Legoland Water Park Malaysia

Whenever you visit Singapore or Malaysia, you have to spend a day to visit the popular theme park in Johor Bahru, Malaysia -> LEGOLand Water Park.

This is the world’s largest water park with more than 20 exciting slides and more than 70 LEGO models.

The Legoland water park is separated with Legoland theme park.

The park is located 30-minute drive from Senai Airport.

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How to travel from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia?

Well, the most convenient and easy transport is by private MPV taxi service.

Things To Do In Legoland Water Park

There are 14 activities and attraction you can have fun with your friends and family as listed below.

1) Build A Raft River

Here you will have to build your own and unique LEGO raft and then float on it on the beautifully undulating river. It is so much fun to put together the raft as it is to get on it and navigate the river.

Legoland Water Park (Build A Raft River)

2) Imagination Station

The focus here is on imagination. Children – and the rest of the family – put together LEGO bricks to construct cities, dams, bridge and even create a water symphony.

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Legoland Water Park (Imagination Station)

3) Joker Soaker

This is a large pool with all types and sizes of slides – one for every member of the family. You can have all the fun you want on the slides and be surprised by sudden downpour of 300 gallon water buckets.

Legoland Water Park (Joker Soaker)

4) LEGO Wave Pool

This is a plain swimming pool which relaxes you with its gentle waves. This is a great place to lay back and relax a little for everyone in the family.

Legoland Water Park (LEGO Wave Pool)

5) Brick Blaster

This is a very large tunnel slide where you can swirl along with 2-3 friends for more fun than ever.

Legoland Water Park (Brick Blaster)

6) Splash N Swirl

This slide offers you a tube which you can use individually or share with your friends. The tube will spin every other way while sliding down into the pool of water at the base.

Legoland Water Park (Splash N Swirl)

7) Wave Rider

For the more adventurous and thrill seekers you have the wave rider which is a 240 feet long slide that make a huge splash into the pool.

Legoland Water Park (Wave Rider)

8) Tidal Tube

Similar to the wave ride, the tidal tube in a large tunnel through which you slide down 240 feet. Wow! The rush of adrenalin you get here has to be experienced to be believed.

Legoland Water Park (Tidal Tube)

9) DUPLO Splash Safari

Specially designed for visitors below 5 years of age is the Duplo Safari. Here the slides are small and easier to glide through and at every step you have lifelike cartoon animals.

Legoland Water Park (Splash Safari)

10) Red Rush

Red Rush is suitable for the whole family. Four people can go through this ride down the 312 feet half-pipe. It is fun and it is thrilling.

Legoland Water Park (Red Rush)

11. Twin Chasers

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Twin Chasers)

12. LEGO Slide Racers

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (LEGO Slide Racers)

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13. Build A Boat

Legoland Water Park Malaysia (Build A Boat)

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14. Beach Grill

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