How To Get To KSL City From Singapore

Thinking of a place to spend the weekend with your family or friends?

You want something that has everything under one roof?

KSL City Mall is that one stop solution to almost everything you need for fun, play, eat, and shop.

It is an entertainment location that you won’t be bored of.

The mall is also connected to KSL Hotel Resort, where you can stay a night or two to enjoy its amenities.

And how to get to KSL City Mall or KSL Hotel Resort from Singapore?

Not to mention, the ways of getting here is really simple too.

We list out the means of transport from Singapore to KSL City mall at the most convenient just for you, check it out!

1. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Private Car
2. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Bus
3. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Train
4. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Self-Driving

KSL Shopping Mall

In need of a retail therapy?

KSL Resort Hotel & KSL Mall

This mall got it covered for you. There are a boundless fun and amazing things to see, buy and eat that you can spend the whole day in the mall!

  • scrumptious food are aplenty,
  • lots of hand phone vendors to get your phone accessories,
  • a rejuvenating massage at their spa,
  • watch your favourite movie in the cinema,
  • heaps of clothing store
  • a big supermarket to get your necessities

ksl city mall jb

What’s more, this mall is only a few metres away from the Johor-Singapore immigration centre, so it is pretty convenient.

How To Get To KSL City Mall From Singapore

1. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Private Car

It pays a little for great comfort and SGMYTAXI is an affordable private taxi service that can bring you to KSL City Mall from Singapore with ease and stress-free!


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Here are the advantages of chartering a private taxi, SGMYTAXI from Singapore to KSL City

  • Hygienic and big MPV fleets for passengers
  • For a group up to 10numbers of people
  • Suitable for family with elderly and really young children
  • Ample luggage compartment and leg room
  • Don’t have to take down your luggage/bags when going through borders
  • Don’t have to get off the car when going through borders
  • Choose your point and time of departure in Singapore
  • Choose where to arrive in KSL city
  • The petrol, passport clearance, toll fare and other necessary immigration is all handled for you
  • No extra charges or booking fee and booking system is easy to navigate
  • Pay to the driver on the day of departure
  • Punctual and reliable driver

WhatsApps or book online now to get your SGMYTAXI private car service from Singapore to KSL City.


2. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Bus

Another easy and convenient option and definitely more than half of the price of chartering a private taxi,will be the public bus.

However, it takes more effort to find the bus and follow their schedule, get some spare change and squeeze with other strangers compare to the private taxi.

Coming from Singapore, there are numerous bus companies that do cross-border transfer, though they only stop at JB Sentral and doesn’t go directly to KSL City.

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For more details regarding the prices, location information and timing of the bus from Singapore to JB Sentral can be found here.

Once you’ve arrive at Johor Sentral, head to the bus terminal and walk towards bus lane 2 and 3. From there you will find two bus companies that cater to bring passengers to KSL City.

2.1 S1 by Causeway Link

Causeway Link S1 Bus
RM 1.50 one-way fare
Alight within the KSL City compound area

2.2 IM 17 by Maju

Maju IM 17 Bus
RM 1.50 one-way fare
Alight opposite the road side of KSL City and you have to press the bell to alert the driver

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Taking the public transport (bus) is usually less comfortable than sitting in a private taxi
The issues when taking a bus from Singapore to KSL City is presumably as follow:

  • Takes a lot of your time
  • Waiting time differ for different bus and IM 17 waits for the bus to be filled before departing
  • If you miss the bus, you have to wait for the next one
  • Private taxi waits for you- the time is in your hand
  • You will need to get off the bus twice while crossing the Johor-Singapore Immigration Centre
  • You need to remove the luggage from the bus when crossing the immigration centre
  • There is no luggage space in the bus
  • Little inconvenient when traveling with elderly and little children
  • Sometimes there isn’t any seats or you get squashed inside the bus

3. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Train

Alas, there are no direct trains from Singapore to KSL City, but you can still take the shuttle train from Singapore to JB Sentral.

The shuttle train schedules can be found here. The trip is only 5 minutes and cost SGD$5 from Singapore to JB Sentral and vice versa of RM5.

Shuttle Tebrau from Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint to Johor Bahru Immigration Checkpoint

From there you’re already one step closer to KSL. You can hail a taxi or grab to fetch you there. It is only about 10 minutes from JB Sentral- how convenient and near!


4. How To Go KSL City Mall From Singapore By Self-Driving

Driving can be both relaxing and frustrating at the same time. You get the luxury to go wherever you want, perhaps a stop at a café to eat at the same time you sometimes get stuck in traffic jam!

Reason that you may self-drive:

  • You get to drive the car at your own speed
  • You can get to different destination before making your stop at KSL City
  • Time is at your essence
  • Getting stuck in traffic can be a huge hassle

If you have a car, let’s make an adventure to cross the border and navigate your way to KSL City, it is really easy and just a stone throw away from CIQ Immigration Centre.

You can use waze or google map to lead you to the mall, but remember to drive safely because that area is always congested.

Do note that the parking space is really narrow and the parking rate fee is as below, which is rather costly.

Monday to Thursday
RM 2.00 – First 3 hours
RM 2.00-  Every subsequent hour

Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays
RM 2.00 – Every hour and subsequent hour