Pulau Tioman, Johor

When talking about Johor attractions, you must include Pulau Tioman!

In 1970, Pulau Tioman is proud of being chosen by well-known Time Magazine as one of the most beautiful islands around the world.

The island was founded by Chinese and Arab traders thousand years ago and now it has been developed to the major tourist destinations in Malaysia.

It is surrounded by calm and crystal clear water, but what can you do in Pulau Tioman?

Pulau Island is suitable for thrilling water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing, and snorkelling.

People often choose Pulau Tioman as their short weekend getaways from Singapore and even honeymoon destination!

And in today’s post, I’m going to share all about Pulau Tioman as state below:

How To Go To Pulau Tioman

From Mersing jetty, Tioman Bluewater Express offers ferry services to Salang Village and Genting Village in Pulau Tioman. RM15 is charged for every single trip. Visitors can seek local boat transfer if they plan to go to other villages.

Public coach services and private car services can bring you to Mersing jetty directly. Taking the bus is cheaper and there are many buses that offer the same services.

For private car services, book your trip at SGMYTAXI.com. This is one of the most trusted private car companies in Singapore.

SGMYTAXI Private Car To Tioman Island (Mersing Jetty)

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10 Best Things To Do In Pulau Tioman

Immerse yourself in this tropical wonderland once you step onto Pulau Tioman. Join any of the scuba diving courses around to explore the ocean.

scuba diving in tioman island

You can also get a diving license after joining the training courses. Go snorkelling near the shore or a deeper water area. Alternatively, participate in the fishing trips available.

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Island Hopping at Tioman Island

Visit Turtle Hatchery in Juara Village to gain insights into our environment. Go jungle trekking and head off to the Asah Waterfall to get closer to nature.

stand up paddle in tioman

If possible, bring a telescope for stargazing at night. Once you feel tired, just relax and watch the sunset at any of the beaches.

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Best Beach In Pulau Tioman

Beaches in Pulau Tioman are elegant and peaceful. The soothing atmosphere in Paya Beach Tioman is ideal for complete relaxation. You may take pleasure in their spas for massages and treatments to refresh your minds.

Food enthusiasts should go to Salang Beach Tioman as restaurants around offer exquisite taste of local and international cuisines as well as wonderful sea views.

Salang Beach Tioman

Juara Beach Tioman is a peaceful and quiet beach where exhilarating water sports can be enjoyed to the fullest. For nature lovers, spend the time to visit the turtle sanctuary around.

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As one of the must-go beaches in Pulau Tioman, Monkey Beach Tioman offers various activities and delicious food where you can find lots of tourists around.

The tropical rainforest nearby adds magical charm to Melina Beach Tioman. It welcomes everyone to explore the diversity of wildlife and marine life here.


Best Restaurants On Pulau Tioman

Restaurants in Pulau Tioman are proud of serving diversity of delightful cuisine. Raise your expectations at the Hijau Restaurant that presents Indian food in a unique way.

Santai Bistro Tioman

If you wish to drink beers, enjoy your meals at Santai Bistro where Malay and western cuisines are served. The island boasts an ABCD Restaurant offering barbecued meals including seafood BBQ.

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At Riverside Café, they serve extremely cheap Thai and Malay food that suits budget travellers. Also, dine in Delima Restaurant for finger-licking food with outstanding services.


5 Best Diving Courses In Tioman For Scuba Diving Lovers

1. Tioman Dive Center

Either you’re first-timers or experienced divers, Tioman Dive Center caters to your need by offering courses ranging from beginners to professional one. Guided by PADI certified instructors, safety of students is always their main priority.

The center is situated in Tekek village of the island. They charge their diving packages according to a number of dives. Prices increase with increasing number of dives.

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Tioman Dive Centre

2. Tioman Dive Buddy

Tioman Dive Buddy is located a great distance from Genting Jetty. Nevertheless, its serene environment attracts those who prefer a quiet yet private place.

With their professional instructors, they pride themselves in offering the safest diving courses and some leisure dives. Besides diving courses, the dive centre provides a comprehensive service. They arrange accommodations, meals and even transport for their customers.

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3. DiveAsia Tioman

Inaugurated in 1976, DiveAsia Tioman is the first dive centre that provides formal diving lessons in Pulau Tioman. By offering professional scuba diving courses, they provide you with a top-notch scuba diving experience.

Dive Asia Tioman

These courses are separated into different levels whereas all of them are led by PADI certified instructors. The instructors will teach the students one by one.


4. B&J Diving Centre

There are two diving schools under the management of B&J Diving Centre. One is them is Salang Bay School located in Salang Village and near to the main diving spots.

B&J Dive Centre

For those who prefer quiet places, head off to southern part of Tioman Island for another dive centre. Both of the diving schools offer all available PADI courses and they provide the best diving equipment.


5. AmazingDive

Want to have a diving license that can be used worldwide? Then join PADI Open Water Diver course here that lasts for four days. AmazingDive is perfect for beginners.

This dive centre will introduce scuba-diving to first-timers and guide them step by step in diving process. Divers can learn more about marine ecosystem and coral reefs.

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Best Chalets In Pulau Tioman For A Relaxing Vacation

1. Beach Shack Chalet

Beach Shack Chalet is easily accessible and near to Turtle Sanctuary located in Juara Village. Budget travellers can consider here as they offer simple yet elegant chalet at extremely low room rates.

Beach Shack Chalet Tioman Island

Offering taxi services and airport transfer, the staff aim at making guests feel themselves at home. They also provide a laundry service with additional charges.

Enjoy your meals at the restaurant or coffee shop around the chalet. Guests can also enjoy BBQ dinner as comprehensive BBQ facilities are provided.

Tel: +6011–1612 3986 / +609–419 3106 / +6019–9891 093
Email: beachshacktioman@gmail.com


2. Juara Mutiara Resort Chalet

Strategically located right in the center of Juara Village, Juara Mutiara Resort Chalet requires only 20 minutes to arrive at the airport.

Juara Beach Resort at Tioman Island

Featuring comfortable rooms ranging from twin rooms to quad rooms, all of them come with modern facilities and amenities. Cleaning services such as daily housekeeping and dry cleaning are offered here.

Besides participating in water sports, guests can also enjoy playing dart board and singing karaoke during their stay. Or, watch the latest movie at their TV area (shared lounge) with your dear ones.

Tel: +609–419 3161 / +609–419 3176
Email: shahrol@juaramutiararesort.com / shahrolsani@gmail.com


3. Swiss Cottage Chalet Tioman

This is the leading cottage chalet in Pulau Tioman located near Tekek Village. The charm of Swiss Cottage Chalet is that they offer beachfront accommodations with fabulous sea views and this building blends perfectly into the nature of Tioman Island.

Swiss Cottage Tioman

They offer different low-cost chalets that include terrace rooms, beachfront chalets, and beachfront bungalows. All these accommodations have beautiful furnishings to ensure a pleasant stay.

Tel: +6017–553 0938
Email: enquiries@swiss-cottage-tioman.com


4. Genting Bayu Chalet

Nestled privately in Genting Village, Genting Bayu Chalet requires a 10-minute walk from jetty and you can take in the picturesque surrounding along the journey. All the chalets are made from timber so that it merges with nature.

Genting Bayu Chalet Tioman

The resort features a private beach where guests can enjoy sunbathing, fishing and water sports without disturbing by other visitors. After all day long activities, enjoy delicious meals at their restaurant that serves Malay, Chinese and Western cuisines.

View from Genting Bayu Chalet

Email: gentingbayu@yahoo.com / gentingbayu85@gmail.com
Tel: +609–419 7039 / +6019–606 3269


5. Bamboo Hill Chalets

All the Bamboo Hill chalets are built in traditional Malay style by using varnished wood. The chalets offer a private veranda to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Inside, it comes with private bathroom, tea making facilities and attached mosquito net.

Bamboo Hill Chalets

Featuring a library, guests can prefer reading books when the weather is bad for water sports. When you’re tired of reading and hungry, simply head off to their ABC’s and Nazri’s restaurant for delightful meals in a cosy ambiance.

Email: booking@bamboohillchalets.com
Tel: +609–419 1339


6. Sri Paya Tioman Chalet

Sri Paya Tioman Chalet is within close proximity to the jetty of Tioman Island. Offering traditional wooden chalet, each of them is attached to a private bathroom and air conditioning.

Sri Paya Tioman Chalet

Featured facilities include a dive center that provided professional diving courses and a restaurant that serves flavourful local food. Spend time exploring the village as there are convenience stores, hawker stalls, and many other restaurants around.


Tioman Island Resort

Tioman Island boasts many elegant resorts that provide utmost comfort in nature. The most recommended resort with the most positive feedback is Berjaya Tioman Resort that offers outstanding customer services.

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Pulau Tioman

Located at the hilltop, Island Reef Resort offers wonderful views over the sea and the bay. For budget travelers, you can consider staying in Tioman Paya Resort, Juara Beach Resort, and Tioman Dive Resort.

For a cosy and warm environment, opt for Sun Beach Resort that offers rooms at reasonable prices. Melina Beach Resort and Japamala Resort offer private beach that suitable for those who seek for privacy and tranquillity.

More info, click here: Tioman Island Resort


Best Time To Visit Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman is influenced by monsoon season that causes high tides. The season falls from October to February so avoid visiting Pulau Tioman these few months.

Pulau Tioman welcomes visitors from March to September and the best weather falls in June and July.  


2 Routes For Ferry To Pulau Tioman

Option 1: Mersing To Pulau Tioman

Mersing offers cheap ferry ride to Pulau Tioman with the fare ranges from RM25 to RM35. Blue Water Ferry offers the most reliable services to the island. The trip takes 45 minutes. There are at least two round trips per day but the schedules are all dependent on the tidal conditions.

Click the link below for the latest ferry schedule from Mersing Jetty to Pulau Tioman: Mersing To Tioman Ferry Schedule


Option 2: Tanjung Gemok To Pulau Tioman

Tanjung Gemok Jetty is located at the north part of Mersing and it requires 3 hours ferry ride to Pulau Tioman. Price per ticket costs RM30 to RM40 due to a further distance. However, their services are safe and comfortable. Please take note that ferry services are unavailable during monsoon season.

Click the link below for the latest ferry schedule from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Pulau Tioman: Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Ferry Schedule

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