How To Go To Senai Airport From Singapore

Are you looking for hassle-free transportation from Singapore to Senai Airport?

And many people wonder what is the best way to get to Senai Airport.

Anyway, there are 5 options of transportation available for you to choose from.

While each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Decide for yourself what works for you in terms of time, cost and ease and then let the services take care of the rest.

Transportation to the airport should be a stress-free experience.

Choose the best method of transportation that works for you after reading this post.

Are you ready? Let’s check out what are the transportations available!

5 Options Of Transportation From Singapore To Senai Airport:

Senai International Airport is only 50 km away from Singapore.

So it will take approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour to get there, but all depends on the type of transport you’ll choose.

Option 1: Singapore To Senai Airport By Private Car Service (Recommended!)

Advantage of using private car service
The easiest drive in shortest possible travel time. Of course, with perfect and affordable transfer price for everyone! You’ll be at the airport only in 50-60 minutes (depending on traffic conditions).

Drive through borders without any need to change the vehicles or even leave the car, straightforward from Singapore to Senai Airport in Malaysia. Up to seven passengers in one car, good choice of vehicles.

Disadvantage of using private car service
The ride core rate is SGD$100.

The perfect option for
People with small children, big families, companies of friends, elderly, couples, tourists, who travel on a budget, everyone, who is late to the airport and want to be there as soon as possible.

Choice of vehicle

  • Toyota Innova
  • Toyota Alphard
  • Hyundai Starex


How to book private car service from Singapore to Senai Airport

Go to, click “Booking” tab at the top of the page and send a message through WhatsApp or find out more at their contact page.

You can get a Toyota Innova for SGD$100 (one-way), or a Toyota Alphard for SGD$150 (one-way) for Singapore to Senai Airport taxi. Both vehicles fit up to 10 passengers. Toll fees are an additional SGD$10.

The private car service rate is lesser than SG$100 if you want to pick up from JB Custom/Checkpoints/CIQ to Senai Airport.

They are available on weekends and Public Holidays and can take luggage (for no extra cost) or arrange multiple vehicles for companies of more than 8 people. For more details about price, click here –> Transfer Rate.


Option 2: Singapore To Senai Airport By Driving

You can easily come to the airport by car – the road is straightforward and it will take a little less than an hour.

Advantage of self-driving
you can go at your own pace, fast, easy.

Disadvantage of self-driving
A little bit expensive (especially if you will pay for few days parking and checkpoint toll fees), uncomfortable, too complicated for families more than 5 people with heavy luggage, small children, elderly.

The perfect option for
Singe travellers, couples, families of no more than 4-5 people.

Additional Info
There are three roads you can use to come to Senai airport from Singapore: SDE/E22 (57 min, 63.1 km), PIE and Malaysia-Singapore Second Link/E3 (59 min, 72.9 km) and AH2 (47 min, 49.4 km).

We advise to go via AH2, but keep in mind, that Island Club Road is a restricted usage road, AH2 is a partial toll road and there can be traffic jams on holidays and weekends.

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Option 3: Singapore To Senai Airport By Public Bus & MRT

Unfortunately, there is currently no direct bus operation from Singapore to Senai Airport or vice-versa. Alternatively, you may take one of the bus services listed below and transit at JB Sentral, Johor Bahru:

Public Bus

There are 2 buses under SBS Transit Bus From Singapore to JB Sentral Bus Terminal, and here are the schedules for your convenience:

Bus No: 160 (blue plate)
Ticket Price: SGD $1.81
Bus Route: Jurong East Interchange (beside the Jurong East MRT) <–> JB Sentral Bus Terminal
Bus Schedule:
Daily: 5:30am to 12:00am, every 8-17 minute

Bus No: 170X (blue plate)
Ticket Price: SGD$1.39
Bus Route: Kranji MRT Singapore <–> Jb Sentral Bus Terminal
Bus Schedule:
Daily: 5:36am – 23:30pm (until 12:00am on Saturday)

More details, click here: Transport Guide: How To Go To JB Sentral From Singapore

Bus From JB Custom/JB Checkpoints/JB CIQ To Senai Airport

JB Sentral is just a 5-minutes walking distance from JB Custom (also known as Johor Bahru Checkpoint or JB CIQ).

Once you’ve arrived at JB Sentral, purchase the airport shuttle ticket (MYR8) or exchange your e-ticket at the ticketing counter before boarding the Causeway Link Senai Airport Shuttle Service (CWA) Airport bus to Senai Airport.

Bus No: AA1
Ticket Price: MYR8
Bus Route:  JB Sentral Bus Terminal <–> Senai Airport
Bus Schedule:
Daily: 5:30am to 12:10am, every 40- 45 minutes

Airport Shuttle Bus Services


Advantage of using public bus
Cheap if you know the route and choose the correct bus service, no pre-booking necessary.

Disadvantage of using public bus
Waste a lot of time, uncomfortable and complicated.

The perfect option for
Travellers on a budget, couples, families with grown-up children, somebody, who is not in a hurry and want to save some money.

Additional Info
AirAsia free shuttle bus service has been discontinued in the end of June 2015. Therefore, there are no more free sky shuttle bus services to transport AirAsia guests conveniently to Senai Airport and back from Singapore to Senai Airport. Anyway, you can still take a bus from JB Sentral to Senai Airport.

More info, click here: AirAsia & Causeway Link


Option 4: Singapore To Senai Airport By Private Bus Tour Company


Advantage of using private bus tour company
Shorter travel than using public buses (only an hour) and comfortable. You board at a designated stop in Singapore and is dropped at Senai Airport.

Disadvantage of using private bus tour company
Quite expensive, the departure may be inconvenient for your flight, requires credit card or PayPal to book, need to disembark the bus and go through customs in both Singapore and Malaysia.

The perfect option for
Seniors, families with children and people with heavy luggage.

Option 5: Singapore To Senai Airport By Singapore Taxi & Malaysia Taxi

Airport and non-airport taxis are a quick and convenient way of travel to Johor Senai Airport. Taxi services are readily available 24 hours daily.

Singapore Taxi

If you are going from Senai Airport, it is easier to book and then use airport taxi. For fares, booking and further information kindly proceed to the taxi counters located at the ground floor, Aeromall Senai upon your arrival at the airport.

It’s even easier with another direction: from Singapore to Senai Airport. You may hop on almost any taxi service providers to get to the airport.

Advantage of using taxi
Don’t have to change vehicles or leave a vehicle to clear Customs, no need to carry heavy bags.

Disadvantage if using taxi
The taxi or private car only goes straight from one point to another. Quite expensive for small companies travelling with 3 people or less.

The perfect option for
Big families with small children, elderly, big companies, people with heavy luggage, who needs to be in the airport as soon as possible and in time.

Additional Info
Some companies such as SMRT or Comfort are not allowed to cross the borders and go from one country to another. Always ask an operator before booking the ride. Price may varies.


4 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Mode Of Transportation

  1. Time/cost of getting to the bus stop or drop point from your house.
  2. The hassle of carrying your bags.
  3. Time wasted getting on and off at the Singapore and Malaysian borders (still with those heavy bags!).
  4. A lot of money going to extra taxis, extra wait time, and more.

We hope that this guide of travel options from Singapore to Senai Airport in Malaysia was useful for you and helped with your choices.