Desaru To Legoland Malaysia (Ultimate Transport Guide)

Desaru To Legoland Malaysia

Transportation Options From Desaru To Legoland Malaysia As far as transportation goes, you have 3 options to get from Desaru to Legoland Malaysia: 1. Take a private taxi service 2. Hop on a bus 3. Drive there yourself!   Option 1: Private Taxi From Desaru To Legoland

Malaysia School Holidays 2019/2020 (Full List)

Malaysia School Holidays 2019 & 2020

Click the tab below and easily jump to a specific section you want! 1. Malaysia School Holidays 2019 Malaysia school holidays can be divided into 2 groups: Group A & Group B. Group A: Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor Group B: Perlis, Penang, Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Selangor,

9 New Hotels In Johor Bahru (JB) | Updated 2019

9 New Hotels In Johor Bahru

The most attractive thing about Johor to Singaporeans is the exchange rate between Malaysia and Singapore! But with everyone crossing over for the same reason: Heavy traffic at the causeway is often unavoidable. Get more value for your money and stay longer in JB! With so many

What To Do In Desaru | 13 Things To Do In Desaru Bucket List

13 Things To Do In Desaru

Desaru is a seaside town in the Malaysian state of Johor famous for its coastline and luxury resorts. The fact that Desaru is only a couple hours’ drive from Singapore makes it a very convenient location for an affordable break from city life in Singapore! Wondering what

Rawa Island Packages: Which One Should You Really Pick?

Rawa Island Packages

Charming Rawa Island is one of the most beautiful islands you can visit from Mersing Jetty. It’s very accessible from Singapore and Johor! Because of its exclusive status as a private island, it can be an expensive place to stay. But the pristine beaches are worth it!

Public Holidays & School Holidays Singapore 2019/2020

Singapore Public & School Holidays 2019, Singapore Public & School Holidays 2020

Click the tab below and easily jump to a specific section you want! Public & School Holidays Calendar 2019 Singapore Don’t you just love the holidays? Either is it a school holiday, long weekends or even a public holiday, we gotta love the day off from work