9 Best Things To Do In Mersing: Hidden Gems Worth Exploring!

9 Best Things To Do In Mersing

Mersing is one of the districts in Johor Bahru and is well known amongst the local and foreign tourists. It is known as an interchange point to the beautiful islands such as Tioman Island, Rawa Island and many more via the ferry services at Mersing Jetty. But

Desaru To Legoland Malaysia (Ultimate Transport Guide)

From Desaru To Legoland Malaysia

Transportation Options From Desaru To Legoland Malaysia As far as transportation goes, you have 3 options to get from Desaru to Legoland Malaysia: 1. Take a private taxi service 2. Hop on a bus 3. Drive there yourself!   Option 1: Private Taxi From Desaru To Legoland

Mid Valley JB: How To Get There & JB Popular Shopping Malls Comparison

How To Go To Mid Valley JB From Singapore & JB Shopping Malls Comparison

It’s safe to say that once you get through the Singapore-Johor Bahru immigration checkpoint and over the border, you’re in shopping heaven! Whether you seek retail therapy, a soothing massage, beauty treatments, branded goods, entertainment for the kids, movies or groceries, there’s something for everyone! And all

Malaysia School Holidays 2019/2020 (Full List)

Malaysia School Holidays 2019 & 2020

Click the tab below and easily jump to a specific section you want! 1. Malaysia School Holidays 2019 Malaysia school holidays can be divided into 2 groups: Group A & Group B. Group A: Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor Group B: Perlis, Penang, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor,