How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore

Are you planning your next short weekend getaways from Singapore?

If you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy different fun activities that live up to adult’s and children’s expectation, it could be none other than Legoland Malaysia!

Legoland Malaysia is located not too far away from Singapore, only 50 minutes drive from the Second Link Expressway.

Choosing ways of travel is crucial as the experience throughout the journey can be whole lots of difference with a comfortable ride.

If you are worried about the choice of transportation, fret not! We have got your back!

Here is our complete guide on transport options from Singapore to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

How To Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia From Singapore (Ultimate Guide)

Option 1: Private Car From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia (Top Choice & Highly Recommended!)

SGMYTAXI provides private car services from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia and Legoland Malaysia to Singapore at affordable price.

It is reliable and trusted private car services in Singapore and receive very good reviews from their customers.

Private Car Services From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia: SGMYTAXI

Why Choose SGMYTAXI Private Car:

  • Affordable & reasonable pricing rates
  • Door-to-door service from Singapore to LEGOLAND Malaysia in 45 – 60 minutes (depending on traffic conditions)
  • Easy online booking or enquiry via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • No need to get off from vehicle at Singapore and Malaysia immigration checkpoints to get passport stamp.
  • Experienced drivers who know the roads in Singapore and Johor well
  • Choose your desired pick up date, time & location in Singapore and drop-off in Legoland Malaysia and the same for the return
  • Well-maintained vehicles & ample space for luggage
  • Cheaper than bus options if more than 5 people travelling
  • Also provide private car service from Sentosa to Legoland Malaysia

Why Don’t Choose SGMYTAXI Private Car:
Price is higher than bus options if travelling in parties of 3 or less.

Price Per Car:
SGD$100 – SGD$150 per trip (up to 10 passengers)

Recommended For:
Families with small children and/or elderly; people who want to maximize their time in LEGOLAND Parks and their budget as well.

Type of Vehicles:

SGMYTAXI Private Car

SGMYTAXI Private Car (Toyota Innova)Toyota Innova (6 passengers)

SGMYTAXI Private Car (Toyota Alphard)Toyota Alphard (6-7 passengers)

SGMYTAXI Private Car (Hyundai Starex)Hyundai Starex (10 passengers)

How To Book SGMYTAXI Private Car:

Option 1: Go to . Click here ->”Booking” or click it at top of the page.

You can opt for these 3 vehicles that can fit up to 10 people:

  • A Toyota Innova for SGD$90 (one-way)
  • A Toyota Alphard or Hyundai Starex for SGD$140 (one-way)

Toll fees are an additional SGD$ 10. They are available on weekdays, weekends and Public Holidays, and can take luggage (for no extra cost) or arrange multiple vehicles for parties of 8 or more.

Option 2: Whatsapp us at +6011-5958 5859 to get transport from Singapore To Legoland Malaysia. If you looking for Legoland Malaysia Ticket Promo, click the link!

SGMYTAXI Happy Customers

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Tips, Tricks, and Feedback

It is definitely one of the most convenient modes of transport cater to bring anyone from one point in Singapore to Legoland that won’t make you feel exhausted from the journey.

Not to mention the luxury you get for staying inside the vehicle while crossing the borders by allowing the driver to settle the passports, toll and petrol for you- we handle all the worries for you.

One of the things SGMYTAXI (乐高乐园包车) prioritize the most is safety where passengers are ensured they are safe and secure while riding with us.


Option 2: Bus From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

When you take the public bus from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia, it is really time-consuming and you wouldn’t be able to reach Legoland Malaysia in the morning.

If you would like to go from Singapore to Puteri Harbour, click here to get the information of “How To Go To Puteri Harbour From Singapore“.

Why Choose Public Bus
No pre-booking necessary. The bright yellow Causeway Express buses leave from 7 different stations in Singapore.

Why Don’t Choose Public Bus

  • Potentially confusing transfers- you have to look at the correct bus number before getting on
  • Really long waiting times.
  • Share rides with other strangers
  • During peak hour, the bus is packed and you’ll be squeezed like a sardine can
  • Need to hold onto the bus tickets to get on another bus
  • Sometimes people tend to bump into you as they were running, chasing time
  • Have to share seats with strangers that may be loud or reeking pungent smell
  • You have to alight the vehicle with all belongings at both the Singapore and Malaysia customs checkpoints
  • During peak season you may get stuck in the immigration about 2-3 hours

Public Bus Ticket Price:
About SGD$6 per person, per way.

Recommended For:
Adults and families with older children, on a budget.

Causeway Link Public Bus from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia

Bus Route 1: How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore By Public Bus (transfer at CIQ Interlink, Malaysia)

From Jurong East Bus Exchange:

  • Take Causeway Link Bus CW3 (SGD$4) or Causeway Link Bus CW4 (SGD$4 + RM4.20) across the Tuas Checkpoint.
  • Alight at the next stop, CIQ Interlink.
Causeway Link Bus CW3 Schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:10am – 11:45pm (bus departs every 10-30 minutes)
  • Saturday to Sunday: 7:30am – 11:45pm (bus departs every 10-30 minutes)
Causeway Link Bus CW4 Schedule:

  • Daily: 7:30am – 7:20pm

From Boon Lay:

  • Take Causeway Link Bus CW6 (SGD$4) across the Tuas Checkpoint.
  • Alight at the next stop, CIQ Interlink.
Causeway Link Bus CW6 Schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 7:35am – 10:45pm (bus departs every 10-25 minutes)
  • Saturday to Sunday & Public Holiday: 7:30am – 10:40pm (bus departs every 15-20 minutes)

Once you reach CIQ Interlink (Malaysia), transfer to another bus, JPO2 or SL1

  • take Causeway Link Bus JPO2  (RM6 / SGD$2) or Causeway Link Bus SL1 (RM2 / SGD$0.65) at CIQ Interlink to Legoland Malaysia.
  • Legoland Malaysia is the FIRST stop.
Causeway Link Bus JPO2 Schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm & 5:30pm (bus departs every THREE hour)
Causeway Link Bus SL1 Schedule:

  • Saturday, Sunday & Singapore Public Holidays: 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 6:00pm, 7:30pm (bus departs every 90 minutes)

Public Bus from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia

Bus Route 2: How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore By Public Bus (transfer at JB Sentral)

Step 1: take the bus from any location listed below:

  • Kranji MRT: SBS Bus 170XCauseway Link Bus CW1
  • Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange: SMRT Bus 950
  • Jurong East Interchange: SBS Bus 160
  • Newton Circus: Causeway Link Bus CW5
  • Queen Street Bus Terminal: SBS Bus 170 or Causeway Link Bus CW2
  • Singapore Changi Airport: Transtar Bus TS1

More details on the public bus from Singapore to JB Sentral, click here: How To Get To JB Sentral From Singapore

Step 2: Once you reach JB Sentral, buy a (JB Sentral to Legoland) ticket for the Causeway Link Bus LM1 (RM 5.40 / SGD$2.11).

Causeway Link Bus LM1 Schedule:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm, 6:30pm. (bus departs every 90 minutes)
  • Friday to Sunday & Singapore Public Holidays: Bus departures at 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, 7:00pm (bus departs every 1 hour)
  • It takes about 1 hour from JB Sentral to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Causeway Link Phone Number:  +607-360 2244.

Also read: Legoland Malaysia FAQ

Tips, Tricks, and Feedback 

The feedback we’ve gotten from this option isn’t great. A family of four will end up spending SGD$24 on bus tickets each way. And how many hours from Singapore to Legoland?

If you leave at 8:00am on a weekend, you might not reach LEGOLAND until close to noon. Young children are quite tired from the journey and the last thing you need is a crabby kid on the Dragon Coaster.

It is advised to depart as early as possible or around late-afternoon for guaranteed seats on the Malaysia-side buses.

Option 3: Coach From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Why Choose Coach
Shorter travel time than the public bus.  You board at a designated stop in Singapore and are dropped at LEGOLAND Malaysia.

Why Don’t Choose Coach

  • More expensive compared to public buses
  • The designated departure might be inconvenient
  • Requires a credit card or Paypal to book
  • Need to disembark the bus and go through customs in both Singapore and Malaysia
  • Also, need to remove the luggage to go through Singapore-Malaysia customs
  • Some companies require you to book LEGOLAND tickets through them
  • Require to follow the bus schedules which is mostly early in the morning
  • Again, share rides and seats with strangers

Coach Ticket Price:
SGD$27 – SGD$28 per person (round-trip).

Recommended For:
Adults, seniors, and families with kids age 7-18, who want to reach LEGOLAND Malaysia in less than three hours.

WTS Bus From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore By Coach

3.1: WTS Travel
  • The coach departs from Singapore Flyer at 9:00am, 10:30am & Big Box (Jurong East) at 9:30am, 11:00am.
  • The coach returns from Legoland Malaysia at 5:15pm & 6:45pm.

WTS Travel Pricing:

  • SGD$27 per person (2-way bus only);
  • SGD$64 (adult) / SGD$57 (child or senior) (2-way bus + Legoland water park entrance);
  • SGD$82 (adult) / SGD$72 (child or senior) (2-way bus + Legoland theme park entrance);
  • SGD$96 (adult) / SGD$82 (child or senior) (2-way bus + Legoland theme park + water park entrance)

Do note that prices are cheaper on weekdays.

How To Book:  Visit to book online via Paypal or Credit Card.  They also have several offices throughout Singapore, which are listed on the website.

3.2: Superior Coach
  • The coach departs from Lavender MRT Station Exit B (9:00am on weekdays, 8:30am on weekends);
  • The coach returns from Legoland Malaysia at 5:30pm.

Superior Coach Pricing: 

  • SGD$28 per person (2-way bus only);
  • SGD$81 (adult) / SGD$74 (child) (2-way bus + Legoland theme park entrance);
  • SGD$98 (adult)/ SGD$91 (child) (2-way bus + Legoland theme park + water park entrance)

Waterpark tickets must be purchased separately.  Luggage stored under the bus SGD$2 per piece.

The prices are much cheaper on weekdays in comparison to weekends.

How To Book:  Visit, pay via Credit Card, Paypal, DBS Paylah, eNETS, SingPost and alipay.

*Note:  There are many other tour companies in Singapore with similar packages, but all the tour companies either use the Singapore Flyer or Lavender MRT as dropping points.

Unless you are staying at a hotel, in which case some companies will provide a shuttle from your hotel to Singapore Flyer. (They usually tack on a few extra dollars to the package price for this service.)

Woodlands Causeway vs Tuas Second Link (Differences in Border Crossings)

Please note that traffic conditions can vary greatly, depending on whether your bus crosses the Singapore-Malaysia border over Woodlands Causeway vs. Tuas Second Link.

1. Woodlands Causeway is the original link into JB Sentral and is generally more congested as it is cheaper and closer to residential areas.

Travelling from Singapore in the mornings (particularly on weekdays) via Woodlands is usually not very congested; making travel time similar to crossing over Second Link. However, evenings, mornings and weekends can vary greatly.

Woodlands Tuas Checkpoint

2. Tuas Second Link connects to the west of Singapore and goes towards the shipping area in Malaysia with expressways that lead to the airport. It is generally quicker in terms of border traffic and much closer to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

The usual travel time from Singapore to LEGOLAND by taxi via Second Link is faster than by bus (the bus journey is roughly 1 hour).

If you return via Woodlands, the trip could range from 1 to 2 hours at the Malaysia side (not counting 30-60 extra minutes you will spend getting off the bus and going through two customs checkpoints).

It is of most driver’s opinions that the Tuas Second Link side is more reliable, but in any case, it is always good to check the traffic cameras to see what traffic is like, prior to deciding on a route.

People Long Queues At Singapore Checkpoint & Johor Custom

Just to note, if travelling in any commercial vehicle (i.e. a vehicle that can seat 9 or more people), you are required to disembark the bus twice at both Singapore and Malaysia customs to get your passport stamped which often have long queues.

Tips, Tricks, and Feedback

Check traffic cameras at before deciding whether to take a bus travelling via Woodlands or Tuas / Second Link. Expect the whole trip to take 2-3.5 hours.

We wouldn’t encourage you to start your trip during weekday’s mornings and evenings. You will get bored of traffic jam and long queues in Singapore & Malaysia Checkpoint.

Option 4: Singapore-Johor Taxi From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Why Choose Singapore-Johor Taxi
Don’t have to change vehicles or alight vehicle to clear customs, no need to carry heavy bags.

Why Don’t Choose Singapore-Johor Taxi

  • You have to arrive at the taxi stand in Singapore – they won’t pick you up from your house or preferred location
  • Only able to accommodate up to 4 person.
  • Rather expensive if travel alone, best to share rides
  • If share rides, you’ll end up sharing with strangers again
  • Some taxi don’t travel all the way to Legoland Malaysia, so you will need to change taxi at the Malaysia side which cost money and time

Singapore-Johor Taxi Price:

  • Specially licensed Singapore taxi; SGD$12 per person / SGD$48 per vehicle
  • Malaysian yellow taxi; From SGD$70 for a one-way transfer from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia and vice versa

Recommended For:
Families with small children and/or elderly; people carrying less luggage.

Singapore-Johor Taxi From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Regular Singapore taxis such as SMRT or Comfort are NOT allowed to cross into Malaysia. They can only go to the exit border on the Singapore side.

How To Go To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore By Singapore-Johor Taxi

There are 2 types of methods from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia:

Option 1: Only specially licensed Singapore taxi allowed to cross the border and go to Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru and from there you can hop onto another Malaysian taxi to bring you to Legoland Malaysia.

Option 2: Malaysia yellow taxi is permitted to take passengers from the Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk on Queen St. (5-minute walk from Bugis MRT Station) straight to Legoland Malaysia without any need of transfer.

When returning from Legoland Malaysia, these taxis will NOT drop you at your house, but to the Ban San St. Taxi Kiosk on Queen St (near Bugis MRT) only.

How To Book:

Call +65-6296 7054 or just head over to the Kotaraya Taxi Terminal on Queen Street in Singapore. If in Malaysia, call +607-222 5859 or +607-224 6986.

Tips, Tricks, Feedback

You can ask a Singapore driver to arrange the Malaysian-side taxi; if he does it, you can be expected to pay at least SGD$80 up front to him, plus the costs of the other taxi to the Malaysian driver.

You will get to avoid lugging your belongings through customs at both ends, as the car will be able to drive through the border while showing your passport to a checkpoint through the window.


Options 5: Self-Driving From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Why Choose Self-Driving

  • Driving by yourself through the custom is easy-peasy. Similarly to the private taxi, you can clear the immigration centre without getting off the vehicle.
  • Can drive at your own pace and detour if required

Why Don’t Choose Self Driving

  • You may get stuck in a traffic jam during peak hours
  • You handle the wheels, so you need to be alert while driving, compared to the private taxi, you get to sleep in the car
  • Need to fill up your car with petrol and pay for petrol fee
  • Require to pay for toll fees and VEP
  • Pay for parking fee at Legoland Malaysia
  • Need to navigate your own way to Legoland Malaysia
  • Self-driving can be tiring

Recommended For:

Suitable for families with young children or elderly and lots of luggage

Tips, Tricks, and Feedback 

Once you’ve reached Malaysia second link, use Waze or google map to guide your way to Legoland. The traffic varies from time to time but it is best suggested to go early in the morning to fully enjoy the theme park.

Parking space in Legoland Malaysia is big, so you wouldn’t worry about parking issues.



The best and recommended transport option to get to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is SGMYTAXI private car.

Anywhere, there are few factors you need to consider before you choose the right transport to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore:

a.) Time/cost of getting to the bus stop or drop point from your house (plus the hassle of carrying your bags);
b.) Time wasted getting on and off at the Singapore and Malaysian borders (still schlepping those same bags on and off each time!); or
c.) A lot of money going to extra taxis, extra wait time, and more.

Quite frankly we’d rather spend the money on cotton candy, and the time lounging in the LEGOLAND Wave Pool.

We hope this review on transport options from Singapore to LEGOLAND Malaysia has been helpful. We’ll continue to keep this page updated with new ways of getting you there, and updates as we see them. Thanks for reading!