7-Seater MPV Taxis for Your Trip to Malaysia

It is a common thing for residents of Singapore and tourists to take a trip to Malaysia which is just across the border. Being just a short distance away, the trip is popular especially on weekends and on holidays.

If you are planning to travel from Singapore to Malaysia on a day trip, you are in for a good time. The scenery is pristine and you will generally enjoy the trip. How you choose to travel will determine the length of the trip as well as how much time you will spend at the Singapore – Malaysian border. Travelling by public transport is OK, but you will have to contend with delays at the border crossing.

Reasons to Hire a 7-seater Taxi for The Drive to Malaysia from Singapore

The best way to travel to Malaysia is by road, driving up the causeway all the way to the border crossing. If you are travelling as a large family, hiring a 7-seater taxi is one good idea. The leading 7-seater taxi company is sgmytaxi.com. Travelling by their 7-seater MPV taxis affords you several advantages:

  • It is quicker: When you are in Singapore and you want to travel to Malaysia, hiring a taxi from com will save you a lot of time. This is because you do not need to take a separate cab to go to the bus office, the airport or the train station. Sometimes, traffic jams can be a problem too and you can experience massive delays even before you get to the causeway. All you need to do is hop into the sgmytaxi.com 7-seater MVP taxi and you are on your way to Malaysia straight away.
  • Crossing the border is less of a hassle: If you choose to travel by public transport, you had better add another hour or two to your expected duration of the trip. This is because at the border crossing, you will spend lots of time getting cleared on both sides of the border. This can be problematic when you and all your fellow passengers have to disembark first at the Singaporean border office where you will be cleared, get into the bus again and disembark once more at the Malaysian border office. The delays that occur here are experienced by everybody who travels this route by bus. You also have to factor in the queues at the toll stations on both sides of the border. If you are travelling over the weekend or public holidays, add another hour or more for the delays. Travelling by sgmytaxi.com will give you peace of mind because you need not leave your car at the customs offices. It will be a comfortable and fast journey all through.
  • It is convenient: You can start the journey and return as you wish without having to follow bus, train or airport schedules. Taking a 7-seater taxi from sgmytaxi.com for the trip to Malaysia is very convenient. This is because you get to plan your departure time and communicate the same to the taxi company. You do not have to follow the set schedules of the bus, train and air services. This is because all these trips are scheduled and transport services in Singapore are very punctual. This means that you will have to leave your hotel or residence early enough factoring in the time to travel to the bus office, the train station or to the airport in the often jammed Singaporean traffic.
  • Pick and drop: You can be picked from your residence or hotel and dropped there when it is all over. Sgmytaxi.com 7-seater MPV taxis will pick you from your residence at the agreed time and you will be dropped at the same place, or wherever else you fancy within Singapore. This is total convenience if you are travelling with a large family and especially so if there are children with you. It can be quite a hassle to change from car to bus, disembark, board again, disembark… all that.

Here’s What Our Taxi Service Can Do For You

The main reason you should pick sgmytaxi.com as your choice pick for the ride to Malaysia is because of the unrivalled services offered to our valued customers. These services include:

  • Large, spacious, clean and comfortable SGMYTAXI fleet . Our high-end vehicles are configured MPV to enable you to have the ultimate driving experience. With only seven seats in each, you are assured of a comfortable ride all the way to Malaysia.
  • The spacious interior allows your luggage to be stowed away neatly and safely giving you and your fellow passenger’s ample legroom that is essential for a comfortable ride.
  • Our drivers are a major asset to us. They are well trained in public relations and they all communicate effectively in good English. They know all the good places to go and all the nice things to see. Apart from that, they will get you to your destination very swiftly because as experienced drivers in Singapore, they know all the quickest routes in and out of town which are essential to avoid the perennial traffic jams.
  • Your safety is guaranteed. Our drivers are street smart all the way from Singapore to Malaysia and they know and practice all the safe procedures and practices so as to keep all our clients safe, whether in Singapore or in Malaysia.
  • With prior arrangement, our pick up and drop times are strict to your schedule. The time that you need to be picked up is the time our punctual drivers will be at your doorstep. This saves your time and it will give you more time to enjoy your trip to Malaysia and back.
  • Your ride from Singapore will be smooth and swift. At immigration and customs on both sides of the border, you will be attended to properly in the comfort and safety of taxi.
  • The moment you reserve your taxi with us, sgmytaxi.com ensures that there will be no further charges till the end of your journey. However, additional surcharges will be incurred where there is a last-minute change of locations.

Our fleet

Sgmytaxi.com boasts of an impressive fleet of 7-seater MPV taxis to give you the ride you deserve; comfortable, safe and swift. We believe that your journey is just as important as your destination. It is for this reason that our fleet is at all times well serviced and maintained to eliminate any mechanical defects that may cause unnecessary delays to our esteemed clients.

  • Toyota Alphard: This is one of the models we drive our clients in. It is a powerful car with amazing safety features to keep our clients safe in the unlikely event of a mishap along the way. The interior is spacious and cozy for the ultimate comfort and enjoyment of the passengers. The exterior is futuristic and very impressive. The luggage capacity is enormous and you need not worry about your luggage eating into your space. The Toyota Alphard is one of the most coveted cars for transport in Singapore today and we are proud to have them in our fleet for the benefit if our clientele.
  • Toyota Innova: A perfect model for cruising the streets and smooth roads of Singapore and Malaysia, the Toyota Innova maximizes on safety and comfort of all the passengers in it. The cool features it possesses are in line with what our clients expect from the fleet of their preferred taxi service. It boasts a luxurious interior, ample space for both the passengers and their luggage. It is a favorite for medium-sized families as well as large ones.

Why 7-seater taxis?

At sgmytaxi.com, we hire out our 7-seater taxis because of the benefits it affords our clientele. It was not by chance that we chose the 7-seaters as our flagship couriers. It was by careful consideration and thought. We decided to break from the norm to give our clients comfort and all the advantages enjoyed by using the 7-seaters. The benefits of using 7-seater taxis are immense. Sample the following:

  • They are spacious and comfortable. They are built for travelling mid to long distances without having the passengers feel fatigued and journey-weary.
  • They have spacious legroom designed to keep long-legged passengers comfortable all through the trip.
  • They are affordable. This is because when you compare with the cost of hiring several saloons to accommodate a large family to travelling group, the savings will add up to a tidy sum.
  • 7-seaters are very spacious. They have ample space for lots of luggage without compromising on the comfort or safety of passengers.
  • It keeps the whole family or travelling group together for the entire duration of the journey. This means that you will enjoy all the sights together as well as a good cheerful conversation that is associated with road trips.
  • They have a good safety record and that is why most taxi companies are opting to retain them for group trips.

Why SGMYTAXI.com is your best bet for road trips from Singapore to Malaysia

When you choose to hire our services, you cannot go wrong. This is because apart from our pristine cars and experienced drivers you will enjoy the following benefits as well:

  • Customer service: Our customer relations are impeccable. This is because we invest a lot in our customer relations department to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services as well as dealing with all issues arising promptly, swiftly and courteously as is expected of industry leaders in the taxi services. Whether by phone or through the interactive feature in our user-friendly website, all your queries are attended to within the shortest time possible. We have a high reputation to keep and happily, it is not difficult because we endeavor to deliver each and every time.
  • Reservations: When you reserve a trip with us, you can concentrate on business or the pleasure of visiting Singapore because your transport is guaranteed no matter what. When you confirm your schedule, you can have total peace of mind because your car and driver will pick you up as scheduled. Also, should there be a change of itinerary or pick up time, do not worry because we are very versatile. We will adjust to any changes in your schedule; just inform us 24 hours before your pick up time.
  • Competitive rates: While Singapore is said to be an expensive city, sgmytaxi.com does not conform to that perception. A quick glance at our rates will assure you that you need not break the bank to hire us. Our competitive rates are among the reasons why our rides are so popular. Also, you do not have to worry about credit card safety as we prefer the client pays in cash. All our charges are tabulated and unlike other taxi companies, we have no hidden charges. When travelling to Malaysia, all you will need to add to your budget is the toll charges on both sides of the border as well as any waiting charges should you decide to detour from the arranged itinerary.
  • Information: Our website, sgmytaxi.com, is among the most advanced and user-friendly in the 7-seater taxi services. This is because we appreciate the need for the client to have all the information s/he needs in one place. It will save you time and effort. There is also a chat feature should you need any clarification that is not answered in our detailed FAQs page.
  • Our staff: As a service oriented company, we appreciate that our services are only as good as our staff. It is for this reason that we invest in their training in all aspects of service on and off the road. Their commitment to duty and their willingness to be of help will make your reservations, your pickups and your drops to be smooth and trouble free experience.

When taking a family trip to Malaysia, you can bet on sgmytaxi.com for your transport. Sgmytaxi.com will commit to provide the best services ever because our esteemed customers deserve no less.