Singapore To UK Farm Kluang, Johor (Include Tour Package & Transport)

UK Agro Farm Kluang in Johor

Have you ever get bored of life living in the city with all the heavy traffic and crowd?

Well, we have discovered this perfect place for an urbanization getaway – The UK Farm Kluang.

Remember, it’s not located at the UK.

Instead, the farm is located at Kluang in Johor.

UK Farm Kluang is only one hour and 30 minutes drive away from Singapore.

From Johor Senai Airport, it is an hour drive away.

Since it is a Projek Pertanian Moden Kluang, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia, most people pay their visit to experience what living on a farm feels like.

11 Things To Do In UK Farm Kluang

There is plenty you could do once you reach UK Farm Kluang. There will be lots of fun and interesting activities without too much walking as there is a minibus tour service that allows you to have a quick tour around the farm. Besides that, you can take horse carts service too!

UK Farm Kluang Bus Tour

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Horse Carte Service at UK Farm Kluang

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UK Farm tour packages are guided by their knowledgeable guide to make a visit to feedstock processing factory, sheep pens, goat milk processing centre, Ostrich Park, Jakun village, fruit farm, nursery, mushroom and vegetable farm.

1. Learn About The Goats & Sheep

The farm is widely known as the largest sheep and goat farm in Malaysia, hence the main attractions are the goat and sheep.

Due to that fact, you get to actually step into the goat shelter to feed and pet them. You can get the opportunity to feed the goats and maybe even pet or carry them! This is something for everyone, especially the kids as this is an educating experience.

Tourists Can Feed Goat at Goat Pens, UK Farm Kluang

Why not see a herd of sheep and goat grazing in the field meadow. You don’t have to travel so far to New Zealand just to see that, you can see it here in Johor!

Also, get to enjoy the spectacular show where the farm dog tries to gather the goats back to the pen. What a sight to behold! Get to view them at 10:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

UK Farm Kluang (Goat)

For the more energetic ones, there are fun and more strenuous activities such as trying to catch a sheep in 3 minutes.

The game allows anyone to participate at 3 people in one team, even better, the winner gets a secret present from the farm. Get your legs running and catching skills working!

UK Farm Catch A Sheep


2. A Tour At Goat Milking Process Centre

Get the chance to see how the farmers milk the goats- you don’t get to see that everyday living in an urban life!

This is one of the must-see tourist attractions as visitors get to learn how goats are being milked and the milking process in the factory. The whole method from the start to the end is done here.

UK Farm Kluang (Goat)

You can even get to taste the fresh goat milk here! Better yet, buy the products that are made in the milking centre; the milk or other products that are made from goat’s milk.


3. A Visit To Jakun Village 

Why not explore a different culture? An Orang Asli ethnic culture with their unique houses and utensils that are built with their own hands. How marvellous is that?

Even more amazing, you get the chance to see their blowpipe (Temiang) performance, look at the hunting traps they made ( Perangkap Kancil and Penyatuh Harimau) and their interesting tree-houses called Kerkendeng. At the end of the visit, you will receive a wonderful gift from the Orang Asli as a souvenir.

UK Farm Jakun Village Kerkendeng


4. Feeding At Mini Zoo & Ostrich Farm

UK Farm has a mini zoo where kids can get up-close with the animals and enjoy the beauty of nature. They have many different types of birds and animals such as peacocks, ducks, chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits, monkeys, hedgehog.

UK Farm Kluang Chicken Farm

It is fun being surrounded by birds and chicken while sprinkling food stock. Not forgetting the largest flightless birds, ostriches which are equally cute too! Experience the joy of petting them, feeding them by hand, and also taking photos with them. Definitely, an insta-worthy shot to take selfies with animals!

UK Farm Kluang Ostrich Farm


5. Visit The Fruit Farm & Herbs Sanctuary

All that walking, feeding and petting animals will make you feel hungry yourself too. Head over to the fruit farm to pluck some fruits. Learn more details about the fruits and trees, and reward yourself with something sweet.

UK Farm Kluang Passion Fruit Farm

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Maybe even have a calming relaxing trip by having a herbal tea while gaining insights into herbs or medicines. The herbs sanctuary has over 100 species of herbs for you to learn, understand and also the chance to buy the organic herbs back as a souvenir.


6. Learn About Growing Mushroom & Organic Vegetable 

Aside from fruits and herbs, try to visit another interesting food farm- mushroom and vegetables to get deeper knowledge on mushroom growing. You’ll get to learn the process throughout the visit. Even better, you can plant your own mushroom and wheat grass, of course with an experienced guide.

Uk Farm Mushroom House

UK Farm Organic Barn

Don’t forget the organic vegetable farm nearby, it is really worth the visit. You can head on down to their restaurant that serves healthy vegetarian food which is grown on that farm. That is really fresh!


7. Have Fun In D.I.Y Projects 

There are so many fun DIY projects on the farm. All these activities here allow you to gain new insights into farming. You can make things, learn and design them for yourself!

UK Farm DIY Mask Painting

The farm offers various things for you to make in an educational and yet fun environment such as; mask, kites, t-shirt, fortune lantern and so much more.

Also, if you love baking, they have something special for you. You get the opportunity to make goat milk muffins, curry puffs and even their own signature recipes at their Cafe House.

UK Farm DIY Lantern Painting


8. Go On Horse Riding In UK Farm

You may get the chance to ride in the horse carte but what about riding on the back of a horse? It is an exhilarating experience for everyone. Do note there is a weight limit of up to 50kg as not to place any strain on the horse.

UK Farm Kluang Horse Riding


9. Enjoy the Night Life In UK Farm

The sun has set and you think there is all there is in Uk Agro Farm? Think again! The night is still young!

UK Farm Night Time

Have a smacking good barbeque time with your family or friends, pick your favourite song and sing to your heart content at their karaoke session (you know you want to), and released beautiful sky lanterns into the dark night.

UK Farm Night View With Lanterns


10. Explore Animals In The Night Safari

If partying isn’t your style. You can spend the night peacefully with some night sightseeing. Yes, you got that right, seeing things in the dark!

UK Agro Resort provides a guided night tour to view the lifestyle of the nocturnal animals.  There are a variety of animals that can be seen such as; pangolin, snakes, bats, owls, foxes, wild boar, bats, hedgehog and fireflies. The tour only last for half hour and cost RM3 per person.


11. Buying Souvenirs In UK Farm

UK Farm Fresh Goat Milk And Yogurt

You wouldn’t want to go home empty-handed. So, get on down to their local store to get their goat milk products like goat milk lotion, shampoo as well as goat milk drink sachets.

Also, try their popular goat milk ice cream and also the fresh goat milk while you’re at it.

UK Farm Cosmetics And Toiletries


Accommodation In UK Farm Kluang

You may also gain yourself an authentic and memorable farm experience here by staying overnight as accommodations are available. Enjoy spending the night in rooms built on stilts with a phenomenal view of the green pastures that are grown for grazing of the sheep.

UK Farm Kluang View

The rooms are well equipped with all the modern amenities you require, i.e. air conditioning, fluffy beds, coffee/tea maker, internet access – wireless (complimentary), daily newspapers, hot water (with water heater) and en-suite bathrooms to rejuvenate you after a long day journey.

UK Farm Kluang Dormitory & Challet

Besides, if you are in a larger group, dormitories is another option available in the accommodation which is more cost-effective. There is no air conditioning here in the dormitory; you have a common bathroom, and mosquito nets and mosquito repellent coils will be provided.

UK Farm Dormitory

For those who are adventurous, you can enjoy the camping site for about RM35 per night.


UK Farm Kluang Tour Package

1. Primary School Package (7-12 years old)

  • Get to visit Jakun village, goat milk processing centre, rabbit, fruit farm, hydroponic farm,  goat pens, feedstock processing factory, duck farm, ostrich, Timur deer park.
  • Tour last for 2-3 hours
  • Lunch provided (4 dishes)
  • Sit in a minibus

Package price:
Student and Teacher: RM53.00/pax
Parents: RM58.30/pax

Note: For every 10 paying students, one teacher gets a free ticket. Minimum 20 students required.


2. Farm Tour Package E

  • Visit duck farm, deer park, Jakun village, goat pens, hydroponic farm, ostrich park, rabbit park, goat milk processing centre, fruit farm.
  • 2 – 3 hours
  • Horse carte
  • No meals provided

Package price:
Peak Season: RM254.40/Carte
Low Season: RM190.80/Carte
4 person per carte


3. Kindergarten Package (3-6 years old)

  • Get to visit feedstock processing factory, Jakun village, hydroponic farm, Timur deer park,  ostrich, goat milk processing centre, rabbit, fruit farm, goat pens,  duck farm.
  • Sit in a minibus
  • Lunch provided (4 dishes)
  • Tour last for 2-3 hours

Package Price:
Student and teacher: RM47.70/pax
Parents: RM58.30/pax
Note: Minimum 20 students required. For every 10 paying students, one teacher get free


4. Chalet 2D1N Farm Stay Package

  •  Chalet
  • Body wash & shampoo, fan, TV, kettle, Air conditioning, towel, wifi, water heater
  • Activities include; flying Kong Ming lantern, sheep challenge, minibus farm tour, animal feeding.
  • Include meals (dinner, hi-tea and breakfast)

Package Price:
From RM201.40 (adults)
From RM180.20 (child)


5. Chalet 3D2N Farm Stay Package

  • Chalet
  • Includes hi-tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Water heater, fan, air conditioning, wifi,  TV, kettle, towel, toiletries
  • Sheep challenge, minibus farm tour, DIY activities, animal feeding, and flying Kong Ming lantern

Package Price:
From RM318.00 (adults)
From RM296.80 (child)

6. Dormitory 2D1N Farm Stay Package

  • Dormitory
  • Water refill machine, Air-cond, fan
  • Flying Kong Ming lantern, minibus farm tour, animal feeding, sheep challenge
  • Breakfast, hi-tea and dinner

Package Price:
RM188.68 (adults)
RM167.48  (child)


7. Dormitory 2D1N Farm Stay Package (Student Promotion)

  • Dormitory
  • Breakfast, hi-tea and dinner
  • Fan, Air conditioning, Diamond water refill,
  • Sheep Challenge, animal feeding, minibus farm tour, and flying Kong Ming lantern

Package Price:
RM144.16 (teacher or student, 3-18 years old)
Minimum 20 students required


8. Dormitory 3D2N Farm Stay Package

  • Dormitory
  • 2 dinner and breakfast, 1 lunch and hi-tea
  • Air conditioning, Water refill cooler, fan.
  • DIY activities, animal feeding, sheep challenge, minibus farm tour, and flying kong ming lantern.

Package Price:
RM 275.60 Adult
RM 243.80 Child


9. Dormitory 3D2N Farm Stay Package (Student Promotion)

  • Minibus farm tour, animal feeding, sheep challenge, DIY activities and Flying Kong Ming Lantern
  • Dormitory
  • 2x dinner, breakfast and tea-break, 1x lunch
  • Air-cond, water refill system, fan
Package Price:
RM242.00(teacher or student, 3-18 years old)
Minimum 20 students required


Food To Eat In UK Farm Kluang

The resort has a homely restaurant that serves simple and yet tasty local food. You can also choose to eat at the Zenxin Organic Farm – about 18 minutes’ drive from UK Farm Kluang – where everything that is put on the table is organically grown and processed in that farm.

Otherwise, you should try out the salt-baked kampong chicken, the lamb chop and mutton soup which will delight you. All the dishes come accompanied with rice or noodles. Meal packages are available in UK Farm Kluang for visitors to choose.

UK Farm Food

If you prefer different local authentic dishes in Kluang itself, why not drive to town which is just half hour drive! Check out best food in Kluang that are often recommended by locals and not to be missed!


Transport From Singapore To UK Farm Kluang

The peaceful and tranquil environment here creates a perfect place for recreation. Despite the bumpy and not well-tarred road trip around the farm area, it is a place worth going either for a school trip or family outing. For more information, please visit their official website at

To ensure you have a perfect holiday, book a private car with SGMYTAXI  or self-driving to travel from Singapore to UK Farm Kluang, Malaysia.


They specialize in providing private car service with professionally trained drivers who will take care of every aspect of your trip including the formalities to be completed at the border between Singapore and Malaysia.

Address: Plot 8, Project Pertanian Moden Kluang, KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +612-756 9189
Website | Facebook
UK Farm Kluang Entrance Fee: RM47.70/adult & RM37.10/Child
UK Farm Kluang Opening Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm


Core Services Rates:
1. SG - Legoland 100SGD(Nett)
2. SG - JB 90-100SGD(Nett)
3. SG - Senai 100SGD(Nett)
4. SG - JPO 100SGD(Nett)
5. SG - NUSAJAYA 100SGD(Nett)
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