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A re you looking for exciting and entertaining things to do in Johor that are also within your travel budget?

Look no further; the Legoland Malaysia is the place to be.

Legoland Malaysia is the FIRST international theme park to open in Asia.

It has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region of southeast Asia.

There’s a lot to look forward to for visitors planning a trip that’s not too pricey yet certain to pack enough fun for the entire family, or even that close-knit group of friends.

It is just a short hop away from Singapore to Legoland and visitors are well-advised to use public transport or hire a taxi for a budget tour.

1) Getting To Know Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is located in Iskandar Puteri, Johor. It hosts more than 70 exciting rides, shows and slides, you may revel in the hands-on approach and steer, pedal and program or simply squirt and splash your way through a heady experience.

It is by far one of the hottest destinations for a family getaway and unquestionably a must-visit destination for every holidaymaker vacationing in Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Legoland is never short of enticing adventure which is bound to elevates the innate heroism of children by hosting 8 themed attractions.

These are day-long expeditions for the whole family that feature exciting discoveries from roller coasters to the LEGO experiment hubs such as:

  • The Beginning
  • Miniland
  • LEGO Ninjago World
  • Imigination
  • LEGO City
  • LEGO Technic
  • Land of Adventure
  • LEGO Kingdoms

Opening Hours: Daily 10:00am to 6:00pm, with longer operating hours during the weekends, school holidays and public holidays.


2) How To Go To Legoland From Singapore

2.1 Singapore To Legoland By Private Car

The best mode of transport to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is by private car.

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This not only saves times when travelling from Singapore to Legoland but cuts out stubborn hassles that come with travel, and there’s more comfort as opposed to travelling by coach or bus.

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2.2 Singapore To Legoland By Bus (Not a good idea)

A few select companies have been granted the concession to ferry guests across the boundary, and they all require you to disembark twice – first at the Singapore border, then at the Malaysian crossing. A change of buses is unavoidable as there’s no direct transport from Singapore to Legoland. Travelling by bus relies on two routes;

1. Via Woodlands Causeway

Step 1: Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru-

Take an MRT yellow line train to Kranji station after which you’ll cross the overhead Woodland Road Bridge then board a bus to cross the causeway into Singapore’s customs point.

Step 2: Public bus from Johor Bahru to Legoland

Upon clearing customs, head to the modern rail station in JB Sentral and board a bus that passes Hello Kitty town for an onward 1-hour ride to Legoland. Singapore To Legoland How Long? The journey from Singapore to Legoland takes 3 hours.


2. Via Second Link Tuas

Step 1: Bus from Singapore to Gelang Patah

Take an MRT green line train from Jurong East station to the Jurong interchange. Board a bus to the Tuas checkpoint then alight at Singapore customs and after the baggage check, the bus proceeds to Johor Bahru customs point in Malaysia.

Step 2: Public bus from Johor Bahru to Legoland

After clearing customs, board a bus at Johor for a 15-minute ride to Legoland which is the first stop on the route. The journey from Singapore to Legoland takes 3 hours.


More info about transport from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia, click this -> How to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore

3) Legoland Malaysia Ticket Price & Packages

Entrance to Legoland Malaysia Resort is by tickets which you can buy online or at the ticketing offices at the theme park. You can decide to buy the ‘Combo’ ticket which gains you access to both the theme park and the water park.

3.1 Legoland Malaysia Ticket Price

The other option is to buy a ticket for either the theme park only or one for the water park. The combo though has good discounts if you want to visit both parks. The charges for standard tickets are as follows:

  • Combo for Adult (Theme Park+Water Park+Sea Life): RM 313 (1 day) or RM 313 (2 day)
  • Combo for Child/Senior (Theme Park+Water Park+Sea Life): RM 250 (1 day) or RM 250 (2 day)
  • Combo for Adult (Theme Park+Sea Life): RM 278 (1 day)
  • Combo for Child/Senior (Theme Park+Sea Life): RM 221 (1 day)
  • Water Park for Adult: RM 157 (1 day)
  • Water Park for Child/Senior: RM 128 (1 day)

3.2 Legoland Malaysia Annual Pass Price

An annual pass allows you unlimited access to the parks that your pass allows.

  • Triple-Park Annual Pass for Adult: RM313
  • Triple-Park Annual Pass for Child/Senior: RM250
  • Double-Park Annual Pass for Adult: RM278
  • Double-Park Annual Pass for Child/Senior: RM221
  • Single-Park Annual Pass for Adult: RM231
  • Single-Park Annual Pass for Child/Senior: RM185


  • Triple-Park annual pass allows access to theme park, water park and sea life.
  • Double-Park annual pass allows entry to theme park and sea life.
  • Single-Park annual pass allows entry to theme park only.

More info about Legoland Malaysia ticket and promotion, click here -> Legoland Malaysia Ticket & Promo


4) Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

For adults and children alike, there is no shortage of things to do at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park. Whether you choose the theme park or the water park, or both, you will have a full day’s activities to keep you busy all day.

Legoland Malaysia has plenty of things to see and do for kids, but there are also things that adults can enjoy as well other than chaperoning their kids and supervising them on rides and slides. Here are some of them:

4.1 Lego Technic

4.2 Lego Kingdoms

4.3 Miniland

4.4 Imagination

4.5 Land of Adventure

4.6 Lego City


5) Legoland Malaysia Water Park

Legoland Malaysia Water Park is a great place for all water lovers, young and old. This is because there are more than 20 thrilling slides and over 70 Lego models to enjoy.

No one making the trip from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia should miss the water park for any reason whatsoever. This is because the fun and excitement from the slides there will make everybody, even grown-ups, have time to remember and yearn for an annual pass.

Here are some of the unforgettable activities that will leave you asking for more and the children demanding a return trip.

5.1 DUPLO Splash Safari

5.2 Red Rush

5.3 Lego Slide Racers

5.4 Build-A-Raft

5.5 Imagination Station

For families with young kids travelling from Singapore to Legoland, the Legoland Water Park is a safe, thrilling and entertaining for the whole family. You will find all the safety measures taken to ensure all is well as you have fun with the whole family as you have lots and lots of fun.


6) Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia Hotel is a fine place to spend nights especially after a day out at the theme park. Sometimes after driving from Singapore to Legoland, and having a great day at Legoland, the theme park or the water park, a night or two at Legoland Hotel will just crown the experience.

With 249 themed guest rooms to choose from, you family or group of friends will be spoilt for choice. The selection goes along the Legoland themes of Adventure, Pirate and Kingdom.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

With each guest room coming with two separate sleeping areas, one with a kids place to sleep (it has a bunk bed and a trundle bed) and the other with a king-size bed for the adults, the sleeping arrangements are made.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Themed Room

There are TVs in both areas as well. The Deluxe and Suite rooms can comfortably accommodate eight people with four adults sharing one room as a maximum. The Standard and Premium ones carry a maximum of 5 with 3 adults max to a room.

Dining Options Available In Legoland Hotel Malaysia

  • The Bricks Family Restaurant: A restaurant created with families in mind. There‘s a buffet counter for the adults while there is a Lego themed area for the kids to eat.
  • The Skyline Bar: A place where adults can wind down with cold tap beers, fine wines and spirits.
  • DI Mattoni Restaurant: For guests who love gourmet fare, this is the place to go for authentic Italian flavor and fine food and wines.


7. Hotels Near Legoland Malaysia

1. Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour Nusajaya

Singapore to Legoland Malaysia : Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

2. Hotel Somerset Puteri Harbour

Hotel Somerset Puteri Harbour

For guests who would prefer to have their nights away from the theme park, there are other options nearby where you can unwind and have a relaxing night before you can face the next day.

These hotels include Somerset Medini Nusajaya (Popular Choice), Hotel Ariana at Iskandar, The Vintage Hotel, Princeton Hotel, Hotel Granada and Pariss Hotel.

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8) Shopping At Legoland Malaysia

Shopping is as much fun as almost any other activity at the Legoland Malaysia Theme Park. Here you will find no less than five different shops each with its own special theme to give you an experience like no other.

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Some of the shops you will get to enjoy once you travel from Singapore to Legoland are:

  • The Mini Market: The Mini Market has all the supplies you need for your stay at the Legoland Malaysia theme park. If you had forgotten to carry some supplies on your journey from Singapore to Legoland, you need not worry; Mini Market will cater for everything. You can also buy some things after an adventurous day out in the theme park on your way home.
  • The Big Shop: It basks in the reputation of being the biggest shop in Legoland. Situated just after the main entrance to the park, this retail marvel stocks the Asia’s most extensive collection of Lego toys. Souvenirs from Legoland can be purchased here. They include T-Shirts, Mugs, sweatshirts, hats and many more fun things to have.

Shopping at Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

  • King’s Market: Situated strategically at the courtyard at the Castle, you will get dreamy and fun costumes here. Dress up like a knight or princess here, and stroll all up and down the castle in regal regalia.
  • The Brick shop: This being Legoland, there had to be a brick shop. Here you will find all the various components, elements and accessories to customize your Lego creations when you and your kids get home.
  • Adventurer’s Depot: Here you will find more Legoland souvenirs to take back with you as mementos to a wonderful time at Legoland Malaysia. You can also buy them as gifts for those who did not make with you for the trip from Singapore to Legoland.
At the Mini Market, buy enough water and all the other stuff you will need. Also, do not forget to buy souvenirs for remembrance of this great theme park.


9) Dining Options Available In Legoland Malaysia

All taste buds are catered for at Legoland Malaysia. The cuisine available from 3 different restaurants and 3 kiosks serving food all within the theme park keep all guests satiated and re-energized in the premises. Having traveled all the way from Singapore to Legoland, you will need a good meal at some time.

Everybody loves a good meal once in a while and when you are in Legoland Malaysia, you will not be short of places to have a deserved bite in between all the fun and excitement.

Legoland Malaysia Dining Options

The best place to start is the Market Restaurant where you will find culinary delights to make your tongue mellow and replenish energy lost in the various activities. For choices you can try the Asian Deli, and the kebabs, pizza, and burgers on offer.

  • Market Restaurant: This superb restaurant serves the best Asian and European fare in this resort area of Johor Bahru. The menu, which is fully Halal, has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to include everyone. Do you love meatballs, chicken rice, roast chicken, pasta, fine salads and much more? You will not go wrong with Market Restaurant.
  • Asian Deli: Here, you will find all the best food from the subcontinent. With delicious names like Nasi Lemak, Chicken Curry Rice, Assam Laksa, and Roasted Chicken Wings, you will not want to miss this deli on your break when at Legoland Malaysia.
  • Pizza Mania: Enjoy the fabulous fare from a fine Italian kitchen with authentic ingredients, tastes and smells. Enjoy the succulent pizza as it comes out fresh from the ovens. You will also find organic salads, daily soup selections, fresh fruit and unforgettable ice cream. With both indoor and outdoor seating for those hot days, you will have no reason to regret your long journey from Singapore to Legoland.

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Dining Options

  • King’s Grill: The grill has a great outdoor seating area but that is not all about it: the food is even better. You will not find better grilled chicken, sausages and more for miles around. And we have not started talking about the dedicated counter for hot waffles and ice cream yet….
  • The Café: Fresh breads, sweet pastry, lasagna, pies, soups and ready to eat meals? Get to the café as soon as you get to the theme park and start your day there with some fine food to get you going.
  • Burger Junction: With a view of Dino Island’s plunging ride, the outdoor shaded seating gives guests a cool place to have great burgers, hotdogs, and great snacks all accompanied by onion rings and fries done just right.
  • Castle Fried Chicken: For a good break from all the energy sapping activities, a fried chicken done by people who know their job is just the thing to give you more energy for extra activities and the Castle Fried Chicken is just the place.

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