14 Caravan Parks in Johor

Hooray for families! Caravan holiday is turning into reality in Johor!

Whether you want a holiday camping inside the decent forests or on the elegant beaches, Johor offers you all of it.

This could be your best ever family bonding trip because it brings you closer to nature without even sacrificing home’s comfort.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself staying in lush greeny or dazzling sea with family, isn’t it a wonderful experience?

To find out more about Caravan Park in Johor, let’s scroll down!

14 Caravan Parks in Johor

To fewer who wonder, Caravan Trip is a flexible road trip that will take you camping outdoors (Caravan Park) by self-driving a mobile home – caravan.

This holiday experience is a trend in western country such as New Zealand and Australia. Hence, with the opening of the first ever Caravan Park in Johor, locals and Singaporeans need not to travel far for a caravan holiday. All these can be enjoyed in Johor!

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Caravan Park Johor

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According to Johor’s government, 14 areas in Johor are handpicked as Caravan Park and there’ll be at least one Caravan Park in every town of Johor. It’s believed that these handpicked places will attract numerous nature lovers from all over the world.

Caravan Park Service in Johor

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The effort of launching Caravan Parks aims at creating a homely yet comfy nature base for holidays. To be more specific, all the Caravan Parks are chosen in terms of their scenery, wealth of heritage and are surrounded by nature.

Hence, we can get closer to nature and also, learn more about the culture and ecology of Johor in a whole new way.

As road trip is believed to become popular nowadays, tourism companies in Johor will make use of this opportunity to come out with more travel packages to public. Soon, we’ll be able to plan an incredible escape with more options easily.

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Recently, tourism of Johor comes out with caravans rental services to promote the Caravan Parks. However, Singaporeans can still prefer driving caravans to Johor than renting local caravans.

Caravan Parks in Johor

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It’s so attracting that we all can travel around in Johor using caravans. This is a fresh experience to most of us! At the same time, we even spend the most precious time with our loved ones. I could tell that you all will fall in love with this unique caravan holiday!


Facilities in Caravan Parks

Normally, Caravan Parks are divided into 2 sites.

  1. Power site – Designed for big caravans and electricity is provided.
  2. Unpowered site – Designed for small caravans and no electricity is provided.

According to the government, all Caravan Parks will provide toilets to clean up the rubbish and wastes in caravans along the journey. Cafeteria will also be set up to convenience the visitors. There’re will be more facilities provided in the future.


First Caravan Park in Johor, Malaysia (Bio-Desaru)

Have you ever spend your night in nature which is full of organic food? If no, then you should truly give The Organic Food Valley – Bio Desaru a try.

Caravan Park Bio Desaru Johor

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Launched by Menteri Besar Johor, YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin on 4th August 2016, Bio Desaru is the first officially opened Caravan Park in Johor which is thoroughly enveloped by organic plants.

Caravan Park Bio Desaru

The Caravan Park is set across 1 acre of land and you can park your caravan within the area and set up your camping site immediately. Security system is well-equipped which means your safety is under the care too.


14 Handpicked Caravan Parks (Mainly at beach and recreational forest)

All areas below will be set up as Caravan Park subsequently and set across 0.5 or 1 acre of land.

  1. Beach at Tanjung Penyabong, Mersing (丰盛港的丹绒彭嘉梦海边)
  2. Beach at Air Papan, Mersing (丰盛港的亚逸巴班海边)
  3. Beach at Tanjung Leman, Mersing (丰盛港的丹绒乐曼海边)
  4. Desaru Eco Park, Kota Tinggi (Bio Desaru) (哥打丁宜的迪沙鲁生态园“有机农粮谷”)
  5. Beach at Punggai, Kota Tinggi (哥打丁宜的彭艾海边)
  6. Tanjung Piai National Park, Pontian (笨珍的丹绒比艾国家公园)
  7. Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest, Kulai (古来的埔来山休闲森林)
  8. Gunung Soga Recreational Forest, Batu Pahat (峇株巴辖的龙华山庄休闲森林)
  9. Gunung Ledang Recreational Forest, Tangkak (东甲的金山休闲森林)
  10. Gunung Panti Recreational Forest, Kota Tinggi (哥打丁宜的班底山休闲森林)
  11. Sg Bantang Recreational Forest, Segamat (昔加末的双溪班当休闲森林)
  12. Kuala Sedili, Kota Tinggi (哥打丁宜的瓜拉素里里)
  13. Gunung Arong Recreational Forest, Mersing (丰盛港的雅弄山休闲森林)
  14. Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest, Kluang (居銮的布鲁木山休闲森林)