Senibong Cove Johor Bahru

Senibong Cove was originally an old downcast prawn farm that has now been changed into a main water front development in Johor Bahru.

The idea to develop the area of about 86 hectares was born in the year 2000, the inspiration being a forecast of population growth in the area that was expected  to rise in the next 20 years.

Located at the east coast of Johor Bahru, Senibong Cove depicts a new era of living in the Southern city of Malaysia.

Sitting on 208 acres of land, Senibong Cove exemplifies natural beauty coupled with perfect architecture.

The total luxury lifestyle master planned community, has not only captured the attention of the Johoreans, but of the Singaporeans in equal measure.

The lifestyle sanctuary is complete with 5000 residences, where you can clearly view the entire countryside and the surrounding Island of Singapore.

Why Senibong Cove Is So Popular

1. Senibong Cove Developer

Australia`s largest private developer company, Walker Corporation is behind this mega infrastructure project. Bringing on board over 50 years experience, Walker Corporation has delivered more than 1000 development projects both in Australia and internationally.

Some of the known projects the company has undertaken include: King Street Wharf, Broadway Shopping Centre, just to mention but a few. This has earned them numerous awards like the CNBC International Property Award (2008 and 2009), the Greensmart Award (2006) and many more.

2. Senibong Cove Location

Senibong Cove is located at the centre of the Iskandar mega project which is an ideal for people working in Singapore, Johor Bahru city, Masai or Pasir Gudang.

Senibong Cove Location

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The calmness of the water, sounds of wildlife in their natural ecosystem and the picturesque hinterland is a rare thing in Malaysia biggest commercial and industrial city. Its proximity to JB city, and the Johor-Singapore Causeway means that everything is just close by.

3. Senibong Cove Marina & Living

Senibong Cove gives you a lifestyle option unparalleled by any other estate in the entire Johor Bahru and Singapore at large.

The housing options available in this serene dwelling include: bungalows, free-standing villas, terrace houses, apartments, detached and semidetached home. All this come at a range of sizes, space and price.

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Senibong Cove Marina Johor

Homes aside, the master-planned community features a 100 berth integrated marina, and a 20,000 sq. meters retail center.

As any modern living would entail, there exists recreational club facilities, swimming pools and state of the art restaurants.

Senibong Cove Marina

The integrated marina is a fantastic facility for all the residents to enjoy leisurely hours on the water either sailing or motor boating.

If you love seafood, drinks or Japanese barbecue, Asahikawa Izakaya is a modern Japanese dining experience to meet your needs.

For casual western dining experience, Harvest Bar and Grill serves pork and drinks. For a good tea or coffee experience, you can pass by Yew`s Cafe and be refreshed.

4. Why Live In Senibong Cove?

The cost of living is significantly lower in Johor Bahru than Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. With every necessity within reach life at the estate cannot be compared to any other estate in Johor Bahru.

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5. Senibong Cove House Price

The prices for houses in Senibong Cove are way below compared to the elegance and size of the houses.

Senibong Cove The Hills Residence Living Room

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A Senibong Cove water edge high rise apartment is selling at RM 418,000, an Isola Villa costs RM 1,600,000, and an Isola Grandeur can be bought for only RM 2,680,000.

Senibong Cove The Hills Residence Room

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6. Your Security & That Of Your Property is Guaranteed

Senibong Cove values the residents and their properties. Therefore, they has gone into great detail to ensure your security and that of your residents. You can rest assured of that fact and feel free to roam in the estates in the full knowledge that there is no threat.

The entire estate is surrounded by a combination of Infrared beams and CCTV cameras which are monitored 24 hours a day from a central location.

Entry into your house is through a swiping card with each swipe being registered. In case of any threat or suspicion local police officers are available at designated police booths. With all these features, you can relax and sleep well.


7. Properties Offered At Senibong Cove

Senibong Cove has many housing options, parks and other amenities available. Some of the housing options available include:

  • The WaterEdge Residences: these include all water-edge terraces and semidetached houses. They are elegantly set within a carefully designed community to offer you exclusive resort-style living.

  • The WaterEdge Apartments: they are designed to offer you a good view of the marina and Sungai Lunchoo as well.
Senibong Cove WaterEdge Apartment

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  • Isola Villas: these are large and more prestigious. 144 units are available each 4-5 bedrooms.

Senibong Cove Isola Villas

  • Isola Grandeur: they are 3-storeyed elegantly designed to give you modern living and value for your money. They offer you privacy for your family from as low as RM 3 million.

Senibong Cove Isola Grandeur

  • Isola Mansions: interested people are asked to register for the upcoming offering of 76 bungalow lands. You can choose the design and land to build your own house.
Senibong Cove Isola Mansions

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  • Riviera: Very close to some of Senibong Cove`s facilities, these waterfront homes provide you with the comfort and security for your entire family.
Senibong Cove Riviera

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  • The Hills Residence is an exclusive collection of 55 garden terraces, where you can enjoy sophisticated and elegant living.
Senibong Cove The Hills Residence

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Senibong Cove appreciates that recreation park is part of your lifestyle and they strive to offer you the best recreational facilities. There are 6 parks so far available just to ensure your life is compete. These include:

  • Central Park – It is just behind the marina and the retail precinct. Some of its facilities include: landscaped gardens, fitness facilities and children`s playground.

Senibong Cove Recreation Facilities

  • Entry Park – It is a calm corner for you to sit and socialise with family and friends.
Senibong Cove Entry Park

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  • Beach Park – It is located on the seaside limits of the boardwalk offering you a good view of the lush hinterland.

Senibong Cove Beach Park

  • Mangroves – It is a large area with natural mangrove where you can enjoy the stunning leafy view of several precincts.
Senibong Cove Mangroves

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  • Island Park – It comprises of walkways which meander around the children`s playground and the walkways.
Senibong Cove Island Park

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  • Lagoon Park – It is a stunning lagoon surrounded by trees and lawns for residents of the Hills Residence and the Riviera district

8. Retail And Commercial Tenancy Options

With the growing population, Senibong Cove is cognisant that the need for essential services will increase. With this in mind a large amount of space has been included, which will form the retail and dining area.

Towers A5 and A6 will be the primary commercial facilities. A variety of mixed-house and commercial only houses will be made available.

Currently there is a 20,000 square feet retail area which will later be expanded to 51,070 square feet. Also a full service boutique shopping centre has been factored in upcoming development.


9. Senibong Cove Received Several Awards

Senibong Cove has been recognized locally and internationally by being honoured with numerous awards. In 2015 Senibong Cove bagged five awards at the South East Asia Property Awards.

The awards include:

  • Best Housing Development Award
  • Best Landscape Architectural Design Award
  • Best Residential Architectural Design
  • and many more.

It was also feted at the FIABCI Malaysia property award and many more .

Senibong Cove has earned a reputation for itself by proving top quality houses while offering you value for your money. Its recognition both nationally and globally itself speaks volume.

It’s no doubt as its going to be the next big thing in South East Asia. If you are looking for a perfect place to own a home or even to invest you don’t need to look anywhere else as Senibong Cove has all your housing needs taken care of.


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