Legoland Malaysia Water Park Review

With school term holidays occurring at every quarter or so, it’s always a time to look forward activities to do in JB to spending with the family.

And theme parks are a great way to involve the whole family with activities, games, and rides.

No matter, if you’re group, is with family or even friends, the Legoland Malaysia Water Park is sure hit for some splashing good fun.

In today’s post, I’m going to review all about what Legoland Malaysia Water Park has to offer, its features and how to get there.

So, you’ll be armed with the information you need to start planning and organizing your next trip there.

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Legoland Malaysia Review (Water Park)

Located in the southern state of Johor, Legoland Malaysia Water Park is conveniently located in Iskandar Puteri (previously known as Nusajaya).

It is easily accessible by public bus and car via the Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint or the Tuas Second Link Checkpoint from Singapore, and the journey takes about less than an hour.

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At the first glance, the park looks smaller than you would expect it – but make no mistake, it is big enough to have you spend the whole day going through the rides and enjoying the thrills it offers.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Review

The whole enclave that Legoland sits on covers an area of 76 acres, a sprawling theme park complete with hotels, restaurants, and the theme park and is divided into nine adventure sections.

Opened since 2012, Legoland Malaysia Water Park is a section of Legoland Malaysia, the first international theme park in the country. The water park has over 15 highly exciting rides, and up to 20 thrilling slides, suitable for the whole family to spend a whole day.

With slides, rides and games, Legoland Malaysia Water Park will surely be a top choice for your next trip north to Johor, and it makes for a cool break away from the heat of the day.

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How To Get To Legoland Malaysia Water Park From Singapore

Because of the park’s proximity to Singapore, and just a mere hour away from Singapore’s Changi Airport, it’s a popular choice to drive to the destination.

By car from Singapore, there are 2 checkpoints, namely Woodlands Causeway Checkpoint and  Tuas Second Link Checkpoint.

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Legoland Malaysia Water Park Map

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Map


15 Attractions In Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park are separated by LEGOLand Hotel – and hence, one cannot access one from another.

The Legoland tickets are variety, click here for more details –> Ticket and Package Update on Legoland Malaysia, but you will find it is well worth it. Also, you can check online for periodical discount tickets for family or any other type of schemes which will help you save money.

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Toddlers 2-3 years of age are free. Toddlers below 2 years of age need a ticket of RM11 and this includes two swimming diapers. All toddlers below 2 years are required to wear swimming diapers. Discounted tickets are also available if you book 7 days in advance.

The whole park is designed for children’s fun especially in the bracket of 5-12 years. But there are enough rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family together and also for children below 5 years of age. The water levels are low and there is no danger of any mishap.

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1. Brick Blaster

This ride in the park is a water slide type ride, and fits up to 3 people per tube. The tube here is a circular inflated tube, which people can sit in to use to make their way on the slide, a short ride but nonetheless exiting.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Brick Blaster)

Ride Restrictions For Brick Blaster:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.
  • Groups weight totaling not more than 408kg.

2. Build-A-Boat

Did you ever make paper boats and race them in the water as a child? Well the Build-A-Boat will sure be reminiscent of those times only now it’s with Lego! Get creative while you build the best boat to race along the river and win.

The river here is around 11 meters in length, and the river contains dam breaks which allow racers to control the flow of the water to help their boat to win.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Build A Boat)

Image credits:

Lego bricks and hulls are all provided for kids and adults of course, to create anything from sailboats to cruise ships from the 30,000 bricks available. There are interactive launch platforms which enables groups of friends or family to race their boats against each other.

3. Build-A-Raft

Giant sized Lego bricks allows you to customize your ride for a relaxing time floating along the river. Once you’ve built your raft, you can take it down the river and just sit back and enjoy the ride, powered by the currents in the river.

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Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Build A Raft River)

There are twin seat rafts and single rafts for you to customize, and are safe to ride in as the bricks and raft itself possesses high buoyancy although you can still opt for a life jacket at the departing station of the ride.

Ride Restrictions For Build-A-Raft:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height to enjoy the ride.

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4. DUPLO Splash Safari

This splash pool is an infant and toddlers pool, perfect for the smaller kids. In the splash pool and surrounding area you can find and play with interactive water spouting Duplo animals. There are also water slides a giant blocks to play with for the kids.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Splash Safari)

Image credits:

Ride Restrictions For DUPLO Splash Safari:

  • Riders must be below 6 years old and under 107cm in height to enjoy the ride.

5. Imagination Station

Another play area in the water park, this area is one not directly in water, and allows for children to play at the station with educational activities. Creative and interactive, the station has bridges, dams, and even cities constructed from Duplo blocks, accompanies with music and also water features that create music and sounds.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Imagination Station)

Image credits:

Kids can create their own musical symphony by playing with the various tubes and wheels at the station. There are no restrictions to play at this area, though we do advise adults to supervise their children, and why not play with them too here.

6. Joker Soaker

A giant wet playground, with slides of different design and heights features a giant water bucket gushing out some 300 gallons of water at a time, into the playground.

The playground also has different interactive play areas and climbing areas, for a fun filled soaking wet time. This area has not a dry spot in sight as the water falls and fountains also continually spews out lots more water!

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Joker Soaker)

Restrictions for this area are guests cannot be more than 102cm in height, and weighing less than 136kg for an individual. Children under six must be accompanied by an adult and less than 91cm in height for the lower level slides. For the top level slide, height of guest must exceed 102cm.

Ride Restrictions For Joker Soaker:

  • Riders must be at least 102cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.

7. LEGO Slide Racers

This ride is a row of six big slides, where guests can grab a slide mat and just slide down the water slides. You can arrange your own race with your family members or friends, shooting down at the same time to see who wins by being the first to reach the bottom. The ride down is short so repeat races are a common sight!

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (LEGO Slide Racers)

Image credits:

There are a few attire restrictions here namely any loose items such as hats, wet shoes, or sunglasses are not permitted on the ride. Cotton tee shirts, wet suits, or any clothing items with exposed zippers are also prohibited due to safety regulations.

Ride Restrictions For LEGO Slide Racers:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.

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8. LEGO Wave Pool

A large wave pool with automated waves created to replicate actual waves in the sea, the level of water is mirrored too, for as you go further in the pool it gets deeper.

The shore itself is quite shallow, so it’s suitable for smaller children to play here.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (LEGO Wave Pool)

For those just wanting to chill, there are lounge chairs to lie and relax in, while to wanting some shade from the heat and extra privacy can rent the covered cabanas.

The cabanas can be rented on a full or half day basis, and includes two lounge chairs, two sitting chairs, two towels, a table and a safe deposit box. Guest in cabanas rented are offered complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi.

Ride Restrictions For LEGO Wave Pool:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.

9. Red Rush

This ride is one that can fit most families in one big float, up to six in fact. The ride is a curving slide track, almost 100 meters in length of a half open half closed tube.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Red Rush)

Ride Restrictions For Red Rush:

  • Riders must be at least 102cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.
  • Group weight totalling not more than 454.50kg.

10. Splash ‘N’ Swirl

Another slide is the Splash ‘N’ Swirl, one of the biggest slides here in the water park of Legoland Malaysia. You can take this ride alone, or with family or friends. It’s easy to hop on this ride, head on up, collect your tube float and head out down this ride.

The ride gets its name from the swirl you meet in the middle where your tube will turn around a circular center before getting redirected to the second part of the ride into the finishing slide.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Splash N Swirl)

Do note that there are attire prohibitions here such as cotton tee shirts, wet suits, or any clothing items with exposed zippers, all due to safety regulations.

Ride Restrictions For Splash ‘N’ Swirl:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.
  • Group weight totalling not more than 182kg.

11. Tidal Tube

Totaling 240 feet, this ride is a closed tube ride, guaranteed to fill you with adrenaline. There are no additional apparatus on this ride; you just need to climb to the top of the slide make your way down through exhilarating turns.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Tidal Tube)

Attire prohibitions on this ride as similar to the other rides, read below.

Ride Restrictions For Tidal Tube:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.

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12. Twin Chasers

Called Twin Chasers because the ride is two closed tubes positioned side by side, guests can slide their way through the 130 feet of closed side and come out splashing in the wade pool.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Twin Chasers)

For smaller guests, this ride permits those 102cm and taller and weighing below 136kg, with the standard attire restrictions.

Ride Restrictions For Twin Chasers:

  • Riders must be at least 102cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.

13. Wave Rider

One of the tallest rides in the water park, this rid will thrill you no end through some 240 feet of open tube slide. Dare to challenge this ride and enjoy it over and over.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park (Wave Rider)

Ride Restrictions For Twin Chasers:

  • Riders must be at least 107cm & above in height.
  • Riders must be below 136kg in weight per individual.
  • Riders are not permitted to wear wetsuits, cotton t-shirts, water shoes, exposed zippers, sunglasses, hats or any other items that may get damaged during the ride.

14. Surf Shop

As the name suggests, this feature in the water park isn’t a ride but a shop. Here you can grab swimming essentials and toys. Look out for Legoland special editions paraphernalia and some souvenirs.

15. Brick Cafe

A Lego themed café of course, the café is one you’ll visit while you’re here to fuel up with snacks, sandwiches, drinks and smoothies. For the children there are kids meal, and also ice cream. The café operates from 9:00am – 6:00pm daily.


Tips On Visiting Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Now that you know what rides and conveniences the park has to offer, we’ll share with you some tips to make your visit a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

This is a great family time and the rides will keep you engaged throughout the day. To ensure that you maximize your enjoyment take into consideration the following tips:

  • It’s almost always hot and sunny in the park, so do bring ample sunscreen lotion. Waterproof sunscreen is recommended.

It will get hot and there is no shade throughout the park. Hence, you will need a good measure of sunscreen lotion. There are ‘cabanas’ for hire which are tents with chairs, collapsible shelves, fridge and fans. The cabanas are pricey at RM150 for half day.

  • Food is pricey inside the park

As expected, food is pricey inside the park. Just outside however you have plenty of choice for eateries such as Burger King, KFC and Old Town Coffee.

  • Bring along extra towels

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Lockers are provided in Legoland Water Park and they are reasonably priced – RM20 for half today and RM40 for full day. So are showrooms both for single use and larger ones where 3-4 children can bathe together. However, there are no towels. You may rent them if you forget to get towels. But it is best that you bring along your own.

  • If you’ve valuables and electronics, its best to keep them in a dry bag
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Bring along hats and sunglasses
  • Adhere to the swimming attire on all rides and in the park
  • Almost all rides have height and weight restrictions
  • Keep away and try not to wear any jewelry or watches for you own safety and are not
    allowed on tube slides
  • Lines for the rides can get long so be prepared and come early
  • Make use of life jackets in larger pools for kids and adults who may not know how to swim.
  • Other facilities in water park is you can find a baby care room and there is a prayer room for Muslim patrons on the water park grounds as well.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park Ticket & Entrance Packages

If you’re visiting during the school holidays or festive season, its recommended that you purchase your tickets beforehand to avoid waiting in line at the entrance on the day you visit.

For the Legoland Malaysia Water Park ticket price details are as below:

  • 1-Day Water Park Ticket

  • 1-Day Legoland Water Park
  • RM 139/Adult (Age 12-59 years old)
  • RM 114/Child (Age 3-11 years old) or Senior Citizen (Age 60 years old &  above)
  • 1-Day Theme Park Ticket

  • 1-Day Legoland Theme Park
  • RM 189/Adult (Age 12-59 years old)
  • RM 149/Child (Age 3-11 years old) or Senior Citizen (Age 60 years old &  above)
  • 1-Day Combo Ticket (Theme Park + Sea Life)

  • Unlimited access to Legoland Malaysia Theme Park & Sea Life within 1 day
  • RM 249/Adult (Age 12-59 years old)
  • RM 200/Child (Age 3-11 years old) or Senior Citizen (Age 60 years old &  above)

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Legoland Malaysia Water Park Info
Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Medini, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 7-597 8888 (9:00am – 7:00pm Daily)
Online Ticket Booking:
Legoland Malaysia Water Park Opening Hours: 10:00am – 6:00pm


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