IKEA Tebrau Johor Bahru

The 3rd IKEA store in Malaysia lands in Johor Bahru: IKEA Tebrau!

IKEA is always the nation’s favourite furniture shop.

Not merely because of the affordable prices of furniture, but how easily it inspires us the best home decorating ideas and designs.

This is truly a great news because starting from 16 November 2017, we can easily compare the prices of furniture sold between Malaysia and Singapore.

Also, we don’t need to travel far to KL to shop for the cheaper furniture anymore.

Isn’t it great?

Now, let’s check new IKEA Tebrau Johor Bahru store out!

IKEA Johor Bahru (JB)

Set against 46,713 square meters of land, IKEA Johor Tebrau is situated at Jalan Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru. It is next to AEON Tebrau City shopping mall. Since the day it laid its foundation, many have been anticipating for it to open the doors.

IKEA Tebrau View

To bring excitement, the authority confirmed that the store will be opened at 16 November 2017.

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IKEA Tebrau Johor

This is the very first IKEA store in Southern part of Malaysia. The aim of this establishment is to bring a better life to the people living around, with estimate 1.8 million people’s houses are within 1 hour drive from the store.

IKEA Johor

If you are quite fond of Swedish home furnishings, you’ve come to the right place! Functional Swedish furniture can be found everywhere inside the store.

All are delicately designed and most importantly, the prices are affordable to most of the family.

IKEA Tebrau Payment Counters


1. IKEA Johor Bahru Product Categories

Product categories available in IKEA Johor Bahru as listed below:

  • Baby & children products

IKEA Johor (Baby & Children Products)

  • Textiles & rugs

IKEA Johor (Textiles & Rugs)

  • Tools & fittings

  • Lighting

IKEA Johor (Lighting)

  • Tables & Desks

IKEA Johor (Tables)

  • Chairs

IKEA Johor (Chairs)

  • Small storage

  • Cooking

IKEA Johor (Cooking)

  • Decoration

IKEA Johor (Home Decoration)

  • Beds & mattresses

IKEA Johor (Beds & Mattresses)

  • Leisure & safety products

  • Storage furniture

IKEA Johor (Storage Furniture)

  • Sofas & armchairs

IKEA Johor (Sofa & Armchairs)

  • Kitchen cabinets & appliances

IKEA Johor (Kitchen Cabinets & Appliances)

  • TV & media furniture

IKEA Johor (TV & Media Furniture)

  • Mirrors
  • Wireless charging
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Eating
  • Bathroom storage
  • Clothes storage
  • Mirrors


2. Anchored To Shopping Centre

A shopping centre – Ikano shopping centre is integrated to the IKEA Tebrau. Together, the IKEA store and shopping centre will eventually create a wonderful retail destination. You can shop, play and even dine at this beautiful place.


3. Offering Job Opportunities

With rapid urbanisation, IKEA Johor Bahru will offer many permanent job opportunities in supply businesses and local services. If you’re interested working in these areas, you can go for interview too!


How To Go To IKEA Johor From Singapore

1. Private Car/Taxi From Singapore To IKEA Johor


  • A direct ride service from Singapore to IKEA Johor.
  • Smooth ride with comfortable fleets provided.
  • Can accommodate up to 7 passengers.
  • Does not need to get off the vehicle to clear immigrations.


  • Expensive if travel alone or in small group.

Recommended for:

  • Family with children or elderly.
  • Large group of friends.

Price Range:

  • SGD$90 – SGD$100 per fleet.


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They aim at providing a pleasant travelling experience. Hence, all fleets (7 to 10 Seater MPV Car) provided are well-maintained. Experienced and well-trained drivers picking you up at your doorstep from any location in Singapore to IKEA Johor Bahru.

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13 Things You Don’t Know About IKEA Malaysia

  • The first two word of IKEA, “I’ and “K”, stands for Ingvar Kamprad. This is the name of the IKEA founder, one of the wealthiest person in the world. The “E” and “A” however stands for Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd. Elmtaryd is the farm Kamprad grew up to while Agunnaryd is his hometown in South Sweden.

IKEA Johor Malaysia

  • All products in IKEA are named instead of numbering them. This is because the founder, Kamprad is suffered from dyslexic.

  • Since 2000, IKEA has lowered its operating expenses by 2 to 3 percent per annum. It means the operating efficiency has increased gradually. For instance, IKEA Cheras and IKEA Damansara uses boards to show direction instead of sticking tapes (arrow sign) on floor which need to be replaced once it wears off.
  • IKEA Malaysia has a bigger small space floor plan (75 square meters) compared to the stores in overseas (normally 22, 35 and 55 square meters).

IKEA Johor (Space Small Plan)

  • In IKEA Malaysia, be alert to the colour red! They always put the furniture on sales on a red corner. Though some sales items might not be placed on the red corner, but those on the red corner normally has bigger sales.

IKEA Johor (Red Corner)

  • IKEA treats staff equally and everyone treats one another like family. Only name is printed on the IKEA staff’s name card. Their position is not printed on it.

  • Fika culture is practiced in IKEA. This is a social practice where all staff of IKEA gather to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee during break.
  • IKEA offers you 100 days to test the mattress you bought. If you are not satisfied with it, you can just return it back.

IKEA Johor (Furniture & Kitchenette)

  • Everything in the showcase room can be tried. It means you can sit and lie down on their sofas and mattress.

IKEA JB Malaysia

  • If you buy the kitchenette, they will give you a 25 years guarantee.

IKEA Johor (Kitchenette)

  • In 1996, the first IKEA store in Malaysia was opened in 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Later in 2003, it was moved to Mutiara Damansara store.
  • IKEA Damansara was proud to be the second most-visited-store in the world in 2004.

  • IKEA Tebrau Johor Bahru is IKEA largest store in South-East Asia about 10% bigger than IKEA Cheras and about 70% bigger than IKEA Damansara. The restaurant in IKEA Tebrau can accommodate up to 750 diners while IKEA Cheras & Damansara can accommodate up to 800 diners and 500 diners respectively. Also, IKEA Cheras is the first IKEA in Malaysia to have Glass house. It is a place to display live and artificial plants.

IKEA Tebrau (Largest IKEA Store in South-East Asia)


What To Eat In IKEA Johor

1. IKEA Restaurant

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, there’s always something at IKEA Restaurant that can satisfy your appetite! All food is prepared in the most organic way and even the prices are affordable too.

Delicious Meatballs & Food at IKEA Johor

If you look through the menu, you will notice that most of the dishes are prepared in Swedish style. However, to leave everyone satisfied, local specials are offered as well. One of the iconic dishes is the IKEA meatballs. Big, tasty, and rich in protein.

For children, many healthy and tasty dishes are offered in kid’s menu. Besides providing high chairs, entertainment such as TV is also provided at children’s corner. They even provide microwave oven to warm up the milk bottles!

2. IKEA Bistro

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy some vanilla ice-cream at IKEA Bistro after meal. It’s way too delicious!


List of IKEA Stores In Malaysia

1. IKEA Cheras

State: Kuala Lumpur

Address: No. 2A Jalan Cochrane, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-7952 7575
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9:30am – 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays: 9:30am – 11:00pm
Date of Establishment: 19th November 2015
Store Floor Area Size: 42,000 square meters


2. IKEA Damansara

State: Selangor

Address: No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-7952 7575
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9:30am – 10:00pm
Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays: 9:30am – 11:00pm
Date of Establishment: Year 2003
Store Floor Area Size: 27,000 square meters


3. IKEA Tebrau

State: Johor Bahru

Address: 33, Jalan Harmonium, Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru, 81100 Johor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Friday to Saturday & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 11:00pm
Date of Establishment: Year 2017
Store Floor Area Size: 46,713 square meters


3. IKEA Batu Kawan

State: Penang

Address: 752, Persiaran Cassia Selatan 8, 14110 Bandar Cassia, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10:0am – 10:00pm
Date of Establishment: Year 2019
Store Floor Area Size: 43,600 square meters


IKEA Tebrau Johor Bahru Map

Google Map: https://bit.ly/2GyJchL