Courier & Delivery Services In Singapore

Fast, reliable and affordability!

These are my main criteria when I am choosing my courier service provider in Singapore especially since I rely on them to deliver my sales order parcels.

Spoilt for choice these days, I have added another criteria which is NO MORE LONG QUEUES!

Since there are a growing number of delivery companies, each company are now finding ways to improve their services and keep a competitive price list.

If you are looking for an affordable courier service provider, just read on!

1. SingPost

2. Park N Parcel

3. Qxpress

4. Lalamove

5. Gogovan

6. Uparcel

Top 3 Cheap Courier Service In Singapore

1. SingPost

Singpost has been around since 1819 when it was ran by only 3 personnel and currently has great sorting capacity with its integrated sorting machines.

While it may sound all techno fancy, Singpost is one of the cheaper courier service in Singapore with its easy singpost tracking services.


Why Use Singpost:

  • Flat rates for packages in categories of 600gm, 1kg and 3kgs
  • Flat rate for packages up to 2kgs that fits in letter boxes
  • Option of courier pick-ups for large packages
  • Step by Step return services

Courier Delivery Charge: Local Delivery Charges and International Delivery Charges
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Closed On: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

2. Park N Parcel

You might be surprised to learn that Singpost isn’t the cheapest courier service and it is actually Park N Parcel!

Just like its name, you would just need to “park” your parcel (up till 8kgs parcel!) at a designated retail store nearest to you and according to the steps below:

  • Print and paste your delivery label
  • Drop off your parcel at designated Parker Points which is located in many shopping malls)
  • Park n Parcel will pick and deliver your parcel to the other Parker Point (recipient preferred point) within 3 business days
  • Recipient will have 3 days to pick up their parcel

Park N Parcel Singapore

Why Use Park N Parcel:

  • Over 60 retail outlets for drop off
  • 1600 location points for collection
  • Weekdays and Weekends Drop off and Pick up
  • Option to extend collection day for an additional 3 days
  • Option for doorstep delivery available
  • No long distance travelling to drop off your parcel
Courier Delivery Charges: Park N Parcel Delivery Fees
Operating Hours: Following the retail outlet’s operating hours

3. Qxpress

Qxpress was established on 2009 mainly supporting E-commerce courier service provider but has since opened its door to other consumers too.

Qxpress Singapore

Why use Qxpress:

  • Established E-Commerce Delivery Service Provider (Qoo10)
  • Same day Pick-up and Drop-off option
  • Discount voucher available in Qoo10

Note: Although Qxpress is fairly cheap, there are some negative reviews on their delivery service. Hence, do your due diligence before using Qxpress.

Courier Delivery Charges: Qxpress Delivery Fees
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Closed On: Sunday and Public Holiday
For further information, click Qxpress

Top 3 Affordable Courier Service In Singapore

1. Lalamove

With good delivery service reviews, you might be surprised that Lalamove was actually a company that provided office and residency moving services.

Parcel tracking with Lalamove is easy with their reliable real-time tracking system.

Lalamove Singapore

Why use Lalamove:

  • Provides same day delivery service
  • On-demand delivery service
  • Efficient and short delivery time
  • Bonus rebates
  • Multiple vehicle option
  • Multiple stops delivery option
  • Small and large good (eg: bulky furniture) delivery service

Note: Lalamove provides free loading and unloading of bulky items for free if you get a van as the delivery vehicle.

Courier Delivery Charges: Lalamove Delivery Fees
Operating Hours: Daily (24 hours)

2. Gogovan

Gogovan established in 2013 provide services that are similar to Lalamove which makes these two as competitors.

Gogovan was the first app-based delivery company in Asia and is now used as the courier company for many SMEs.

Gogovan Singapore

Why use Gogovan:

  • Door to door delivery
  • Provides same day delivery service
  • Multiple vehicle option
  • Small and large good (eg: bulky furniture) delivery service
  • Moving services (Residency and Office)
  • Free loading and unloading bulky items from van or lorry
Courier Delivery Charges: Gogovan Delivery Fees
Operating Hours: Daily: 8:00am – 10:00pm

3. Uparcel

Compared to the other mentioned courier service provider, Uparcel delivery fees are definitely on a higher side.

Uparcel is in this list because it is still counted as affordable for the fast and hassle-free delivery service provided by them as well as commendable customer service.

uParcel Singapore

Why use Uparcel:

  • Same Day and On Demand Delivery Service option
  • Good reviews on smooth process of delivery service
  • Multiple delivery locations
  • Store Goods, Pack Sales Order and Deliver Goods
  • Door to Door delivery
  • 2 Way Round Trip Delivery (Location A to Location B, Pick up new parcel at Location B to Location C)
  • Discount on multiple parcels (same pick-up and destination location)
Courier Delivery Fee: Uparcel Delivery Fees
Operating Hours: Daily (24 hours)


Step By Step To Track & Trace Your Parcel Tracking Number In Singapore

Most of the time you are able to track your parcel via the company’s website or mobile app (where applicable) with no trouble at all.

However, if you prefer to have a one-stop parcel tracking system, there is actually a platform that you can go to which is Parcel Tracking Number Singapore.

Basically, the tracking system of is similar to all of the individual service provider except that it covers many major courier service companies.

Here, let me share with you how it works:

Step 1: Open their website at Parcel Tracking Number Platform Singapore

Step 2: Choose and click of the Courier Company of your choice Courier Tracking

Step 3: Type in your Tracking Number and Press Enter Track & Trace Your Parcel

Step 4: You will then see the below information of your parcel:

  • When and where your parcel was being dispatched from
  • When item is out for delivery
  • When item has been received
  • Any stops in between (eg: to delivery facilities) Parcel Tracking Result

You can then easily get an estimation of the ETA for your parcel delivery with this simple parcel tracking online system.