4 Best Ways From Changi Airport To Legoland

Singapore Changi Airport has high-class infrastructure and highly acclaimed services- its no wonder the airport is buzzing with so many tourists and locals every day.

Most people who visit Singapore will definitely take out their time to visit a neighbouring country, Malaysia, as it is brimming with wonderful theme parks and other attractions this country can offer.

One of the most sought-after attractions is Legoland; located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and getting there can be daunting.

Fear not, as there are boundless ways to get to this all-day fun theme park without breaking a sweat (unless it is a hot day).

With so many modes of transportation offering affordable prices and convenience, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

So, are you still wondering which ride services schedules from Changi Airport to Legoland Malaysia?

Look no further as we list out the types of transport for your convenience.


Singapore Changi Airport To Legoland Malaysia Transport

There are many ways to make this trip and each method has its plus and minus points. The following are your available choices:

1.  Private Taxi From Singapore Changi Airport to Legoland Malaysia

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2.  Bus From Singapore Changi Airport to Legoland Malaysia

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus scheduled from Singapore Changi Airport To Legoland Malaysia, Medini or Iskandar Puteri.

Hence, you’ll have to get to the Singapore-Johor immigration first and ride another bus that takes you to Legoland Malaysia.

If you are interested in this option, below is the list of bus companies that you may consider.

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Bus Services

Option 1: Bus From Singapore Changi Airport To Legoland Via JB Sentral

Step 1: Take the only bus company, Transtar Border from Singapore Changi Airport to JB Sentral.

Bus No.: TS 1
Bus Ticket: SGD$9
Bus Schedule: From 8:15am – 11:15pm (every 1-2 hours)

Step 2: Once you’ve arrived at the Johor immigration center/JB Sentral, you can take the causeway link bus that schedules to Legoland Malaysia.

Bus No.: LM1
Bus Ticket: MYR5.40
Bus Schedule:
From 8:30am – 6:30pm (Monday to Thursday)
From 8:00am – 7:00pm (Friday to Sunday and Public Holiday)


Option 2: Bus From Singapore Changi Airport To Legoland Via Tuas 2nd Link

Step 1: There is no bus from Singapore Changi Airport to Tuas 2nd Link.

Apparently, there is no direct bus from the airport to Tuas checkpoint but you can take the train (MRT) or taxi from Changi Airport to Jurong East Bus Interchange or Boon Lay MRT in Singapore, and from there take a bus to CIQ.

It is easy to get to Jurong East and Boon Lay station. Just look at the train map and hop onto the correct train line. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, check out the buses below that take you to Tuas 2nd link.


Alight at Jurong East Bus Interchange

1. Bus No.:  CW3
Bus Ticket: SGD$4
Bus Schedule: From 7:10am – 11:45pm

2. Bus No.:  CW4S
Bus Ticket: SGD$4
Bus Schedule:
From 4:40pm – 9:00pm (Monday to Saturday & Singapore Public Holiday)
From 7:30am – 9:50pm (Sunday & Malaysia Public Holiday)

3. Bus No.:  CW4
Bus Ticket: SGD$4
Bus Schedule: From 7:30am – 7:20pm

Alight at Boon Lay Bus Stop (near Boon Lay MRT)

1. Bus No.:  CW6
Bus Ticket: SGD$4
Bus Schedule:
From 7:35am – 10:45pm (Monday to Friday)
From 7:30am – 10:40pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday)


Step 2: There are 2 bus options from Tuas 2nd Link to Legoland as shown below:

1. Bus No.:  JPO2
Bus Ticket: MYR6
Bus Schedule: From 8:30am – 5:30pm

2. Bus No.: SL1
Bus Ticket: MYR2
Bus Schedule: From 9:00am – 7:30pm (every 1 -2 hours)

This is the least expensive way, hence it is most tempting for new visitors and tourists. It has its drawbacks especially for comfort and convenience  – such as you need to recognize the right buses and know the bus stands – but it will save you lots of money.


3. Coach From Singapore Changi Airport to Legoland Malaysia

Alternatively, to lessen the burden of changing and looking for the bus, why not ride on a coach that brings you directly to Legoland? Though you’ll still need to alight for immigration clearance, it is more convenient than the public bus.

But first, you need to get to the coach’s departure point.

Singapore Flyer

  • Alight at Promenade Station (circle line) by MRT train
  • 20 mins drive via ECP

Big Box Jurong East

  • Alight at Jurong East Station ( east west/ north south line) by MRT train
  • 31 mins via ECP and AYE

Lavender MRT Exit B

  • Alight at Lavender Station (east west) by MRT train
  • 20 mins drive via ECP


You can take a train ride or uber from Singapore Changi Airport to the following destinations.

WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd

Singapore Shuttle Bus

Departure point and time: 
Singapore Flyer (9:00am, 10:30am)
BigBox Jurong East (9:30am, 11:00am)

Ticket price:
From SGD$24 (Adult/ child), two-way transfer

Superior Tour 

Departure point and time: 
Lavender MRT Exit B (9:00am)

Ticket price:
From SGD$12 (Adult/ child), one- way transfer


4.  Taxi From Singapore Changi Airport to Legoland Malaysia

This is another very popular method of travel. Most tourists book taxis from Singapore Changi Airports or just hail a cab from taxi stands.


Do take note that Singapore taxis only bring you until Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint and you are required to take a bus from there to JB Sentral.

After that, you need to take Malaysia taxi from JB Sentral to reach Legoland. In case the taxi you book does not have this license, you will be required to change taxis in Malaysia. It is quite hassle and not so convenient.