How To Go To Malacca From Singapore (Include Things To Do & Buy In Malacca & Malacca One Day Trip)

How To Get To Malacca From Singapore

A UNESCO World Heritage Site from 2008, Malacca’s rich culture and historical background is documented.

The history dates way back from the ethnic Chinese-Malays to the Portuguese to the Dutch and more recently to the British.

This little town is a perfect blend of traditional culture and modern lifestyle, coupled up with great food and some amazing sights and sounds.

Some wonderful exotic foods that will surely leave a good taste in your mouth!

Even though it is quite some distance from Singapore, it’s not difficult to get there.

And in today’s post, I’m going to share with you the transportation available to reach Malacca from Singapore and other Malacca travel info.

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How to Get to Malacca from Singapore

Option 1: Driving from Singapore to Malacca

If you have a car, what better way to get to Malacca than driving all the way, enjoying the rough curves, smooth roads and the wonderful scenery that characterize the journey.

The North-South Expressway (NSE) is the shortest way to Malacca from Singapore and the journey may take about about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours excluding the time spent for Singapore – Malaysia immigration clearance.

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NSE highway

The downside of using the NSE is the lack of beautiful features, making the journey more of a formality than a fun trip which is probably what you are in to. To make up for this, you can choose to go the longer way through Batu Pahat, Budhis House and Penghulu’s House.

This route also has a downside, or two! You actually have to force yourself to focus and not get tempted to visit the numerous ancient mosques, tombstones which are architectural masterpieces on their own right and the picturesque hot springs.

Just to make you feel better, these are usually deserted and isolated places which will take you more time to locate and access than they will actually keep your interest, so keep your eyes on the road and drive on. There are better sights in Malacca.

coastal trunk road

11 Tips You Should Know Before Drive From Singapore To Malacca

  • Make sure you car petrol tank has three-quarters full before leaving Singapore. You can fill the petrol at any station in Singapore. There is a petrol station not too far from Tuas Checkpoint.
  • Make sure you have CEPAS card issued by Transitlink, EZ-link or NETS and has credit. This is because you need to pay few dollar either at Woodlands Checkpoint or Tuas Checkpoint.
  • Avoid travelling to Johor Bahru during peak hours. On daily basis, the heavy traffic is expected in morning peak hours from 7 to 9am towards Singapore and in the evening after 6pm towards Johor Bahru city.
  • No need to disembark from car to get passport stamp.
  • You can buy a highway toll card at first toll-booth with credit RM30 to allow you swipe the card at Touch’n’Go automatic lanes. It is enough for one way trip to Malacca but you need to reload the card on return journey.
  • The speed limit in highway is 110km/hr.
  • The journey from Johor Bahru to Malacca is about 3 hours.
  • Change some Malaysia currency so that you can spend it in Malacca or anywhere in Malaysia.
  • Have a Malacca map or navigation system with you during the trip because the streets in Malacca sometimes is quite confusing.
  • Take Tuas Checkpoint as it is much more convenient and less congestion.
  • Take the exit at Plaza Tol Ayer Keroh.

Option 2: Private Car from Singapore to Malacca

Private Car To Malacca (SGMYTAXI)

If you want to experience the most comfortable and convenient travelling between Singapore to Malacca, private car is your ultimate choice among the transportation option.

SGMYTAXI is one of the well-known Singapore – Malacca transport providers to pick you up any location in Singapore and drive you to  Malacca for either business trip, family trip or vacation.

Book single trip,  return trip or multiple trip  and enjoy the relax and hassle free trip at affordable price.

SGMYTAXI provides 3 types of MPV to choose from, Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex. It is very suitable for the big family, travelling in group or friends.

Why choose SGMYTAXI private  transfer?

  • Travel in privacy
  • Save time hopping for bus
  • No need to get off from vehicle during immigration clearance
  • No more worry of your heavy luggage
  • No surcharge or extra fee imposed
  • Never get lost anymore

More benefits using private car, click here: Reason to Choose Private Car Transfer


Option 3: Bus from Singapore to Malacca

If you are on budget and solo travelers, then the bus service is your cheapest  transportation option to get to Malacca from Singapore. You can take the bus at Queen Street, Golden Mile Tower, Park Royal Hotel and other places.

You can choose bus companies such as  WTS, Transtar, KKKL Express, Konsortium, Starmart Express and other bus dealers. Whatever bus service you choose, remember to keep your bus ticket safe, you will use it later. Some company provide direct transfer to some hotels in Malacca such as Hatten Hotel, Casa Del Rio Hotel Malacca and Equatorial Hotel. It is definitely save your money.

The journey from Singapore to Malacca by bus may take 3 to 4 hours depend on the traffic condition and Singapore-Malaysia border.

Five Stars Express

You need to get off from bus for immigration clearance at Woodlands Checkpoint. Then, the bus will take you across the causeway where you will have get off the bus again to get passport stamp at Johor Customs.

Besides that, you need to alight with all your belongings during immigration clearance. It is really tiresome process (about 30 minutes to 1 hour) and waste time.

As soon as you’re cleared, you need to board the bus with the ticket you had bought before – see the importance now?

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Option 4: Train From Singapore to Malacca

Step 1: Train from Woodlands to Johor Bahru (JB)

Unfortunately, there are no direct train to Malacca from Singapore but the options available will take you most of the well, hopefully. Your journey will start at Woodlands Train Station in Singapore with the train stopping at the JB Sentral Station in Johor. Note that shuttle train called Tebrau Shuttle is the only train service from Singapore.

Step 2: Train from JB Sentral to Malacca

After that, you can take JB-Gemas shuttle from JB Sentral to Malacca. You have to get off from the train at Pulau Sebang station(Tampin). the journey may take about 5 hours 30 minutes due to the train run slowly.

Just to inform that, there is only one train daily from JB Sentral to Tampin station. If you missed the train, then you need to find other transportation option to reach Malacca.

Train From JB Sentral To Malacca

Step 3: Bus from Pulau Sebang/Tampin to Malacca City

As the railway station is about 40km from the main town center, therefore, you will either have to walk to the main road and try to stop one of the Tampin-bound buses, usually No.26, or walk to the bus station which is less risky but more tiresome.

tampin bus station

From Tampin, board one of the several buses to Malacca, a distance of about 45 minutes. And if you find a local going the same way, why not hitch a free ride? Remember to take some care though, you don’t want anything bad happening to you before experiencing the majestic splendor of Malacca.

Step 4: Taxi from Pulau Sebang/Tampin to Malacca City  (Optional)

There is also taxi option you can consider if you have some luggage. There are many taxi available at railway station but there are a bit expensive. It is advisable to negotiate and settle on the price before you enter the taxi as the drivers here are known to increase the fares on sensing visitors.


Things To Do in Malacca

After arriving in Malacca, presumably safe and sound, the next thing is to get a shower to drive away the kinks of the journey, get on your sandals and set off for the town for some fun.

Malacca being a UNESCO Heritage Site, there is no shortage of amazing Malacca attraction places to visit. In fact, there are so many places to visit and so much to see that you won’t even be able to see it all.

#1. Visit the Museum in Malacca

The museums around here are arguably the best ways to get to know more about this ancient town and there are several you can visit. Here’s a few must-visit museum.

1.1 Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum

The Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of them and has quite an interesting past. This privately owned museum is located in Chinatown and showcases the traditions and culture of the ethnic Chinese-Malays commonly known as Peranakan.

They were among the first to inhabit the town and embraced both the Chinese and the local cultural beliefs and customs, creating an interesting blend of culture that you will not find anywhere else.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

Going through the Museum, which usually has some guides, you will find the display of ancient antiques and traditional regalia very interesting coupled with the eloquent guides explaining to you whatever you need to know.

1.2 Straits Chinese Jewelry Museum

The Straits Chinese Jewelry Museum is located on the same Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street as Baba and Nyonya Museum. It is host to a wide selection of cheap to very expensive Jewelry used by the ancient Peranakan families that lived in Malacca decades ago.

Classic local furniture and photos showing the life of the early Chinese-Malays are also displayed here.

strait chinese jewellery museum

1.3 Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

It is believed to be in a warehouse building built by Ming Dynasty Admiral Cheng ng Ho offers intimate glimpses into the vintage Chinese way of life with some little patches of local culture evident by the furniture, jewelry and photos taken at different times over the more than 200 years history of the town.

Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum

#2: Go For Best Food Trails In Malacca

Malacca with its cultural diversity, has numerous eateries and restaurants, each offering its own version of the local and sometimes international cuisines.

Before ordering some of the local Malacca foods, be careful and actually ask what they are before as most of them are very spicy and you may have difficulties eating them especially if you are not used to.

Nancy's Kitchen Nyonya Food

The foods range from those offering local delicacies such as Melaka nyonya food and Curry Chicken rice to those offering foreign fast foods like coffee and pasta.

Apart from the awesome food, restaurant such as Amy Heritage and The Geographer Cafe offer great and relaxing atmosphere with soft groovy music and classy lighting.


#3: Historical Malacca Tour

There is no denying that Malacca is a truly historical town with hundreds of beautiful ancient sites, many Malacca attractions places and a rich history dating back over 200 years that enabled it be listed as a world Heritage Site.

3.1 St Paul’s Church Malacca

A hike up to St Paul’s hill will afford you a complete and beautiful view over the town. Besides that, you can also visit famous ruins of St Paul’s Church, built some 500 years ago. The place is awesome location for a group photo or even better a selfie.

St. Paul's Church in Malacca

3.2 The Stadthuys

Wherever  your way to the hill or going somewhere in Malacca, remember to pass through one of Malacca’s most enduring buildings, the Dutch Square.

It is clearly distinguishable with the red imposing Dutch buildings over 50 years old.

The biggest and most conspicuous building in the square is The Stadthuys which was built more than 500 years ago and is regarded as one of the earliest forms of Dutch architecture there is.

The Stadthuys Melaka

Also on Dutch square is Malacca’s oldest Protestant church built by the Dutch a few centuries ago to celebrate their takeover of the town from the Portuguese. The church will awe you with its ornate 200 year old pews made from the hardest and most enduring wood.

3.3 A’ Famosa Malacca

A’Famosa is a 16th century fort with quite a history. The Original builders of A’Famosa were the Portuguese, who ruled Malacca in the early days.

A Famosa Malacca

It was basically an administration center complete with an armory, churches and hospitals and an office center with several officers’ houses.

It was taken over by the Dutch some time later who were then overran by the British. The original A’Famosa was largely destroyed in the Dutch-Portuguese war and what you will see now is mainly the Dutch reconstruction.

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#4: Malacca River Cruise

Another way to experience Malacca is from the river which offers some incredible sights of the old town.

Melaka River Cruise

Malacca River flows across the town, separating the main district at the Foot of St. Paul’s hills with the commercial street of Jonker.

Small boats which can hold up to 20 people are to be found here, the cruise usually last 45min-1 hour and is awesomely eye-opening.

#5: Learn Batik Making In Malacca

While at Malacca, make sure to learn some batik making at the Melaka Batik House.

batik house melaka

#6: Malacca Jonker Street

Who said you have to walk all around the town? Hail one of the many trishaws plying the street and tour the town in style.

jonker street

#7: Enjoy The Breathtaking View of The Town From Shore Sky Tower

The Sky Tower, being more than 43 stories high, is the tallest building in Malacca and offers an amazing view of the City and its surroundings within a 50km radius.

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The tickets go for RM25 for adults and RM18 for children, remember to carry along your camera too.

sky tower melaka

#8: Visit Antique Market

The market is usually open every Sunday from morning to noon and has a collection of antiques such as coins, paintings and ornaments dating back from hundreds of years ago.

sunday morning antique market

#9: Rent A Bike and Tour Malacca on Two Wheels

You can rent a bike or join one of the cycling groups touring Malacca and experience the historic Chinatown with its attractive streets and murals. There are a couple of companies hiring out bikes and also some hotels, be sure to check.

Cycling around malacca town

#10: Don’t Forget The Renowned Bound Feet Shoe Shop

The shop, established to cater for the shoe needs of upper class women with lotus (small) feet is as historical as it gets, tracing its history back to old China a couple of centuries ago. Nice place to visit, take pics and (maybe) shop for bound feet shoes.

lotus feet shoe shop

Things to Buy in Malacca

#1: Food Souvenirs

Malacca is famous for its tasty local cuisines which also make for amazing food souvenirs.

Along Jonker Street, you will find a large number of shops selling food souvenirs such as Palm Sugar which is extracted from freshly harvested palm and boiled.

Melaka Pineapple tarts are basically small pastries with Pineapple jam toppings with a great taste. LW Nyonya Tarts house has the best Pineapple tarts in Malacca and awesome prices.

food souvenirs

Dodol are typical candies locally produced with rice flour and palm sugar and are cheaply available around the town. Also sample the handmade coconut candy (and carry some too!) which is candy with a difference.

The Belacan, prepared from shrimp skrill, is a basic ingredient in many Melaka houses and should be in yours too. So remember to carry some. Chinchalok, made from fermented krill, is also a favorite local condiment with great taste.

All these foods and many others are available at Tan Kim Huck (Jalan Bendahara street) and San Shu Gong along Jalan Hang Hebad.


#2: Paintings & T-Shirts From Orangutan’s House

Orangutan’s is an art gallery with several outlets around Malacca, the nearest being at Jonker and Hereem Streets.

It houses a large collection of Paintings and other artwork for sale in addition to funky souvenir t-shirts at great prices.

Orangutan’s is one of the oldest art galleries/ shops in Malacca, having been established over 20 years ago and showcasing work from the owner and various local artists. And the t-shirts would serve as absolute evidence of your trip. Not to forget the learning experience.

Orang Utan House

#3: Collectibles From Melaka House Museum

Don’t be fooled by the name though, Melaka house is more like a shop fully stocked with precious collectibles, antiques and sculptures depicting the long and wonderful history of Malacca town.

The place certainly feels like a Museum in that you can walk around admiring the exemplary artifacts and getting to learn more about them from the friendly staff.

malaqa house museum

The asking price of the artifacts is pretty high but the owner is warm and down to some haggling. What about showcasing your great bargaining skills in exchange of some priceless decades old antiques?

Not bad. And what more, photography is allowed in the house which is not the case with most museums and antique shops around here.


#4: Antiques From Abdul’s Antique Shop

The shop is also another wonderful place and has been around for quite some time, and is actually pretty popular with tourists and some locals too.

The shop has several other outlets around Malacca, evidence of a large collection of valuables and rare items such as classic porcelain plates and grandfather clocks some decades old.

Abdul antiques shop at malacca

#5: Handmade Nyonya Attire at Nirvana Collection

Nirvana is where you will find the largest collection of local attire including the traditional batik, silks and satins, embroidery and classic bead work influenced by the different cultures in Malacca like Chinese-Malays, Indonesian and modern Western culture.

You can also order custom made attire for your exact body shape and liking.

Nyonya Kebaya Collection


Malacca One Day Trip

If you are planning a trip to Malacca with your family, friends or colleagues make all the necessary prior arrangements including advance hotel booking, travel arrangements and of course enough cash to move around.

Although there are numerous attractions in Malacca, this heritage town is good for one day trip too! We have listed out the ‘essence’ of all the attractions specifically for those who going for a day trip. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss! Click here: Malacca One Day Trip: Where You Must GO and Selfie

welcome to malacca

Malacca is for the most part a safe place but it is advisable to take care of your valuables as you would in any city, be careful in overcrowded places and always leave your car doors lock if you are driving.

If you are not driving your car to Malacca from Singapore, you can reserve a MPV car from SGMYTAXI. Their experienced drivers will pick you up at desired location in Singapore and bring you to Malacca with spacious and comfortable MPV car.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the memorable trip to Malacca. What are you waiting for! Whatsapp KY now for more info and details!



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