Oasis Bay

Singapore to Oasis Bay In Muar

Although Oasis Bay was originally right inside a tropical forest, earlier use of the land located in a picturesque of Sungai Terap in Muar converted the land to a lush orchard.

The subsequent change of user has led part of the land to reconvert to the forest again.

Today, Oasis Bay is surrounded by secondary forest, living mangroves and the rich ecological system the river and the forest provide.

The proximity of Oasis Bay to the forest, the river, and the sea all contribute to the resort’s diverse flora and fauna. In the twenty acres of Oasis Bay, you will find 5 species each of mammals and amphibians.

There are also in excess of 10 species of reptiles as well as tens of species of birds. Thousands of insects crawl, climb and buzz around the bay at all times of the year.

Oasis Bay Eco Farm is located 189 kilometers North East of the Singapore causeway. A 2-hour drive should get you there.


There is a lot to see and do at Oasis Bay Eco Farm.

  • Jungle trekking: Be one with nature by taking a trek into the jungle of what it is now and what it once was. You will enjoy the fine weather and fresh air, much unlike the stifling heat and pollution in the cities.
  • Ecological lake: Fish and paddle in Oasis Bay’s own ecological lake. Learn a few water tricks and relax on the rafts as the day goes by. The lake is large enough to accommodate the activities of a large group of people.
  • Sky Trail: How fearful of heights are you? Kill this fear by trying the challenging sky trail high up on the trees. The thrill will last for a long time and you will enjoy the scenic beauty of the natural forest.

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  • Jungle night exploration: There is nothing as exciting as a night jungle exploration trip. With expert guides, learn what happens when the sun goes down and the animal kingdom comes alive. Hear the deep sounds of the animals in the forest as well as the shrill of thousands of insects.

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  • Campfire: What is better than ending a day of fun and learning with a campfire? Nothing. That is why the memories of the Oasis Bay campfire and the friends you make will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

  • Survivor course: Find out what your limits are with Oasis Bay’s survivor course. This course will challenge your mind and body and at the end of it all, you will find renewed respect for your body as well as your abilities.
  • Team building: Are you a group of colleagues who want a day out for team building? Oasis Bay is just the place to go. This is because they have tailor-made programs for team building. You will love the obstacles and the teamwork that they demand.
Contact Information:
Address: Lot 3522,
Jalan Kampung Tanjung Selabu,
Mukim Sg. Raya,
Bkt. Pasir,
84300 Muar, Johor.
Phone: +606-985 8500
Email: mail@oasisbay.com.my


How To Get To Oasis Bay Eco Farm From Singapore

Getting to Oasis Bay Eco Farm is a scenic 2-hour drive. From Singapore, you will need a comfortable and spacious vehicle to give you the ride you need before a day of intensive activity. Hiring SGMYTAXI for these services will give you the best service Singapore has to offer, and you will arrive at the farm with high spirits ready for all the day will bring.