One Day Trip In Johor Bahru From Singapore

21 Options & 31 Places to Visit for JB One Day Trip

For residents and visitors to Singapore, a day trip across the border to JB, Johor Bahru is always a must-do plan.

Whether on business or pleasure, or both, you will always have plenty of things to do in Johor Bahru (JB). Scroll down further to get more daily trip options for your trip.

Whichever way you get there; by taxi or by public bus (recommended transport service at the end of the post), there are plenty of Johor attractions to make sure that the trip is worthwhile.

Here are some of those destinations visited by our customers.

Below are the places to visit for JB one day trip

6 Options DESARU One Day Trip:

  • This is the hottest plan you may consider, a lot of Singaporean travelling to Desaru area during Year End School Holiday 🙂
  1. Desaru Beach + Desaru Ostrich Farm + Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm + Dinner at Sungei Rengit Seafood Restaurant
  2. Desaru Coast Adventure Water Park + Seafood Dinner at Sungai Rengit
  3. Desaru Fruit Farm + Desaru Beach + Desaru Ostrich Farm + Super Lobster Restaurant
  4. Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm + Desaru Fruit Farm (Farm Tour/ Mini Zoo/ Bee Talk / Go-Kart) + (You may also consider to go Kota Tinggi)
  5. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort + Desaru Beach + Seafood Dinner at Sungai Rengit
  6. Desaru Fruit Farm + Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm + Dinner at Kota Tinggi + Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

Still not sure how to plan for your trip? Don’t know what to do in Desaru? You may read this post ===> DESARU TRIP. I have included the location, direction and how many hours you should spend on each location. Remember to check Singapore Public Holidays 2019 & 2020 also to plan your trip in advance.


15 Options JOHOR One Day Trip:

  1. UK Farm Kluang + Kluang Food Tour
  2. Breakfast at Jalan Wong Ah Fook + Mid Valley JB + Dinner at City Square Shopping Mall
  3. Angry Birds Activity Park + Jalan Wong Ah Fook + Jalan Tan Hiok Nee + City Square Shopping Mall
  4. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town + Thomas Town + Dinner at Puteri Harbour Restaurant + JPO
  5. Go-Kart at Plentong Circuit + Bubble Soccer or Paintball at AOV Paintball OLA Park + Just Want Coffee The Factory 30 + Lost in JB + Dinner at Mount Austin
  6. Breakfast at Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari or Kedai Kopi Tang Chuan + UK Farm Kluang
  7. Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park + Jusco Aeon Tebrau City Shopping mall + Dinner at Mount Austin
  8. Breakfast at Kedai Kopi Tang Chuan + Zenxin Organic Farm + Lunch at Kedai Kopi PKH (老巴刹美食中心)
  9. JB Shopping Tour (JPO + Paradigm Mall + IKEA Johor + AEON Tebrau City + City Square + JBCC Komtar)
  10. Legoland Malaysia (Theme Park + Sea Life) + Dinner At Medini Mall or Gelang Patah
  11. Breakfast Near KSL City Mall + Shopping at KSL + Mid Valley JB + Dinner at Mid Valley
  12. Breakfast at Kulai + Hiking At Mount Pulai + Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)
  13. Kota Tinggi Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh + Kota Tinggi Waterfall + Firefly Valley Leisure Park
  14. Jalan Tan Hiok Nee + Jalan Wong Ah Fook + Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque + Johor Old Chinese Temple + Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple + City Square Shopping Mall
  15. One Day Trip at Kukup (+ Tanjung Piai)

7 Options Johor 2D1N Trip:

  1. Legoland Malaysia (Theme Park + Water Park + Sea Life) + Hello Kitty Town (Puteri Harbour)+ Thomas Town
  2. Kukup Kelong + Tanjung Piai + Kukup Island National Park + Pekan Nanas
  3. UK Farm Kluang + Zenxin Organic Park
  4. Sabak Awor Resort
  5. Endau Rompin Johor National Park (you can stay longer)
  6. Gunung Lambak + Kluang UK Farm
  7. Desaru 2D1N Trip (MOST POPULAR)


7 Options JOHOR ISLAND 3D2N Trip:

  1. Tioman Island
  2. Rawa Island + Pulau Harimau + Pulau Gual + Pulau Mensirip
  3. Sibu Island
  4. Tinggi Island
  5. Tengah Island
  6. Dayang Island
  7. Besar Island


Johor Bahru One Day Trip

Don’t know where to go in Johor Bahru? Below are the Johor travel tips and pre-trip reading to help you to plan Johor Bahru one day trip. It’s a time to make you great escape to one of Below Johor destinations:

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

1. Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru

It’s worth hopping over the border and driving over from Singapore to Johor Bahru for a break!

Because Johor Bahru has something for everyone!

1.1 City Square Shopping Mall

Eager shoppers will find no shortage of shopping malls in JB to wander like the City Square Shopping Mall  – which is a favorite among many since it is close to the customs!

1.2 Paradigm Mall & Mid Valley JB

Then, there’s Paradigm Mall with 600 shops and 6 floors! Or the brand new Mid Valley Southkey JB which just opened in 23 April 2019!

Johor Bahru City Square Mall

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Mid Valley Southkey JB

1.3 Angry Birds Activity Park & Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Families with young kids will enjoy the colorful Angry Birds Theme Park and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (make your own souvenirs to take back!).

Angry Birds Activity Park in KOMTAR JBCC

Angry Birds Activity Theme Park Johor Bahru South Beach

Both of these JB theme parks stay true to their namesake themes and fans will find this consistency appealing!

1.4 Istana Bukit Serene JB & Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

If you like architecture, you must gaze upon the European inspired exteriors of Istana Bukit Serene JB @ Laman Mahkota and the equally gorgeous Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque!

And you cannot forget the magnificent Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple! This is the only glass temple in all of Malaysia since 2010 & one of the places to visit in JB!

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

Crown Istana Bukit Serene

Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple

1.5 JB Old Chinese Temple

Do not miss the fair share of Johor Bahru history and have a visit to the Old Chinese Temple will demonstrate that clearly!

Here, you can learn about the roots of the different Chinese dialect groups (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka and Hainan) that have made Johor Bahru their home!

1.6 Jalan Wong Ah Fook

You can also take a stroll down Jalan Wong Ah Fook and observe the old neighbourhood up close!

There are a number of shops and places to eat here (like Kam Long Restaurant Curry Fish Head)!

For some local flavor, try some of the crispy pastries at the long-standing Hiap Joo Bakery! Try their signature banana cake!

Banana Cakes From Hiap Joo Bakery In Johor Bahru

Night Market/Pasar Malam Near KSL

Being so close to the sea makes Johor Bahru a popular seafood hub too!

1.7 JB Seafood & JB Night Market

Try Todak Seafood Restaurant in JB for their highly recommended crab platters and ocean views or Restaurant SPOA JB for a halal option.

Wander through JB Night Market and pick up a souvenir or two! And don’t worry about whether it’s a weekend or not! There are night markets every day of the week!

1.8 Horse Riding & Golfing In Johor Bahru

Or maybe you just want to get some relaxation done! There are recreational activities like horse riding and some golf courses & clubs as well!

Horse rides at Sinar Eco Resort

Daiman18 Golf Club Johor Bahru

Spa Manja (Massage)

1.9 Spa & Massage In Johor Bahru

And to cap it all off, why not get a spa massage in Johor Bahru at the end of a tiring day of sight-seeing?

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Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

2. Desaru

The primary highlight in Desaru trip is, of course, the fresh and affordable seafood!

2.1 Desaru Seafood

Desaru seafood restaurants like Seafood At Sungai Rengit, Jade Garden Seafood Corner and Super Lobster Restaurant are often full during the weekends!

Jade Garden Seafood Corner Food

Which is not surprising, given the fact that you can have a savory and reasonably-priced meal while you partake in some superb views of the sea!

2.2 Desaru Ostrich Farm & Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

Besides the incredible seafood options, there are some unique farms to visit such as Desaru Ostrich Farm (the biggest in Malaysia!) and Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm.

2.3 Desaru Fruit Farm

Or you can pick your own fruits on an informative farm tour and participate in a seasonal fruit buffet at Desaru Fruit Farm! Especially if it’s durian season!

Desaru Fruit Farm

If you want to beat the heat and hit the water, head over to Desaru Beach where casuarina trees fringe the edge of this white sand beach.

2.4 Desaru Theme Park

Or you can make your way over to the recently opened family-friendly Desaru Coast Water Park! The wave pool here is made to look like a real beach!

Desaru Waterpark

You won’t have to waste time queuing for any of the thrilling rides (including a roller coaster) here since the park is not well-known yet!

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Johor Bahru Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

3. Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia

3.1 Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

Even if you’re not a fan of LEGO, it’s still worth taking the little ones to Legoland Malaysia Theme Park because it is also one of the places to visit in Johor!

Certain attractions like the 4D movie and VR Coaster are a must-do!

Miniland Section in Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia Miniland

Legoland Malaysia Miniland View

And it’s hard to miss all of the impressive Lego constructions around the park!

3.2 Legoland Malaysia Water Park

The park is all outdoor so it gets pretty hot during the day. But that’s where Legoland Malaysia Water Park comes in! The water slides are good fun for the whole family!

Legoland Water Park

3.3 Legoland Malaysia Sea Life

Don’t forget to check out the brand new Legoland Malaysia Sea Life aquarium while you are there!

Legoland Malaysia Sea Life (Ocean Tunnel)

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Johor Bahru Desaru Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

4. Mount Austin
Mount Austin

This suburban area of Johor Bahru has its own share of attractions!

4.1 Mount Austin Water Park

Like the inexpensive and Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park. Hop on a go-kart here and try out the slides!

Water Park (Splash World) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Water Park (Supersurf) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Water Park (Racer Bowl) at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

4.2 Mount Austin Food & Cafe

Mount Austin Food is not bad either! There are reputable establishments like Korea Fried Chicken Factory, Morganfield’s (pork rib platters!) and Restaurant Uncle Pou Wok (Steamed Fish Lips)!

If you are looking for some ambiance and excellent coffee, you can check out Mount Austin Cafés too! How about a Mickey Mouse themed cafe? Or special coffee at Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30?

22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory Mount Austin Food

Basilico Restaurant Mount Austin Food

Morganfield Taman Mount Austin Meals

4.3 Aeon Tebrau City & IKEA JB

For some shopping, there is Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Mall (Aeon supermarket, Harris bookstore, TGV Cinema) and IKEA Tebrau Johor Bahru (admire their brilliant showrooms!).

IKEA Johor (Textiles & Rugs)

IKEA Johor (Cooking)

IKEA Johor (Chairs)

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Yong Peng Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

5. Mersing

5.1 Tioman Island & Rawa Island

Ever wanted to visit a stunning snorkelling and diving paradise like Tioman Island or the more remote Rawa island?

Rawa Island

Rawa Island (Water Slides)

Island Hopping at Tioman Island

Mersing Jetty is the primary reason that people come to Mersing for. As this is where you can get a ferry to Tioman Island (and Rawa Island)!

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Kulai Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

6. Yong Peng
Yong Peng

6.1 Yong Peng Must-Try Food

Yong Peng Food is a must-try if you happen to be in this little town of Johor’s Batu Pahat district!

Notable places include Hokkien-style braised duck at Yong Peng Duck Noodles and delicious roti canai with lamb curry at Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari!

Kuih-Muih Eng Hin Yong Peng

Kim Kee Fishball Restaurant Yong Peng

Restoran Kari Kambing 40 Hari Serves Arab Rice With Lamb or Chicken

And you cannot miss out on the fresh fish balls at Kim Kee Fishball Restaurant Yong Peng!

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Pontian Kluang Kota Tinggi

7. Kulai

Despite its size, this small township has a lot to offer!

7.1 Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)

Get some luxury shopping done at Johor Premium Outlets! You can find some world-famous International brands here at lower prices!

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

The JPO outlets are one of the malls near Legoland Malaysia with just a 15 minutes drive!

However, if you’d rather be outdoors getting your heart rate up while soaking up mother nature’s best, then consider hiking up the 654m high Mount Pulai!

Jungle Trekking And Hiking At Gunung Pulai

7.2 Kulai Food

And after working up an appetite, you can try out the local Kulai Food too – nasi lemak, lei cha, beef noodles, dim sum and more!

Kulai Lei Cha (古来大树下擂茶)

Kulai Mok Gao Beef Noodles

Choy Ban Hakka Dumplings at 满庭芳茶餐室

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kluang Kota Tinggi

8. Pontian

8.1 Kukup

Pontian district’s Kukup maybe just a simple fishing village but this is where you can fish for your own dinner at a Kukup Kelong and have a seafood barbecue with great sunset views and fireworks!

Kukup Fishing Village

8.2 Tanjung Piai

Along the Pontian trip, remember to spend some time in nature at either Kukup Island National Park or at Tanjung Piai.

The mangroves here are teeming with wildlife. You can see fireflies here too!

Tanjung Piai

8.3 Pontian Wholesale Fish Market

There’s also the Pontian Wholesale Fish Market where you can have the experience of participating in a bid with other customers for a fresh fish to take home!

8.4 Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

And lastly, there’s Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm where you can go on tours to interact with and feed the many animals at the farm! Give your city-raised kids a new perspective!

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Kota Tinggi

9. Kluang

9.1 UK Farm Johor & Zenxin Organic Farm

With attractions like UK Farm Kluang and Zenxin Organic Farm, Kluang is the ultimate eco-retreat destination!

See how the sheep and goat industry works first hand! And get a better appreciation of how organic vegetables and fruits reach your table at home!

UK Farm Kluang (Goat)

Horse Carte Service at UK Farm Kluang

Farm Tour at Zenxin Organic Farm

9.2 Kluang Famous Local Food

While you are in the area, Kluang Food that you do not want to miss includes beef noodles, awesome flaky Chinese pastries, dim sum and fragrant coffee!

9.3 Mount Lambak (Gunung Lambak)

And if you’re up for challenging hiking in Johor, Mount Lambak will not disappoint! Climb through steep jungle trails to get to the top for a spectacular view of Kluang and the surrounding region!

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Johor Bahru Desaru Legoland Malaysia Mount Austin Mersing Yong Peng Kulai Pontian

10. Kota Tinggi
Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi is a historical town that has a couple of natural gems to check out!

10.1 Firefly Valley Leisure Park

For instance, there is the Firefly Valley Leisure Park which is unique for its firefly walking tours besides the boat tours!

Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

10.2 Kota Tinggi Waterfall

And at the mid-sized natural Kota Tinggi Waterfall, you can cool off at the waterfall amid lush vegetation while listening to the gentle and soothing rumbling of the waterfall!

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

If you like bak kut teh, you must try the delightful broth that Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh serves!

This is also a great place to stop in the morning before you continue your journey to Desaru!

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19 Things To Do in Johor For Singaporeans

Let’s unveil 19 interesting things that Singaporeans do when in Johor. Before travelling to Johor Bahru from Singapore, make sure to change your dollars to ringgit in Singapore, bring your passport and plan your transport to Johor Bahru (JB).

  • Buy groceries at shopping malls or store outlets
  • Buy personal care items at Watsons
  • Car wash, wax, polishing and detailing
  • Buy baby diapers and powder
  • Pump oil
  • Eat Bak Kut Teh
  • Have a seafood feast at Johor best seafood restaurant
  • Indulge in Dim Sum, Chicken Up Johor Bahru and Anne’s Culture
  • Buy cigarette
  • Get all sorts of traditional Chinese or Malay medications
  • Put on braces
  • Making glasses or replace glasses
  • Play paintball (More outdoor activities in Johor, click here: Outdoor Activities In Johor
  • Ride the Go-Kart
  • Go for JB’s unique cafes such as The Factory 30 (JWC) etc
  • Watch the latest movies in TGV, GSC or MBO cinema
  • Satisfy our breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner, supper cravings
  • Get some traditional treatment like acupuncture, massage and spa for various ailments
  • Find the best bargains at Night Market in JB (Pasar Malam)


Transport To Johor Bahru (Private Car Is The BEST Option)

When on day trips to Johor from Singapore, you will need to have affordable, reliable and punctual transport. The need to have good access to all of Johor Bahru’s attractions depends on how easily you find your way there and back.

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Travelling by SGMYTAXI vehicles,

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