LEGOland Review Malaysia

Legoland Theme Park Malaysia

Review: Legoland Theme Park Malaysia

How to travel from Singapore to Legoland ?

If you have to read the LEGOLand reviews, this is one of the most wonderful theme parks in Asia.

The LEGOLand Water Park is the largest in Asia and 6th LEGOLand Park in the world.

The beauty of this park lies in the fact that it is designed for children’s fun while keeping them and their parents (accompanying adults) engaged and happy as well.

It offers some 70+ rides, each one of them interactive and hands-on.

This means that every ride demands that the rider gets fully involved in the ride by pulling, pushing, constructing, un-constructing, etc.

Everything is fun here because at every step of the way you are involved.

Tourists Reviews About Legoland Theme Park Malaysia

All the reviews about the Theme Park are only praises for the beautiful, unique and innovative rides and overall design. The Park has at its heart the LEGOLand Miniland where various famous buildings from all over Asia and world are replicated to perfection in 1:20 scale.

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Activities In Legoland Theme Park Malaysia

The miniature buildings are all made of LEGO bricks making it look like a magical world.

There are some 70 million plus LEGO bricks used to make these buildings – and this is so amazing to see.

You have the Taj Mahal of India, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Merlion of Singapore, Petrona Twin Towers of Malaysia, the Eiffel Tower, Egyptian Pyramids and so much more.

Legoland Malaysia (Miniland)

There are seven theme areas, each one competing with the other for the fun and pleasure it offers. One among the most popular rides is the Dragon Coaster which will take you right through the LEGO Kingdom Castle.

The ride moves at 60 km per hour and will show you the Royal Family dining, the torture chamber of the palace, and the treasure that the dragon is guarding.

Legoland Theme Park Malaysia

The LEGOLand review also speaks about the innovative rides offered in this wonderful Theme Park, such as when children can apply and get their very own “driver’s license”.

At every step, you and the children have to do something to make the ride more colorful. Perhaps this is what makes this park so intriguingly attractive to young and old alike.

Guideline To Legoland Malaysia

To get the smooth trip to Legoland Theme Park Malaysia, you need to consider 3 important aspects as below:

  • transportation to LEGOLand – how many hours to get to Legoland Malaysia? by bus, taxi, own car, shuttle bus, limousine and etc.
  • accommodation at LEGOLand – should you stay overnight or just one day enough?
  • time spend at LEGOLand – how long you should stay at Legoland Malaysia?

After consider these three aspects above, you can enjoy the trip to LEGOland parks without hassle. For more details, click here –> How to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore: The Ultimate Guide of Transport Options


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