Desaru Fruit Farm

Are you, at this moment looking for a short weekend getaways from Singapore for your family holidays?

Been thinking about heading up to Johor but not sure what to do in JB?

Does an environmentally conscious, educational destination spark interest in you?

How about spending your holiday surrounded by nature?

If you’ve just agreed on all these questions, we’ve got a great eco farm in Johor Bahru to share with you.

1. Desaru Fruit Farm

Don’t worry what can you do when visiting Desaru! Desaru Fruit Farm is one of the best choices!

It has been in operations for over 10 years, endorsed by the board of Tourism Malaysia and has been recognized for its efforts relating to agro-cultural practices and conservation.

The farm has been developed to contain more than 100 species of fruits trees and plants, along with some animals in the petting zoo, a paintball activity space and a go-kart track as well.

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Desaru Fruit Farm Johor

You may be hesitant in thinking an agro cultural destination would be less of an adventure, but until you’ve given it a try you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the fun you can have while discovering agriculture and nature through education.

Surely this is an area we can all benefit from as city life rarely gives us an opportunity to truly appreciate all our local tropical fruit tree species and plants.

Covering a vast area of 180 acres in Johor, it is an agro-tourism site that promotes nature and conservation through education and has been awarded for various agro tourism efforts in the past.

Still a known spot for visitors seeking an alternative get away from the city, Desaru Fruit Farm in Kota Tinggi Johor is great for kids and adults, as all will learn all about agricultural practices, various fruits, plants and trees.


2. Desaru Fruit Farm Agro Tourism

An agro educational trip appeals to visitors seeking a low impact, green and nature conscious holiday while gaining some insight into fruits we regularly consume.

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Desaru Fruit Farm Agro Tourism

Visitors will learn about the agricultural industry, the impact of consumption cycles and sustainability efforts.

Taking a tour of the farm and fruit orchards in Desaru Fruit Farm, visitors are able to recognize, taste fresh fruit right from their tree or plant with the many guides on site as they share with you their knowledge and expertise on each fruit species.


3. 10 Things To Do In Desaru Fruit Farm

For visitors at all ages to appreciate the farm in its entirety, we’re listing all the areas of attractions available at Desaru Fruit Farm so you’ll able to maximize your time when you visit.

If you’re most looking forward to certain fruits here, do look up the season before you travel here to make sure you’ve visiting in the right months.

Do allow ample time for the full experience in the farm to visit these areas below.

3.1 Visit Herbal & Vegetable Garden

This section of the farm is next to the fishpond, and visitors can learn to recognize the various herbs, and the use of these in our everyday life from cooking, to healing.

Visitors are allowed to touch and smell the herbs in the garden, as they learn more about crop rotations from the guide.

Herbal Garden in Desaru Fruit Farm

In this garden visitors can touch and smell fresh local herbs and vegetable such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Cat’s Whiskers
  • Lemongrass
  • Basil
  • Betel plant
  • Roselle
  • Stevia plant

Desaru Fruit Farm (Herbs Garden)

3.2 Listen To Honey Talk & Tasting

Close to the front entrance of Desaru Fruit Farm, in a room guests will be educated by a guide on all things honey.

The knowledgeable guide will inform visitors on bee keeping management, raw and processed honey specifics, and at the end of the talk visitors get to taste raw unprocessed fresh honey from the farm. The raw honey here is even safe for diabetics.

3.3 Feed Fish At Fish Pond

In a park setting with a bridge over the pond, visitors get a top view of the fish pond which is home to koi fishes.

Koi Fish Pond In Desaru Fruit Farm

Visitors are not encouraged to feed the fishes on their own, rather with food available from the guides.

Around the fish pond are man-made rocks and landscaping and offer guests a place to sit a while and rest before continuing on to the rest of the farm.

3.4 Feed Animal In Mini Petting Zoo

This mini petting zoo features a range of animals from goats, rabbits, turkeys, pygmy chicken and a few others. Visitors are allowed to pet and feed the rabbits and goats here with vegetables.

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Goat Farm at Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm (Mini Zoo)

3.5 Understand Bio-Farming At Agricultural Gallery

Located in a hall on Desaru Fruit Farm grounds, this gallery serves as an informative area for guests wanting to know more about local agricultural practices and bio-farming.

Info graphic type posters provide visitors with quick bits of information and facts about the agricultural industry, crops, trees and plants.

3.6 Enjoy Fruit Buffet

According to fruits season, guests can take their pick and feast on all the fruits fresh from the farm.

A healthy buffet, fruits are readily cut for visitors and there are also pickled fruits for those wanting something a little sour. A café here also serves up fruit infused dishes from their ala carte menu.

Desaru Fruit Farm Fruit Buffet

Fruits include:
Guava, jackfruit, dragon fruit, passion fruit, watermelon, banana, pineapple, mangosteen, longan, papaya, rose apple, pickles, honeydew, Rambutan, guava, pineapple and many more.

Fruit infused dishes include:

  • Coconut Seafood Tom Yam
  • Passion Fruit Chicken
  • Emperor Chicken With Goji Berries
  • Passion Fruit Asam Pedas Stingray
  • Pineapple Sweet And Sour Prawns
  • Banana Cooked With Local Spices With Coconut Milk
  • Fried Cempedak Fritter From The Work
  • Stir Fried Four Angle Beans
  • Fresh Papaya Chicken Soup
  • Shredded Papaya With Seafood
  • Deep Fried Squid With Red Dragon Fruit
  • And many more

3.7 Eat All-You-Can During Durian Season & Buffet

The durian buffet at Desaru Fruit Farm is dependent on the durian season, which is typically mid-year from end June until August annually.

Guests who make it in time for durian season can eat their hearts out from the buffet with durian dishes available such as fried durian fritters.

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Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm Durian

3.8 Play Paintball To Enhance Your Shooting Skill

A section of the farm is dedicated to outdoor activities for adrenaline junkies. First up is the paintball war game where visitors get to battle friends and family and emerge champions! Players hire a full face mask, a paintball gun, torso protector, and paintball pallets.

Desaru Fruit Farm Paintball War Games

There’s a certified paintball marshal on the grounds at all times to ensure the safety of players. Additional pallets are available for sale, and for smaller kids there’s the option of paintball target practice.

3.9 Dirt Kart Ride

Another activity for the adrenaline seeker is the dirt kart ride. Drivers here make laps of 5, tackling the dirt course around bends and turns, speeding till the finish line.

Dirt Karting at Desaru Fruit

Race with other drivers on the track, or wait for the current race to cease, and then start a new race against family and friends. The track can accommodate up to six drivers at any one time.

3.10 Buy Fresh Fruit In Mini Mart & Fruit Shop

Don’t forget to pick up some fresh fruit to bring home at the mini mart before you leave the farm. Fresh fruits from the farm are readily cut and packaged, and you can also buy raw honey and bottled fruit juices here along with other local produce.

Fruit Shop at Desaru Fruit Farm

4. Desaru Fruit Farm Tour Package

To get the most out of your time here, you may want to consider taking up some of the packages that’s offered by Desaru Fruit Farm. If you’re strapped for time and just have one day to spare, you may want to choose among the day tour packages offered.

The choices for the one day tours are varied and accommodate to different types of visitors. 2 day tour packages are also available for visitors, and while there’s no accommodation on the farms’ property, Desaru Fruit Farm will arrange for nearby accommodation.

Here’s the list of packages available:

4.1 Desaru Fruit Farm Entrance Fee

Adult: RM 26.50
Child (3-11 years old): RM21.20

Above rate include fruit farm tour and fruit packet.

4.2 Desaru Fruit Farm 1 Day Tour

1) Package Combo A

  • Fruit Farm Tour
  • Fruit Packet
  • Dirt Kart Ride

Adult: RM47.70
Child (3-11 years old): RM42.40

2) Package Combo B

  • Fruit Farm Tour
  • Fruit Buffet
  • Dirt Kart Ride
  • Lunch (7 dishes)

Adult: RM72.10
Child (3-11 years old): RM63.60

3) Tour With Lunch & Fruit Buffet

  • Fruit Farm Tour
  • Lunch at Desaru Fruit Farm
  • Fruit Buffet

Adult: RM58.30
Child (3-11 years old): RM50.90

*All prices of the packages above are inclusive of GST
*Other tours are available departing from Desaru Fruit Farm to nearby attractions in Kota Tinggi, Desaru and Sungai Rengit. Do enquire within Desaru Fruit Farm at the agricultural gallery or with your guide should you be interested.

4.3 Desaru Fruit Farm 2 Days Tour

Got more than one day to spend more exploring Desaru Fruit Farm? Do take advantage of the overnight tour packages which gives visitors a choice of 2 resorts near Desaru Fruit Farm namely Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Tunamaya Desaru Beach Resort.

Do note that overnight packages (2 days tour packages) transfer mode to and from Singapore is by ferry, and packages includes all land transfers, ferry tickets, accommodation, a tour guide and most meals throughout your stay.

Here is Desaru Fruit Farm 2 Days Tour Package you may want to consider:

Package 1: 2 Days Desaru Farm Stay

  • 1x Breakfast At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • 2x Lunch At Desaru Fruit Farm (7 Dishes + 1 Soup)
  • 1x Seafood Dinner Or BBQ Dinner At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • Fruit Buffet
  • 1x Dirt Kart Ride
  • 1x Paintball War Game
  • 1x High Rope Activities
  • 1x Night Accommodation At Desaru Fruit Farm Stay
  • Desaru Fruit Farm Tour including visiting Fruit Farm, Mini Zoo, Herbs Garden, Vegetables Garden, Bee Farm, Goat Barn and Agricultural Gallery

*Up to date rates are available via enquiries directly to Desaru Fruit Farm
*Full board package add-on include land transfers and ferry tickets

Package 2: 2 Days Desaru Family Fun

  • All Land Transfer
  • 2 Ways Ferry Ticket
  • Tour Guide Service
  • 1x Breakfast Buffet At Desaru beach resort
  • 1x Fruit Buffet At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • 1x Seafood Lobster Meal At Sungai Rengit
  • 1x BBQ Seafood Buffet Meal At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • 1x Night Accommodation At Desaru beach resort
  • Desaru Fruit Farm Tour including visiting Fruit Farm, Mini Zoo, Herbs Garden, Vegetables Garden, Bee Farm, Goat Barn and Agricultural Gallery
  • Ostrich Farm Visit Including Transport
  • Fireflies Cruise In Kota Tinggi Including Transport

Adult: SGD$198
Child (3-11 years old): SGD$178

Package 3: 2 Days Desaru Free & Easy

  • All Land Transfer
  • 2 Ways Ferry Ticket
  • 1x Breakfast Buffet At Tunamaya Desaru Beach Resort
  • 1x Lunch At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • 1x Night Accommodation At Tunamaya Desaru Beach Resort
  • Entrance Fees To Desaru Fruit Farm

Adult: SGD$125
Child (3-11 years old): SGD$115

Optional add-on:

  • Dirt Kart ride at SGD$10/pax
  • Seafood Dinner or BBQ Dinner SGD$40/pax

Package 4: 2 Days Desaru Oyster Farm Stay

  • All Land Transfer
  • 2 Ways Ferry Ticket
  • Tour Guide Service
  • 1x Night Accommodation At Desaru Oyster Farm Resort
  • 1x Breakfast At Desaru Oyster Farm Resort
  • 2x Lunch At Desaru Fruit Farm
  • 1x Hi-Tea At Desaru Oyster Farm Resort
  • 1x Seafood Dinner At Desaru Oyster Farm Resort
  • Desaru Fruit Farm Tour Including Visiting Fruit Farm, Mini Zoo, Herbs Garden, Vegetables Garden, Bee Farm, Goat Barn And Agricultural Gallery

Adult: SGD$228
Child (3-11 years old): SGD$208


5. How To Go To Desaru Fruit Farm From Singapore

Desaru Fruit Farm is located in Kota Tinggi towards the east coast of Johor state. It is takes roughly 2 hours 40 minutes to Desaru Fruit Farm from Singapore.

There are 2 transport options to reach Desaru Fruit Farm from Singapore. I’m going to share with you in more detail as below so you’re able to choose which route and transport options suits your travel needs best.

Let check it out!

Click & read more details on how to go to Desaru from Singapore here.

5.1 Private Car To Desaru Fruit Farm From Singapore

The first transport option is by using private car service. I choose SGMYTAXI as they provide excellent private car service and trusted company.

Advantages of SGMYTAXI Private Car Service

  • Traveling in comfort with your family or group without having to drive to Johor from Singapore.
  • No need to get off from the vehicle for clearance in Singapore Checkpoint and Johor Custom.
  • Pick up and drop off points all at your convenience.
  • Bring you and your family or group from anywhere in Singapore you specify to Desaru Fruit Farm in Johor and return.
  • Spacious MPVs navigated by experienced and friendly drivers.
  • Affordable rates with no hidden charge.


With SGMYTAXI, passengers can travel peacefully and rest in comfort especially long journey.

Traveling by private car is recommended for visitors planning a day trip and travelers with a large group. You are advised to book the private car service in advance to Desaru Fruit Farm.

The journey by private car takes approximately 90 minutes depend on traffic conditions and location of departure point in Singapore. Traveling by private car doesn’t require guests to make an early start because you can choose what time to pick you up and also preferred pick up location.

Reserve online now to get your private car service with SGMYTAXI for your coming vacation. For any enquiries, feel free to Whatsapp to get the quote.

5.2 Ferry + Coach Transfer To Desaru Fruit Farm From Singapore

Another transport option would be ferry + coach or minivan transfers from Singapore to Desaru Fruit Farm.

You can book ferry tickets yourself via online, or opt to book via Desaru Fruit Farm website. The ferry and coach tickets are included in overnight tour packages which are available for purchase online through Desaru Fruit Farm website.

Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal Johor

The ferry ride is a short 25 minutes, from Singapore Changi Terminal to Tanjong Belungkor in Johor.

For convenience, book directly with Desaru Fruit Farm or purchase Desaru Fruit Farm tour packages at Changi Ferry Terminal with the ferry operator, as it will save you the hassle of looking for land transfer once you arrive at Tanjong Belungkor Terminal. Ferry tickets are included in tour packages too, making for easy and seamless transfer.

For ferry schedule between Changi Ferry Terminal (Singapore) & Tanjong Belungkor Ferry Terminal (Johor), ticket price & where to book details -> click here: Changi Ferry Terminal Ferry Schedule

Once arrived in Tanjong Belungkor Ferry Terminal, a coach or minivan will be standing by to bring you and your family or group to Desaru Fruit Farm. This leg of the journey takes around half an hour.

Desaru Fruit Farm
Address: Desaru Fruit Farm, 92, 82200 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +607-822 5886 / +6012-772 1817
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm (Daily)