Singapore To Legoland By Taxi


Taxi From Singapore To Legoland Malaysia

Looking for a taxi from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia?

You’ve made the smart choice!

Legoland isn’t in Singapore but is in Iskandar Puteri, near the border at JB Second Link.

That’s why lots of Southeast Asian travelers are always looking for the best way to get there.

As you’ll soon read, the absolute best way from Singapore to Legoland is by private taxi / car!

Ready? Read on!

Hint: Since 90% of families travel there by car, this article will give you the lowdown on the perks and drawbacks of taking a taxi instead.



1. Private Car / MPV Taxi (Family Option)

Yes, 95% of family will travel from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia By Private Car Taxi as below example:

Singapore to Legoland Private Car at Lobby Resort

Singapore to Legoland Private Car at Lobby Resort

For more information,  you can check this out: Private Taxi To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore

Taking a private car or taxi is always the best choice for family groups of more than 3 people.

Although Legoland Malaysia is just 30km from Singapore, the journey typically takes 1-1.5 hours during non-peak seasons as you will still need to cross the border.

During long weekends or holiday periods, customs checkpoints in both Singapore and Malaysia can become so congested with delays of up to 2-3 hours!

Can you imagine having to wait with your family and luggage for customs clearance at the checkpoint for several hours?

Singapore to JB Bus Congestion Situation

Singapore to JB Bus Congestion Situation

At Legoland Resort Malaysia, even as early as 9:30am, many families are already enjoying themselves.

Private Car Alphard at Legoland Resort Lobby

Most of them came by private car or taxi, as seen in the lobby.

Here are some of the reasons why to choose SGMYTAXI Private Taxi:

  • Door-to-door taxi to LEGOLAND Malaysia from Singapore
  • Affordable & reasonable pricing rates
  • Easy booking via WhatsApp
  • No need to get off/disembark from vehicle at Singapore and Malaysia immigration checkpoints to get passport stamp (save your energy)
  • Experienced and friendly drivers ready to pick you up from any location in Singapore to Legoland Malaysia with a spacious and comfortable vehicle
  • Direct private transfer without share the ride with other passengers
  • Arrive at Legoland Malaysia hassle-free and don’t waste your energy for custom clearance.
  • Accommodate up to 10 people per car.
  • Receive REAL positive customer feedback


7 Seater
5-6 Passengers
x 1 Big Luggage
x 3 Hand Carry
Alphard /Vellfire
8 Seater
5-6 Passengers
x 2 Big Luggage
x 4 Hand Carry
11 Seater
7-8 Passengers
x 2 Big Luggage
x 4 Hand Carry


2. Sedan Taxi / Local Taxi

However, if you’re in a hurry or on a budget, here’s the 2nd option worth considering – catch a bus or hail a local taxi to Ban-San Singapore Johor Taxi Stand on Bugis Queen Street.


Singapore to Johor Taxi At Ban San Terminal

Singapore to Johor Taxi At Ban San Terminal

The fare is approximately SGD60 per car from Bugis to Johor Bahru or the Legoland area.

Alternatively, you can split the cost by sharing the ride with others looking to make the trip across the Causeway (making it approximately SGD15 each).


Hint: However, during peak seasons, taxi drivers may hesitate due to potential traffic jams and it’ll be very unlikely to find a local taxi willing to cross the border!


My Final Thought

Hopefully the above has convinced you that the best way to travel from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia is by private car or taxi!

Here’s my advice as a local, on planning your Legoland trip:

  1. Read the Legoland Malaysia Official Guide:
  2. Once you’ve absorbed all that info, pick your travel dates wisely—aim for non-peak times and steer clear of weekends or public holidays
  3. Book your private car to Legoland Malaysia in advance as MPV private cars in JB often book out fast, so secure your transportation early
  4. For more details on Legoland Malaysia accommodation options, check out this link: Hotel Near Legoland Malaysia

(The traffic volume between in Singapore and Malaysia is No.1 in the world)



Q1: How much does a private taxi cost to Legoland Malaysia?

The fare for MPV private taxis from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia cost between SGD90 to SGD150.

Q2: What is the best alternative transport to Legoland Malaysia?

Alternatively, you can drive yourself to Legoland Malaysia as public transport is too time costly and inconvenient.

Q3: How long does it take to go to Legoland Malaysia?

On average, it takes 1 hour from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia, but it could also take up to 2-3 hours during public holidays or peak periods.

Q4: What private taxi car types are there from Singapore to Legoland?

There are 7-seater and 10-seater MPVs (excluding luggage space!) available.

Q5: Are car seats or booster seats provided in private taxi for children?

Yes, but you’ll need to book in advance to ensure availability.