Packages In Tioman Island

Have you been tirelessly searching for the perfect Tioman Island packages and it ends with mountains of results that is hard to pick the one you want?

Well, search no more as you’ve come to the right place!

Either you’re newly-wed and want a romantic experience with your partner or a trip away from the mundane city or to learn how to scuba dive for the first time- we have it all!

Here, we have a whole range of holiday packages for you, your family and friends to choose from that will make you return to this island again!

1. Tioman Island Package

Each of the packages is usually full board which includes food and accommodation, so you need not worry about looking for food in the middle of the day. Everything is planned for you unless you prefer a different package.

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Apart from the packages, do take note there is extra fee for every tourist that is not included.

  • Marine Conservation Fee
  • Johor National Park Fee
  • Tourism Tax Fee MYR 10 per room per night

There are so many types of packages to suit your needs. So, let’s check out the types of Tioman Island packages that’s install for us.

1.1 2D1N Tioman Island Packages

Only have a night to spare at the islands? Is okay, we got you covered. Do note that 2D1N trips are usually tight and everything will be a rush.

Even for a night you can still spend your time indulging in the extensive facilities provided by the hotels, frolicking in the sun and even collect seashells at the sea.

  • Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort 2D1N Leisure Package
  • Sun Beach Resort 2D1N Leisure Package
  • Minang Cove Resort 2D1N Leisure Package

If you want to get close to nature under the sea, you can opt for a snorkelling package that is provided by the resort.

  • Salang Indah Resort 2D1N Snorkelling Package
  • Sun Beach Resort 2D1N Leisure Package


1.2 3D2N Tioman Island Packages

3 days 2 nights is usually the best choice to enjoy a beach getaway by just having enough time to explore the island and still manage to recharge. Most tourists choose this package.

More details about 3D2N itinerary, click here -> 3D2N Singapore To Tioman Island Full Itinerary

For those choosing this package, you’ll get the chance to go hiking, explore the rainforest, and snorkel at different snorkelling sites. Of course, more things to do in Tioman Island and more time to enjoy!

  • Berjaya Tioman Resort 3D2N Snorkelling Package
  • Tioman Beach Resort 3D2N Snorkelling Package
  • Paya Beach Spa Resort 3D2N Snorkelling Package
  • Tioman Sun Beach Resort 3D2N Snorkeling Package
  • Tioman Salang Indah Resort 3D2N Snorkeling Package
  • Tioman Juara Mutiara Resort 3D2N Snorkeling Package
  • The Barat Tioman Beach Resort 3D2N Snorkeling Package

More details about packages, click here -> Tioman packages


1.3 4D3N Tioman Island Package

If you have a lot more days to spare before heading back to work or school, why not spend an extra day in the island. You can have a relaxing day at the spa, stargaze with your loved ones or indulge in the luxury facilities provided by the hotel.

There’s of course more things to try, like;

  • ATV,
  • Fishing,
  • Kayaking,
  • Parasailing,
  • Visiting the Turtle Hatchery
  • Jet ski

However, these water sports activities are not included in the package and are charged separately.


1.4 Tioman Free And Easy Package

Do you prefer a more laid back vacation that everything moves at your own pace? Time is at your own hands and you plan your own trip however you want it to.

Although you can plan your trip as you wish, two-way transportation,accommodations sometimes even meals are provided to ease your mind. So just kick-back relax and enjoy the fun in the sun.

  • Japamala Resort by Samadhi Free And Easy Package
  • Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort Free And Easy Package


1.5 Tioman Island Honeymoon Package

Lovebirds, when was it the last time you had a romantic lunch or dinner for two? To look into each other eyes and feel that spark again? How about the newly-weds, why not make the most memorable experience for your first honeymoon?

Relax and unwind in a specially decorated chalet filled with flowers and have candlelight dinner under the moonlight. Evoke your passionate moment with your loved ones with this honeymoon packages in Tioman Island.

  • 3D2N Berjaya Tioman Resort Honeymoon Package
  • 3D2N Tioman Paya Beach Resort Honeymoon Package
  • 3D2N Tioman Sun Beach Resort Honeymoon Package
  • 3D2N Tioman Tunamaya Beach Resort Honeymoon Package

Most of the packages are 2 nights so that you can have an unforgettable memory, as one night is never truly enough! Plus, some packages offer couple spa, romantic candlelight dinner, snorkelling trip and even a special gift. Though, it varies with different resorts.


1.6 Tioman Island Family Package

Bring your children to a whole lot of weekend fun in the sun, especially snorkelling. It is fun and educational! This is the opportunity to have some family bonding time.

The packages offered mostly include snorkelling as that’s one of the main activities in Tioman Island, because what’s more fun than snorkelling together as a family! Also, snorkelling is really simple as well as child-friendly.

  • 3D2N Tioman Salang Pusaka Resort Snorkeling Package
  • 3D2N Tioman Coral Reef Resort Full Board Package

Don’t forget that the packages are more expensive during weekends, school holidays and public holidays. So, check out the prices before you book.


2. Singapore To Tioman Island Package

2.1 Private Car From Singapore To Tioman Island Package

There are so many transport options from Singapore to Tioman Island, here we’ve suggested the options for you.

So, how do you get to Tioman Island without the worries of rushing for bus schedules or having the problem of lugging your luggage out of the vehicle when crossing the Johor-Singapore immigration clearance?

Have you heard of SGMYTAXI private car service? It is one of the best services and highly rated in Singapore to serve to transport tourist from Singapore to any destination in Johor and vice versa.

SGMYTAXI Private Car To Tioman Island (Mersing Jetty)

Well, if you think that is hard to believe, let’s find out what makes SGMYTAXI the great choice of transportation.

  • Time is at your hand as you choose the time you wish and tell the driver the pick-up location in Singapore.
  • The drivers are experienced, knowledgeable and will bring you to your destination safe and sound.
  • Driver will drop you off at Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.
  • When crossing the Singapore-Malaysia custom clearance, you can still sit inside the car unlike taking the bus.
  • There is enough space for luggage
  • The car is really spacious as it can fit 10 people.
  • Suitable for a small group of friends and families.
  • No extra charges or pre-payment when booking for a car.

They give their best to provide an excellent service to suit all customers.

We only provide land transport from Singapore to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty and vice versa but from the jetty, you have to arrange your own transport (ferry) to Tioman Island, including the packages too.

Contact us or book online to hire a MPV Private Car now!


2.2 Coach From Singapore To Tioman Island Package

While you may think it is impossible to get to Tioman Island without any hassle of changing transportation? We got you covered.

Two coach companies, WTS Travel and Discovery Tours includes bus and ferry tickets to and fro Tioman Island. This really save you the trouble from getting a ferry ticket at the last minute when you arrive at the jetty!

For WTS Travel & Tours, the departure point is at Singapore Flyers while Discovery Tours depart at Bugis MRT Station. Both departures are really early at 6:30am.


Discovery Tours offers coach and ferry package to Paya Beach Resort and Berjaya Tioman Resort with 3D2N stay at the resorts.

On your way back from Tioman Island, you’ll take the ferry to Mersing Jetty which usually takes about 1.5 hours depending on tidal condition. You can check out here for Tioman Ferry Schedule. The coach will be waiting at the jetty to bring you back to Singapore.


2.3 Flight From Singapore To Tioman Island Package

Although it is much convenient to fly, however there are no longer flights from Singapore to Tioman Island.

Singapore to Tioman Island By Flight


3. Tioman Island Hotel & Resort Package

The hotels and resorts in Tioman Island offers many exciting packages to suit every tourist either a spa package, a free and easy package or family package. Check out their main websites for more information.


4. Tioman Island Diving & Snorkelling Package

Snorkelling and diving are the few main highlights to have fun in Tioman Island. Most packages provided by resorts are mainly snorkelling. However if you wish for a diving package that includes full board, do check out the best resorts below.

4.1 Tioman Island Diving Package

Want to see the corals and swim up close with Angelfish, Stingrays, Butterfly fish and maybe even Sharks and Turtles?

Get yourself a diving course or if you’re a diver, go explore the beautiful dive sites and shipwrecks. It is a wonderful visual experience to witness under the sea!

  • Paya Beach & Spa Resort 3D2N Dive Packages
  • The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Dive Packages
  • Tioman Dive Resort Dive Packages

diving in tioman island

Do note that not all resorts provide a full board dive package. Dive centres provide a wider selection of dive packages but you may need to find your own lodgings. Check out the tips in Tioman Island Diving.


4.2 Tioman Island Snorkelling Package

If diving isn’t your thing, snorkelling will also let you explore life under water, but just not as close as diving.

snorkeling at tioman

There’s plenty of snorkelling packages with lodgings and food included and even snorkel equipment that you wouldn’t need to prepare on your own. Just bring yourself with a healthy body and a happy soul.

  • Berjaya Tioman Resort 3D2N Snorkelling Package
  • Salang Indah Resort 2D1N Snorkelling Package
  • Sun Beach Resort 2D1N Snorkelling Package
  • Paya Beach Resort 3D2N Snorkelling Package


5. Tioman Island Package From Kuala Lumpur

Some tour packages do not include coach + ferry from Kuala Lumpur (KL). The ground transport (coach/car) is usually covered by yourself except ferry from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island.

Not to worry, transport from KL to Mersing is really easy! There are two popular coaches that goes to Mersing Bus Terminal daily, which is Transnasional and S&S International Express.

Terminal Bus Mersing

Image credits:

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Don’t fret, we know some tour agency that include both ground and ferry transport. This website offers a few range of tour packages that will bring you directly to Mersing Bus Terminal. From there, just hop onto a taxi to Mersing Jetty.

Alternatively, Sanwa Express scheduled coaches directly to Tanjung Gemok Jetty from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan- a bus terminal in KL.


6. Tioman Island Package From Johor Bahru

Getting to Mersing from Johor Bahru (JB) is so much shorter distance than any other states.

A bus ride from Larkin Sentral only takes about 2 hours. There are quite a few bus companies scheduled to Mersing Bus Terminal.

  • Plusliner
  • S&S International Express
  • Transnasional
  • Causeway Link

Bus To Mersing Bus Terminal

Unfortunately, there isn’t any tour package that pick-up from Larkin Sentral to Mersing Jetty plus ferry ride.

You have to make your own arrangement to the Jetty either by driving or a bus. Once you arrive at Mersing Jetty, then you can catch a ferry that is included in the tour package.

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7. Tioman Island Fishing Package

Get your rod and reel ready, as we’re going on a fishing adventure! Let’s try something far different from the norm at Tioman Island. Instead of basking in the sun, why not test your fishing skill in catching Black Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish and King Mackerel?

Magic Billfish Charters is one of the experience game fishing charters that let you enjoy fishing in Kuala Rompin.

  • Charter a boat for a fishing day trip inclusive of resort transfer and fishing equipment but lodgings are not included.


  • Book a full board package, you get to stay in Tunamaya Resort inclusive of resort transfer to and fro boat fishing trips.

fishing at tioman

Do check out some tour packages as they include cheaper chalet for 2D1N fishing trip or even better, to stay on board the boat! The experience is phenomenal!

We believe is never easy to search for the kind of vacation you wanted, either guided tours or leisure tours. From all these packages that we’ve listed out, we hope you get to find the one you’re looking for!

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