How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore – The Best Choice For You

Tips: How To Travel From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

If you are visiting Singapore with your children, family or leisure trip – you have to spend some time to visit the nearby attractions such as Legoland in Malaysia.

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Legoland Malaysia is a popular theme park to visit in Malaysia.

It is become famous either in local itself or in Asian because it is the first LEGO themed park in Asia.

If you are in Singapore, you cannot miss out the opportunity to visit this phenomenal place. There are millions of LEGO bricks used for making these wondrous landscapes in 1:20 scale and the attention to details is jaw-dropping.

When you visit Legoland theme park in Johor, you will find here a phenomenal reproduction of the most popular building in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru as well as other countries such as Laos, Brunei, India, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines.

Everything in this Miniland is recreated to perfection. You will feel like you are Gulliver in the land of dwarfs. You almost expect to see small people coming out of the lifelike buildings.

How To Get From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

This is a tricky part for you get a lot of information through online – not all of which is actually practical. If you are among those people who have to go through all details available online, you will find that there are the following alternatives:

1.) Singapore Flyer From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

this offers perhaps the easiest and cheapest method of reaching with about SGD$20 per person charges. However, there is an important condition that most people miss out, i.e. the booking must be made in person.

They do not offer online or over the phone bookings. Also, another thing that you would keep in mind is that the Flyer would almost ALWAYS be fully booked so, it would not be wise to just turn up without a booking.

Some travel agencies would allow booking with payment via paypal, but this must be done at least a week in advance.

2.) Public Bus From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

this is a great way to move towards LEGOLand provides you understand/ know the routes. Perchance you miss the right bus and get into the wrong one, you might end with a horrific merry-go-round experience and a lot of time wasted.


3.) Tour Company From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Many tourists book this method because they feel safe  in a group. Also, because the charges are quite reasonable – approx SGD$80 per adults, which includes the entry ticket.

However, the bus leaves about 1 hour before the theme park’s closing time. Also, be careful that these might not be available on weekends and public holidays.


4.) Limousine From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

It is a great option if you are willing to pay exorbitant prices like SGD$200 one way. There are other private cars, but quite difficult to find at the exact time you need them.


5) Book A Taxi With Us From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

The most easy and convenient way travel to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is to book a private taxi service from SGMYTAXI.

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They have comfortable MPV fleets such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex for you to choose.

The transfer rate to Legoland Theme Park, Johor is as little as SGD$90 per car. Make your reservation right now and enjoy a great day at this theme park with no hassles whatsoever.