along the street where you can eat your way down! Whether it is local delicacies, desserts, western burger or Indian cuisine, there must be something at Jonker Street that can satisfy your ultimate

How To Go To Malacca From Singapore (Include Things To Do & Buy In Malacca & Malacca One Day Trip)

How To Get To Malacca From Singapore

What do you get when you combined mouth-watering cuisine and architectural ruins? You’ll get Malacca, a town full of wonder! Dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2008, Malacca’s rich culture and historical background has been documented. The history dates way back from the ethnic Chinese-Malays

Top 11 Attractions In Jonker Street Makes A Great Weekend Getaway

Top 11 Attractions In Jonker Street

Planning an escape to the historic town of Malacca but don’t know where to go? No worries! We have compiled the top attractions in Jonker Street for you! Despite the photogenic places where you can take endless photos, we also introduce you some of the historic places

A Famosa Resort Malacca Trip: Your Next Travel Destination

Trip in A Famosa Melaka

Did you know that the A Famosa Resort in Malacca is rated by some as one of the foremost leisure and resort destinations in the whole region of South East Asia? The resort is reputed for its most amazing and fun-filled activities at its prestigious Water Theme

26 Best Malacca Food And Where To Find Them (Updated)

Best Malacca Foods

Top 26 Best Food in Malacca “Malacca is a food heaven!” is what you’ll most likely hear when you enquire about the small and historical city. On top of being an ideal destination filled with wonders of ancient buildings and colonial structures, Malacca is also a land of gastronomical delight.

12 Best Homestay Melaka: Pocket Friendly & Unique Design

12 Best Homestay in Melaka

Want a home-away-from-home vacation with affordable prices? You can enjoy all these and more in the cultural fiesta that is Melaka. Melaka has a history going back hundreds of years ago and most historical sites are still in a relatively good state. Luckily, all the places are

15 Must-Visit Cafes in Malacca for Good Coffee

15 Best Cafes in Malacca

The charming City of Malacca packs quite an amount of rich history and culture. Situated next to the straits of Malacca and near the royal city of Muar, Melaka is a UNESCO world heritage site with a rich trading history going back centuries, and a multicultural heritage

How To Get To Hatten Hotel Malacca From Singapore (4 Transport Options)

How To Get To Hattan Hotel Malacca From Singapore

We all know the historical city, full of rich cultures and wondrous mouth-watering food but do you know the exquisite place to stay to fulfil the entire vacation in Malacca? Hatten Hotel Malacca, one of the newest classy hotel that is suitable for families, couples, friends and

11 Best Resorts in Malacca For Your Next Vacation

Is your vacation coming up or are you contemplating having one in the near future? If your answer is on the affirmative then waste no time because you can have the fun of your life by taking your vacation on the finest hotels and resorts you can

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