Hey there, I’m Amanda here. Welcome to SGMYTAXI blog! I’m a typical Johorean who loves travelling every location in Malaysia as well as oversea which allows me to see the world from different perspective. I’m a Chief Editor of SGMYTAXI blog.

I’m started part time blogger in 2013 because I thought blogging would help me become a better writer and help people to get know more about my place, Johor. I like to share my tips, experiences and useful travel guide of Johor as well as other states in Malaysia with my readers.

I do share the places of interest in Johor, where to eat, where to visit, where to stay in Johor as well as other states in Malaysia. You can find more info via HERE . I try my best to regularly share my experience, useful guide and travel tips for those who travel or having a vacation in Malaysia especially in Johor.

Nowadays, I work full-time as a writer, blogger and editor. I mostly write about travel and have a particular interest in food, island, national park, diving, theme park and more. I travel for food, culture and view of the world. I travel whenever I can.

The vast majority of my work happens off SGMYTAXI blog – I prefer to keep it this way – but many of people find me via this blog.

I’m grateful for all the friendships and opportunities that blogging has brought into my life. I believe that life is a journey and that we should live a life to inspire others. Travel opens up my mind-set with the opportunity to experience, appreciate and seek different ways of life and cultures.

Thank you for reading SGMYTAXI blog. I’m so glad you’re here.

My Blog: https://www.sgmytaxi.com/blog/