Desaru Ostrich Farm: Discover Chickaboo In JB

Desaru Ostrich Farm Johor Bahru

Don’t know where to go in Johor Bahru?

How about have a visit to Desaru Ostrich Farm in Johor.

Here, you can get up close to or even can touch the ostriches.

It is really a fun activity!

In this article, you will get to know:

Desaru Ostrich Farm

This is one of the biggest ostrich farms in Malaysia. Containing more than 200 ostriches, Desaru Ostrich farm is well known and famous across Asia.

It is located 25 minutes drive from Pulai Desaru. If you coming from Johor Bahru Checkpoint, it is about an hour drive. Image below shows the main entrance to ostrich farm. All the ostriches are keep behind this house.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Entrance

One of its most attractive features is that you can get up close with the ostriches in the farm. Not only is this interesting, it is also immensely educational since you are able to learn quite a lot from observing the birds.

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Desaru Ostrich Farm

At Ostrich Farm Desaru, there are caretakers. They provide the birds with food, medication and they also act as tour guides for you. The caretakers know a lot about the ostriches. As such, they will give you interesting tidbits as you walk around the farm.

Desaru Ostrich Farm, Johor

To gain access to Desaru Ostrich farm, you need to pay an entrance fee. It is RM15 for adults and RM10 for kids.

This farm is located in Kota Tinggi, Johor. Open from 10.00am to 6.00pm, you can get transport from SGMYTAXI and ask the driver to take you to Teluk Ramunia.

They will drive you directly from Singapore to Desaru and you can discover the amazing world of ostriches.

Ostriches in Desaru Ostrich Farm


Things To Do in Desaru Ostrich Farm

There are many interesting items that you can purchase in the Desaru Ostrich Farm. These items are great to use as souvenirs. Examples of these are ostrich egg, ostrich egg shell lamp, shoes, bags, oil and wallets made from ostrich’s meat and skin.

1. Purchase Souvenirs

Desaru Ostrich Farm (Souvenirs)

Desaru Ostrich Farm Products

Photo credits:

2. Taste Different Type of Dishes That Are Made From Ostrich Meat or Eggs

Ostrich omelette and satay that are  highly recommended by the guide. You will surprise that ostrich meat can make into so many different food as listed below:

  • Ostrich Satay
  • Ostrich Burger
  • Ostrich Omelette
  • Ostrich Superior Soup
  • Ostrich Bak Kut Teh
  • Ostrich Teppanyaki
  • Ostrich Nugget
  • and many more

Food Price List at Desaru Ostrich Farm

Note: The taste of ostrich omelette is same like chicken eggs and the only different is it is more smooth in terms of texture. For the ostrich  meat, it is taste more springy and the smell of meat is very strong.

I personally suggest you to try the ostrich food before visiting the farm. WHY? You will probably won’t to eat those meat after you see the cute ostriches.

3. Feed Ostriches With Corn Kernels

You can get close to 2 ostriches out of 200++ ostriches. They are allowed to walk freely in farm. Therefore, you can feed these 2 ostriches with a bunch of vegetables or corn kernels. It is really good experience and fun if you never get so close to these Chickaboos before.

4. Take Photo Together With Ostrich

Besides that, you can take photos with these 2 special ostriches.

Info: please refer to ostrich caretakers on how to take photo with ostrich.

Desaru Ostrich Farm Info

Desaru Ostrich Farm Location: EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Desaru Ostrich Farm Contact: +607-826 5846
Fax: +607-826 5846
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 06:00pm (Daily)
Desaru Ostrich Farm Entrance Fee: Adult RM15 Child RM10

Attractions Near Desaru Ostrich Farm

1. Desaru Fruit Farm

Spanning over 180 acres, Desaru Fruit Farm is full of tropical fruits and so much more. This farm was recognized as the Best Agro-Tourism location in Malaysia in the year 2006.

It was also recognized as the most Innovative Tourism Attraction in 2010. As such, you can be sure of an exceptional experience in this amazing farm.

Desaru Fruit Farm Johor

The management at this farm engages in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and also performs Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

There are many activities that go on in the Desaru Fruit Farm. Examples of these are the vegetable and the herbal gardens as well as the bee keeping location.

A typical tour of this farm begins with a guided journey through the farm. You get to enjoy the tropical fruits in their natural growing areas. You can also visit an agricultural gallery to see the different types of plants and crops in the farm.

Koi Fish Pond In Desaru Fruit Farm

You also go to visit the fish pond. The experts in the farm raise various species of fish in the pond. The journey would not be complete without a visit to the petting zoo. Kids love this part of the journey.

Throughout the tour at Desaru Fruit Farm, all meals are provided to you. If you get hungry in between the meals, there is a mini-mart as well as fruit shops all over the farm.

There are many types of tours and activities that you can engage in while at the Desaru Fruit Farm. They include:

1.1 One Day Desaru Tour

In this tour, you are able to learn as much as possible about the Desaru Fruit Farm. This is accomplished by visits to the agricultural gallery, the vegetable garden as well as the bee keeping program.

Desaru Fruit Farm One Day Tour

While here, you can sample the raw honey. A buffet lunch and a collection of fruits are provided to you throughout the tour. You can also buy some local fresh produce at the Mini Mart in the farm.

Also, you get to visit the crocodile farm, take a fireflies cruise and enjoy some lobster seafood for dinner. It is an all inclusive tour for visitors to Desaru Fruit Farm.

1.2 Paintball War Games

The paintball war games are an amazing way to have fun in Desaru Fruit Farm. Suitable for adults and children alike, you can engage in battles on the professionally designed paintball arena in the farm.

Desaru Paintball War Games

Once you register and pay for a session, you are provided with the equipment that you need. This includes a marker, protective gear, 150 pellets, unlimited amounts of CO2 propulsion gas, mineral water and a marshall.

You can have hours of fun at this arena and make some amazing memories at the Desaru Fruit Farm.

1.3 Fireflies Cruise

At this fruit farm, you can enjoy a cruise down a slow flowing river in the Kota Tinggi Firefly Park. In the evenings, there are millions of beautiful fireflies around you.

Sungai Lebam Wetlands -Fireflies

The sky lights up with these amazing insects and you get a romantic, serene feeling as you float among them. For 45 minutes, you are transported into a heavenly firefly world courtesy of the Desaru Fruit Farm.

1.4 Complete Adventure Tour

This is definitely the most exciting tour that you can take in the Desaru Fruit Farm. It is full of high octane activities that are bound to be fun for you, your family and your friends.

For RM150 per person, you can enjoy a whole range of activities in the farm. It is important to note that children under the age of 7 years are not allowed in this tour.

Moreover, the rule is that you need to have at least 6 people in your group so as to qualify for this tour.

In this adventure tour, you can enjoy a paintball war game with 200 pellets provided to you. You also enjoy go kart rides as well as a guided tour of the farm. In addition to that, you can participate in high rope activities and enjoy a sumptuous fruit fiesta.

The whole tour takes approximately 6 hours. If you are a group of more than 40 people, you will need to contact the management and tour guides in advance so that arrangements can be made for you.

  • Students Package Tour
  • Fruit Farm Tour courtesy of Fruit Packet
  • Exciting Dirt Kart Ride
  • Seafood Lobster Dinner


2. Desaru Beach

In addition to the ostrich farm, you can stroll on Desaru Beach. It is well known for its white sands that are punctuated by amazing, colorful corals. The atmosphere on this beach is guaranteed to leave you feeling tranquil and serene.

Desaru beach is very famous with tourists. It is one of the best ones in Johor. Its white sands and turquoise blue waters are attractive to walk and swim in.

Desaru Beach View

This beach is quite close to the fruit farm. As such, you can go on a tour in the fruit farm and enjoy the beach in the afternoon. There are hotels along the beach. Thus, it is easy to find some accommodation.


  • You can play sports such as beach volleyball or even engage in some scuba diving. There is literally no limit to the activities that you can enjoy in this beach location.
  • There are some clubhouses too where you can have drinks and enjoy the music. The clubhouse is built like a log cabin to indicate the traditional culture of the local people. A trip to Desaru is not complete without a visit to the beach.
  • Once you are done with the beach, there is an amazing attraction located north of Desaru that is all about fresh, yummy fish. It is known as the Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum. Read on to learn more about this amazing attraction.


3. Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum

This is a picturesque fishermen museum that was built by the South Johor Development Authority (KEJORA).

It was built to showcase the traditional methods that were used by fishermen in the area and the tools that they used. Some of the fishing artifacts that you can view are tackles, nets and various fishing tools.

Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum

Photo credits:

In addition to that, you can see traditional boats, vessels and rafts in and around the museum. In ancient times, the fishermen of Desaru looked to the moon and depended on the skyline so as to identify the right times to catch fish.

These are some of the superstitions that you can listen to and be amazed at the Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum.
You can take a taxi from sgmytaxi.

It is the top provider of tourist transport in and around Desaru. The driver will drive along the North-South Expressway (NSE), go through the Kulai exit (252) and enter the trunk road heading towards Kota Tinggi (94 and 3). The museum is a 30 minute drive from this location.


How To Get to Desaru Ostrich Farm From Singapore

Desaru is a hotbed of activities that you can enjoy while visiting Singapore. There is a fruit farm with as many activities as a theme park.

There is also a beach where the sand is white and beautiful and there is also a museum located a few minutes away. You never lack something to do in this amazing tourist spot. Traveling to and from these spots is made quite easy by the SGMYTAXI.

SGMYTAXI provides private MPV car service between Singapore and Desaru Ostrich Farm at affordable price.

Make a reservation now to enjoy a hassle free trip.  For any inquires, feel free to WhatsApp KY Tan for more info regarding our services.



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