FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How far in advance should I book my taxi?
A1: You can book anytime before the pick-up time. However, most of the time the taxis are fully booked within 3 days so we encourage you to schedule your booking at least 3 days in advance.

Q2: When should I receive the driver’s contact details?
A2: You will receive the driver’s contact details around 9pm on the day before your travelling date.

Q3: How long in advance can I revise my travel schedule?
A3: You can make travel changes 24 hours before the scheduled date. However, the acceptance of the revision will still depend on the availability of the taxi.

Q4: What car models do you have?
A4: Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard and Hyundai Starex (Higher Price).

Q5: Are the prices listed for single trip or for return trip?
A5: All listed prices are referring to one-way trip only.

Q6: When is the latest I can confirm the trip?
A6: You can book at any time via our website. We do recommend to book at least 3 days ahead for weekend bookings. For instant or within same day bookings, please WhatsApp us to check driver availability for you.

Q1: How do I pay for my hired taxi?
A1: You can pay in cash to the driver in Singapore Dollar. No credit card is accepted.

Q2: Are your prices per vehicle or per person?
A2: All our taxi charges are per vehicle and not per passenger.

Q3: Are there any hidden or extra charges?
A3: All charges are tabulated. No other extra charges apply, except for the toll fees (per trip) & peak season. Peak season surcharges will be informed via WhatsApp during enquiry or after you submit the online booking form.

Q4: Does your company provide receipts for the trips?
A4: Yes. Softcopy of receipts can be sent by email after each trip is completed. Please indicate during booking.

Q5: Are there any charges for additional pick up or drop off points?
A5: Yes, kindly note each additional pick up or drop off will be additional SGD10.

Q6: Can we pay the trip via other currencies besides SGD?
A6: We accept only Singapore dollar for payment at the moment.

Q7: Do you require prepayment / full payment to confirm our booking before the trip?
A7: No. Prepayment is not required. Just pay by cash on travelling date.

Q8: Why is there peak season charge?
A8: Afraid due to long weekends/holidays – it is very hard to secure vehicles during these periods, therefore peak season charge applies.

Q1: When crossing the borders in Singapore and Malaysia, should I get off the taxi?
A1: No. Just sit inside the taxi during the entire journey.

Q2: What is the difference in travelling via Second Link and Woodland Checkpoint?
A2: Toll fees are required for both Second Link and Woodland Checkpoint. Travelling via Second Link, however, is highly encouraged to avoid traffic jam during peak hours.

Q3: How long does it take to travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru?
A3: It takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the checkpoints traffic condition.

Q4: What is the best departing time on the weekend from Singapore and back from Johor Bahru?
A4: We suggest departing before 8am on Saturdays and before 3pm on Sundays from Johor Bahru on normal weekends. But for long weekends, we do suggest to depart even earlier to avoid traffic.

Q5: Is tipping required for the driver?
A5: Tipping is optional and depends on whether you liked our driver service. As a reference, our popular drivers do get around SGD10-SDG30 as a tip from customers.

Q6: Could we eat inside the vehicle during the journey?
A6: No. You’re not allowed to eat inside the vehicle during the journey even light meals or snacks.

Q7: What happens if vehicle breaks down? Will you arrange another one for us immediately?
A7: We will try to schedule a replacement vehicle for you and normally should arrive within the hour for nearby locations.

Q8: Will return trip driver be the same driver?
A8: Normally for return on same day trips, it will be the same driver. We will try to notify you asap for any changes. For return on separate days, we will send new driver details (around 9pm) 1 day prior to your travelling date.

Q9: Which link will you use for crossing border?
A9: It will depend on most convenient route according to your travelling plans and traffic conditions for the day.

Q1: Do you charge extra if my flight is delayed?
A1: We do charge for waiting time, but you should send us your flight number so that the driver can track your arrival anytime. It is only after that the waiting charges can be negotiated about.

Q2: How can the taxi driver find me at the airport?
A2: The taxi driver will be waiting at the arrival hall and carrying a board that has the passenger’s name on it. Also, the driver will have your contact details.

Q3: For us to catch a ferry / plane, how many hours in advanced should we depart from Johor Bahru or Singapore?
A3: We suggest to travel at least 5 hours ahead of flight / ferry departure time to avoid any unexpected incident to occur.

Q4: Your recommended departure time seems a bit too early.
A4: Yes, we understand your concern. But we buffer more time just in case the unexpected happens. You may choose a later time for departure but kindly note we shall not be held liable for any missed ferry / flight.

Q1: Do you provide daily trip or wedding car services? How much do you charge for either?
A1: Yes, we do. On the Reservations tab, kindly click on Special Request when asked for the Trip Type.  We will give you a quotation accordingly.

Q2: Do you only provide transfers from Singapore to Johor Bahru?
A2: No. We provide transfer services from Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia, not only in Johor Bahru.

Q1: Is baby seat required / mandatory for the journey?
A1: Kindly note it is a requirement in Singapore. We do provide child car seat (up to 18kg only) with additional SGD10 each way. We could arrange for 1 child seat per trip due to limited seats available or do suggest to bring your car seats along for the journey.

Q2: Is booster seat required / mandatory for the journey?
A2: Kindly note it is a requirement in Singapore. We do provide booster seat (18kg to 36kg or below 1.35m) with additional SGD10 each way. We could arrange for 3 booster seat per trip due to limited seats available or do suggest to bring your booster seats along for the journey.

Q3: We have our own child/ booster seats. Which type of vehicle have 3-point seatbelts to secure our own seats?
A3: Kindly remark for either Toyota Innova or Toyota Alphard. Only these 2 vehicles have 3-point seatbelts.

Q4: Why do we need to provide passport details for your company?
A4: We have upgraded our license from transporter to travel agency. With this upgrade, we are required to maintain record of passengers name & passport number as a reference. We would appreciate if you could provide these details for us. Record held solely as reference only.

Q1: Could we transport a bicycle together if we travel with you?
A1: Yes, but please dismantle front bicycle wheels to enable bicycle to fit inside the vehicle.

Q2: Is your Legoland tickets cheaper than purchasing from Legoland directly?
A2: Our tickets are cheaper than regular retails prices and hassle-free as handed by our representative instead of queuing for tickets. Certain promotional tickets via Legoland directly may be subjected to certain terms and conditions.

Q3: Can I upgrade my Legoland Malaysia tikets to Annual Pass if I purchase the tickets from you?

A3: Yes. You can process to upgrade the ticket at Ticketing Counter window. Please approach Legoland Malayisa Ticketing Counter prior to arrival or before exiting Legoland Theme Park (must be same day with your visit date).

Q4: Can your driver suggest or recommend places to visit in Johor / Malaysia?
A4: Do have a look at our blogs here for more ideas https://www.sgmytaxi.com/blog/.

Q5: Do you have Tioman ferry schedule and where do we buy ferry tickets?
A5: You can view latest schedule here: Tioman Ferry Schedule. For ferry tickets, kindly purchase via https://www.cataferry.com/ or https://tiomanferryticket.com/

Q6: Is passengers covered with insurance for the trip?
A6: Yes, all passengers are covered under vehicle insurance.

Q1: What is your cancellation policy?
A1: We do not impose any cancellation fee but would appreciate if you could inform at least 1 – 2 days before your travelling date for any cancellations.