Cataferry New Alternatives To Tioman Island

There’s a new double hull catamaran that brings passengers from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island.

That would be none other than Cataferry!

This ferry operator caters to not only fetch passengers to and from the island safely but includes all the extra benefits that makes it special.

This ferry has recently been the talk of the town among the locals and tourists.

It is the newest addition in the charter services with better quality and facilities that is worth every dollar.

Wondering why you should choose Cataferry as your next ferry transport to Tioman Island?

Continue reading to find out more- who knows you will be packing your bag right this instance!

About Cataferry

Cataferry is a brand new catamaran ferry that offers comfort, ample spaces and also stability in the rough waters.

The design of the catamaran is of two hulls rather than one which provide excellent stability and reduces drag so passengers can have a wonderful experience of sailing in the sea without any worry.


Not forgetting there are so many seats available from premium, economy to sun deck seats.

You can get to enjoy the view of the sea, the wind in your face and probably a bit of sun tanning while you opt for the sun deck seats.

It is the great choice to travel to Tioman Island.

Cataferry To Tioman Island Route

Cataferry sets off from Tanjung Gemok Jetty in Pahang and makes it ways to Tioman Island in about 2 hours, depending on which jetty you stop at.

Ferry To Tioman Island Route Map

There are 5 Jetties in the Island that the Cataferry will make its stop for passengers to alight and get on board.

  • Genting Pier
  • Payar Pier
  • Tekek Pier
  • Air Batang
  • Salang Pier
  • Mukut Pier
  • Juara Pier

Do make sure you know where the nearest pier to your accommodation is.

This is because some hotels are deep inside the Island, and the hotels will provide their own ferry to fetch you from the 5 main pier.


Why Choose Cataferry

There is also another ferry called BW Ferry that caters to bring passengers to and from Tioman Island.

BW Ferry is pretty popular and everyone knows and book with them but not many are familiar with Cataferry, the alternative option to ride.

If you have not heard about Cataferry, then this is the best time to find out why you should choose this ferry and the ideal choice to travel!

Cataferry Malaysia

Here are the reasons why:

  • Clean and new ferry
  • Sturdy ferry with two hulls to brace the rough seas
  • There are premium and economy seats for you to choose
  • Secure seating with seat numbers (no free seating)
  • Do not fight with another passenger over empty seats
  • Ample leg room
  • Simple booking procedure with no hidden cost
  • Arrive and depart on time when the sea is calm
  • Plenty of space for luggage
  • Staff are attentive and take action swiftly to care for passengers who are seasick
  • Briefing of safety measures before departing
  • Getting off and on the ferry is hassle-free and well-organized

Comparison Between Cataferry & BW Ferry

There are many different traits in terms of services, timing, and also assurances that conclude which ferry is providing a better choice for passengers.

Here, we have summarized everything for an easier insight of both ferries.

CataferryBW Ferry
Brand new ferryOld ferry
Need to arrive at the Jetty 20 mins before departureNeed to arrive at the Jetty 60-90 mins before departure
Able to rest at boarding hall and wait to boardNeed to queue up to get the boarding pass
Every ticket sold is guaranteed a seatTicket doesn’t guarantee a seat
Wider seat and a lot of leg roomSmall seat and body contact with another passenger
Overhead luggage compartment is provided to store luggageAll luggage are stack up in a place that is far from passengers
Able to stay connected online most of the timeLoss of internet signal at middle of the sea
Get to walk around the ferry to explore and enjoy the viewHas to stay in the seat throughout the whole journey
There’s light refreshment in the ferryNothing to have
Not overloadedMight overload during peak season
Trained cabin crew to serve passengersNo such service
Depart on timeMostly delay
Schedule as per publishedSchedule subject to weather and tide level
Ticket price from RM5Ticket price fix at RM35
Proper seat numberingFree seating
Full time service counter at main jettyCounter only opens when there’s ferry trip
Online service supportNo support from online
95% good reviews from past passengers95% bad reviews from past passengers


Cataferry Tioman Schedule

Remember to always check the schedule so you won’t miss the ferry, because once it departs, you will either have to wait for the next one which is a really long wait or the next day!

Cataferry usually departs from Tanjung Gemok Jetty and Tioman Island once or twice a day.

Hence, it is best to check their update schedule before planning.

There’s 2 fixed timing for you to choose.

Cataferry Schedule From Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Island
8:00am, 12:30pm

Cataferry Schedule From Tioman Island To Tanjung Gemok
10:00am, 2:00pm

Check out the schedule here so you can manage and plan your time properly. Do note that you have to arrive early to collect your boarding pass.

Looking for updated Tioman ferry schedule either from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty, click here: Tioman Ferry Schedule


Cataferry Fares & Ticket Prices

Similarly with an airplane, this Cataferry has the option of choosing your preferred seats. So you can opt for the premium seats with more space and reclining chairs or the standard economy seat at a cheaper price.

The economy seat has great comfort too but it is not as spacious and there are about 100 seats in the whole area. Basically, it can be noisy when is crowded!

However, if you prefer a more relaxing journey, the premium seat could be yours with just an extra fee.

There are only 28 numbers of seats in the premium deck and you get the greatest comfort, noise-free and a great view of the captain sailing the boat. A luxurious 2 hours ride, is worth it!

Ticket price for Economy Seats:
From MYR5

Note: Economy seat price for adult and child will go up during peak season.

Ticket price for Premium Seats:
From MYR80 (adult)
From MYR60 (child)

Note: Premium seat price for adult and child will go up during peak season.


How To Book Cataferry Ticket Online

Booking for a Cataferry ticket online has never been this simple. Here we have listed down the step-by-step basic on how to book tickets from Cataferry website. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

1. Search for to lead you directly to their website.

2. You will immediately see the ‘Search Tioman Ferry Ticket Online’ box on the homepage. Click on your preferred departure location, the destination, choose either return or one way, choose your date and number of people. Finally, click the search button.

Cataferry Booking Search Process

3. The page then opens to the seat selection. From here, you can see the price differences on different days. You can then select your preferred time and seats.

Cataferry Booking Seats Selection

4. Next, choose your seats by clicking on the seat number.

Cataferry Booking Seats Number Selection

5. From here, you need to fill in your personal details. Also, don’t forget to check the box below.

Cataferry Booking Personal Details Filling Process

6. More information to be filled; your contact details, billing information, emergency contact, pick-up and drop-off point. In the end, check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Cataferry Booking More Details Filling Process

Cataferry Booking Emergency Contacts Filling Process

7. Make payment online via credit card, online banking, eWallet or PayPal.

Cataferry Booking Payment Process

Take a visual look at the tutorial to better understand the process.


Features of Cataferry (Highlights)

You have already learned the reasons for choosing Cataferry but what more is there to this already amazing ferry? The features and facilities they offer will blow your mind! Read on!

1. Cataferry Interior Features

  • LED mood-lighting are added inside the ferry to allow relaxing ambience so passengers can enjoy the ride pleasantly

Cataferry LED Lightings

  • Get yourself cooled inside the ferry with their centralised air-conditioning system
  • Kids can learn some knowledge on underwater activities on board the ferry
  • Overhead luggage compartment is provided for that carry-on luggage

Cataferry Overhead Luggage Compartment

  • Mobile service is still available even though you’re in the middle of the sea as they provide mobile booster system for you to stay connected.
  • Light snacks and drinks are available

Cataferry Snacks Area


2. Cataferry Safety

Safety is their top priority! They ensure sufficient safety measures surrounding the ferry so that passengers feel safe while riding.

  • Lifejacket is provided beneath every seat in the main deck
  • There are 4 numbers of life raft that includes food and basic medical supply
  • A rescue boat is ready to deploy in case of emergency

3. Cataferry Seatings

Two types of seating require payment while the outdoor bench at the sun deck is complimentary for passengers to get a full 360 degrees view of the sea without any hindrance.

Cataferry Outdoor Deck

Economy and premium seats are booked online together with the choice of seat (front, rear, aisle or window seat) and payment is settled online as well.

Cataferry Seatings

The economy seats are basic with 149 stylish seats provided on the main deck while premium seats only have 28 seats.


Cataferry At Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Cataferry only departs from Tanjung Gemok Jetty, so you must make your own way there via land transport; either by bus, cab or self-drives. It is really convenient!

Cataferry at Tanjung Gemok Jetty

How To Get To Tanjung Gemok Jetty From Singapore

Tanjung Gemok Jetty is actually in between Endau and Rompin which may take quite a while to reach there, but no fear! There are coaches and private taxi caters to bring passengers all the way to Tanjung Gemok directly.

1. Private Taxi To Tanjung Gemok Jetty From Singapore

SGMYTAXI is catered to bring tourist to Tanjung Gemok Jetty from anywhere in Singapore with ease and less hassle. They have been providing this service for years thus making it one of the leading brand in the city.

The drivers are remarkable in ensuring the safety of passengers and the knowledge of the road systems plus arriving at the destination in the shortest time possible has garnered many positive reviews.


Baggage and passengers do not need to hop out of the vehicle when crossing the Singapore-Johor immigration centre which makes it so convenient and relax that you can even fall asleep during the whole journey!

This private taxi service seems unbelievable right? Why not BOOK NOW to get the private taxi service and enjoy your trip!


2. Coach To Tanjung Gemok Jetty From Singapore

There are many coach services to bring passengers from Singapore to Tanjung Gemok Jetty. Although not as convenient as private taxi because there is a fix departure time and location, passengers need to make their own way there.

Bus To Cataferry Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Also, passengers will need to alight the bus together with their luggage when crossing the immigration centre. This is more suited for solo, couples and budget travellers.

Here, we’ve listed out the coach services that get to Tanjung Gemok Jetty from Singapore including the schedules and price list.


Tanjung Gemok Jetty Location

Tanjung Gemok Jetty is not too hard to locate, however here’s the exact location for your convenience.

Hotel At Tanjung Gemok Jetty

1. Hotel Jeti Tg. Gemok

Hotel Jeti Tanjung Gemok is the ideal place for a snooze from that tiring road trip and if you missed the ferry, this is a convenient hotel to stay as well. Also, it is only 3-minutes’ walk to Tanjung Gemok Jetty! Eateries are aplenty so you won’t be hungry.

Hotel Jeti Tg Gemok

Price Starting From:
RM 137 @ SGD$46 (include hotel tax & service fee)

Also read: 13 Best & Cheap Hotels In Johor Bahru

Hotel Highlight:

  • Complimentary car park
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Free toiletries
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • 3 minutes walk to Tanjung Gemok Jetty
  • Hot & cold water shower

Hotel Jeti Tg Gemok Room

Good To Know:

  • No Wi-Fi in the hotel
  • The coverage is weak on the 3rd floor of the hotel
  • KFC and 24hours restaurant is right next to the hotel
Hotel Jeti Tanjung Gemok
Address: Jalan Sri Tanjung 1/2, Pusat Pertubuhan Desa Tanjung Gemok, 26820 Kuala Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +609-413 1249


Tips & Trick of Cataferry

Here’s a quick tip from us to you so you will have a wonderful journey riding Cataferry- all stress-free!

  • Get to the check-in counter 1 hour before your departure time
  • Present your online booking confirmation receipt and MYKAD or Passport (Foreigners) while getting the ticket at check-in counter
  • Get to the jetty 30 minutes before the departure time

  • During School Holidays, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and Weekends, it is advisable that you get your boarding pass 90 minutes before departure time
  • Please ensure you get your details correct with the right boarding pass
  • Please make sure your documents are safely back in your hands before you leave the counter
  • The ferry makes its last stop at Tekek Pier
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