6 Best Kelong in Johor

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all, away from the city and all the hustle and bustle of modern life?

You may want to spend a few days in the peace and quiet of a place far from your normal haunts.

What you really need is a few days at a Kelong in Johor.

A Kelong is the name given to an off-shore fishing village in Southeast Asia.

In this article, you will find the best Kelongs in the southern province of Peninsular Malaysia, their contacts and how to get there from Singapore and from Johor Bahru.

Fishing Kelong in Johor

1. Poseidon Oysterbay Resort

Poseidon Oysterbay Resort is one of the famous fishing kelong in Johor. It is a floating resort built almost entirely by Chengal Wood. The room rate is RM260 per night which includes transport from Teluk Sengat Jetty, breakfast and taxes.

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Poseidon Oysterbay Resort

With only 2 minutes boat ride from Teluk Sengai Jetty, you can get to Poseidon Oysterbay Resort that sits 1km off the village from Teluk Sengat. For Singaporeans, pick-up cruise can be arranged from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tg. Belungkor Ferry Terminal.

Poseidon Oysterbay Resort Off Teluk Sengat Jetty

The resort boasts 2 floors. The ground floor has an oyster bar and a semi-open dining area. Air conditioned rooms are located at the upper floor and each features a private balcony overlooking the Senai-Desaru bridge, sunset, sunrise and Johor river.

Poseidon Oysterbay Resort View

The resort’s highlight is their high grade oysters produced in their eco-farm, namely Gillardeau tw and Belon yw. Also, the prawns, fish, mussels and crabs which captured nearby are often rated excellent by their guests in terms of freshness and quality.

Poseidon Oysterbay Resort Seafood

Besides that, you can fishing at Poseidon Oysterbay Resort. It is ultimate place for you with friends or with your family to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed weekend.

Fishing at Poseidon Oysterbay Resort

Address: Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi 81920, Johor
Map: https://bit.ly/2qbtNcm
Contact: +6019 – 269 9566

2. Kelong Acheh Mersing

Sometimes all you need is to escape from the city and all its modernism. A trip out of town to Kelong Acheh is just what you need. It is a fishing outpost that is widely known for its untouched charm where you will have a great time to relax and unwind in a serene off-shore resort of its kind.

Kelong Acheh Mersing

The gently rolling waves, the beautiful views, the sea breeze and the amazing sunsets will make this a getaway to remember. This floating resort also offers you some of the best fishing in the whole of Peninsular Malaysia.

Apart from that, you can enjoy the rest of Mersing’s attractions including the clean beach at Pulau Acheh.

East Cost Island Service Agency (JM0191009-U)
4A, Jalan Emas 29, Taman Sri Putri,
Skudai 81300, Johor DarulTakzim.
Contact: +607 – 557 5045 / +6019-777 2684

How To Get To Kelong Acheh Mersing Via Penyabong Jetty

Coming from Singapore, cross the Straits to Johor Bahru, then take the Kota Tinggi highway to Mersing and on to Tg Resang. Proceed to Penyabong and head to the jetty which will be at the end of the road. Park your car there and a 7 minute’s boat ride will get you to the resort.

3. Chia Soon Kelong

This Kelong is set towards the southeast of Johor just after Pulau Tekong. It is fully functional all throughout the year and visitors are always welcome. Due to its excellent location amidst sheltered islands, the Chia Soon Kelong is safe from the monsoons at all times.

Chia Soon Kelong

It is just near the maritime border between Singapore and Malaysia. It is a wonderful getaway from busy city lives and a few days here will clear your mind and give your body the rejuvenation that it needs.

Here you will find magical experiences to relax your body. It is a good place to bond with family and friends as you dip your hooks over the Kelong’s railings.

Contact: +65 – 6492 9203 / +65 – 9616 9883 / +65 – 9671 4721

How To Get To Chia Soon Kelong Via Tg. Pengelih Jetty

You can opt to take a taxi to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. From there, you can take a boat to the Tg. Pengelih Jetty for customs and immigration processing and onward to Chia Soon Kelong. Alternatively, you can take the scenic route through Johor Bahru and onward to Tg Pengelih Jetty; a journey of about 80 or so kilometers and thereafter take a boat to Chia Soon Kelong.


4. Kukup Kelong

Kukup Kelong is a 100 year old off-shore fishing village. It inhabitants are mostly of Chinese origin as it has been for all these years.

Over time, people came to the Kelong for its fresh and delicious seafood and its off-shore location. Soon people came to spend weekends here and chalets to accommodate them were put up.

kukup kelong

You can bring your family or friends here for some time away from their hectic lives. With great accommodation, exotic setting, splendid seafood and sea views to die for, the Kukup Kelong is one place you must visit this year.

Website: http://www.kukupresort.com/reservation.aspx

How To Get To Kukup Kelong

Use the Johor Causeway to cross into Malaysia from Singapore and onwards to Johor Bahru. From this city, use the Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua and join the Lebuhraya Pontian after 15 km. Drive on this road for up to where it joins Jalan Kukup. Drive into town and head for the jetty where a boat will take you to the Kelong.

5. Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing

This is one Kelong that is in Penyabong area. There is a rich variety of fish that can be caught at this site. Being a favorite for people who love to fish, it is usually has a sizeable crowd on weekends and public holidays.

The best thing about it is that you will always have a place to fish despite the crowds and that you can hire fishing equipment from the Kelong management if you did not bring your own.

Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing

There have been reports of people catching fish commonly caught by sport anglers here. You can try your luck too. Even if you are not an ardent fisherman, you will enjoy the experience of getting away from the city and all its hassles.

You will also enjoy the breeze from the sea as well as the great seascapes that are found there. Do not forget to come with your camera for the great pictures that you will take here.

Contact: +6014 – 988 1988

How To Get To Ah Fatt Kelong Via Penyabong Jetty

From Singapore, use the causeway to get to Johor Bahru. From there you take the main road to Mersing to the northeast. From Mersing, drive on to Penyabong Jetty. This city is about 2 hour’s drive from Johor Bahru. From here, it is a 26 kilometer ride to the jetty where you will take a boat to Ah Fatt Kelong.


6. Pulau Kelong Sibu

Pulau Sibu island is well known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise coves and bays. It is within a marine park. The corals are breathtaking as is the swimming and snorkeling. Another of Pulau Sibu’s secrets is the Pulau Kelong.

This is a floating village built on wooden stilts. It was originally a fishing village but now most of what you will find there are visitor facilities.

kelong pulau sibu

Visitors come from Singapore and from all over Malaysia to enjoy the serenity that the Kelong provides. It is the perfect getaways for your family and friends. Accommodation is fine and so are the facilities for fishing, or for people who want to spend a quiet few days on the water away from noise and the daily grind of life.

Contact: +6019 – 705 5507 / +6017 – 777 4933 (Ho Jhia Bin)
Email: scubaplanet@pd.jaring.my

How To Get To Pulau Kelong Sibu

After crossing the Causeway to Johor Bahru, take the Jalan Tun Abdul Razak road and link up with the 3/AH18 highway. Drive on this road towards Mersing but branch off to Jln Tanjung Leman after about 80 kilometers. From here, access the jetty and take a boat ride to Pulau Sibu and onwards to the Kelong.

Kelong Fishing in Selangor, Malaysia

1. Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort

The Banglo Samudra as the Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort is also known as is a good 15 nautical miles from the shore at Sabak Bernam. It is an off-shore paradise for anglers, completely removed from the rest of civilization.

Your companions will be ardent anglers like yourself or people who fancy a trip away from the life on the mainland for some well-deserved days. Sport fishing is the main activity here and visitors from Malaysia, Singapore and further overseas are discovering this hidden gem in the Straits of Malacca.


This resort boasts of 6 splendid suites and 48 standard rooms. There is also a dorm for the more adventurous visitors. At this resort, you will experience the best that sport fishing that the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia has to offer. Here, there is an abundance of snappers, stingrays, senangin, groupers, catfish and many other species.

In this resort, you will also find state of the art meeting rooms, seminar facilities and a great banquet room. There are plenty of other activities to keep the non-anglers busy and refreshed. Your meals here are out of this world because he seafood is fresh every day.

Contact: +6017 – 264 5315 / +6012 – 655 7280 / +6013 – 271 9481

How To Get To Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort

From Singapore, you will have to access the Johor Bahru city and drive on for the next five or so hours. From JB, you will use the Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/AH2/E2 on Route 1 all the way to the ELITE/E6 (Route 54). On this highway you will drive northwest to Jalan Kuala Selangor. Exit on LATAR/E25. Link up with Route 5 at Sungai Besar and head to Sabak Bernam. The resort’s jetty is here and a boat will take you from here for a 20 minute ride to the Kelong.


Private Taxi Service From Singapore To Johor Kelong

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