Malay Village Restaurant

Malay Village Restaurant Johor Bahru

Whenever you are in Johor Bahru and you need to find a fine place for lunch or dinner, you will certainly not go wrong with Malay Village Restaurant.

The friendly and welcoming kampong (village) setting is well set, romantic, rustic, and the menu is mouth-watering.

The rich smells welcome you here and you cannot wait to sample the fine fare they have here.

The halal food and the idyllic ambience will take your breath away.

Attractions of Malay Village Restaurant:

  • Halal food: Malay Village Restaurant is a leading eatery where only halal food is served. This means that people of all faiths are welcome to have a great meal free from any religious inhibitions.

Malay Village Restaurant Bamboo Rice

  • The menu: The restaurant has a wide menu to satisfy virtually all taste buds that there are. Apart from the tasty Malay traditional food, you will find great seafood, western, Thai and Chinese fare. You will love the variety in those different cuisines and you will be left asking for more.

Malay Village Restaurant Asam Pedas

  • Local produce: Virtually every food in the menu is locally produced. This means that the food you order will be fresh as well. It is delivered by local farmers and fishermen to ensure minimum time from harvest to plate.

  • Skilled Chefs: well trained and skilled chefs are the heartbeat of a good restaurant. Malay Village Restaurant only hires the best in town that have a wide experience in local and international cuisine. Your food will be made to your particular order while the buffets will exhibit the expertise and creativity of the chefs.


  • Kampong style setting: Most restaurants in Johor Bahru have the common city style setting. Malay Village Restaurant has a unique traditional style garden setting. You will enjoy your sumptuous meals surrounded by nature other than concrete walls and columns. Enjoy the breeze in the shade especially in the hot season.

Malay Village Restaurant

  • Great service: One of the hallmarks of a great restaurant is the level of service. Malay Village excels here. The staff knows their menus well and they know how to make diners feel at ease and welcomed. Food and drinks come fast and as ordered. They are very willing to take special orders as well.

  • Reasonable prices: The setting of Malay Village, the ambience and the food will make you think that you have to pay the earth for dining there. Far from it; their food is reasonably priced for the quality and variety on offer.


  • Events: Malay Village is a great place to have events and functions. Be they family functions like weddings or parties, or company functions, Malay Village has special arrangements for group functions with all necessary facilities available for great and memorable experiences.


  • Opening hours: Opening at 11.30 a.m. to midnight, you are able to have your meals at any time. Whether it is an early business lunch, or a late dinner, Malay Village is open to you.
Contact Information

Address: Jalan Kolam Ayer,
80100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +607-221 1221


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