Woodlands Checkpoint & Tuas Checkpoint Causeway Traffic Camera

How To Check The Traffic Conditions In Singapore

You just need to click any expressway below and get the latest traffic conditions in Singapore now! View all the LIVE traffic cameras on major expressway in Singapore at your fingertips.

1. Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoint

2. Causeway Traffic

3. Tuas Checkpoint

4. Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE)

5. Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)

6. Central Expressway (CTE)

7. East Coast Parkway (ECP)

8. Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE)

9. Kranji Expressway (KJE)

10. Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapura (LINK2)

11. Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)

12. Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

13. Seletar Expressway (SLE)

14. Sentosa Gateway

15. Tampines Expressway (TPE)

16. Lebuhraya Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL)

How To Check The Traffic Condition At Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoint

The traffic condition in causeway Singapore and Malaysia is terrible during weekdays certain period, weekends and public holidays.

In planning your journey across Tuas Second Link or Woodlands Causeway, I would recommend anyone of you update the traffic status by using below app (Trafficiti – Singapore LIVE Traffic Cameras) by download it to your mobile before you head out.

Effortlessly check Johor road conditions before you head out. Available on Android.

Trafficiti.com (Traffic Camera Woodlands Checkpoint, Causeway Traffic, Tuas Checkpoint, Secondlink, Singapore Live Traffic Camera)

Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoint Live Traffic Cameras

Singapore Live Traffic Cameras

It is the best way to avoid traffic jam. Besides that, this tool also able to check for the real-time traffic flow to avoid Woodlands Checkpoint jam & Tuas Checkpoint jam. Many commuters have been using this service and are satisfied with it.

This tool FEATURES include:

  • Displays all the Causeway traffic conditions of the main roads to and from Woodlands Checkpoint.
  • Displays all the Tuas traffic conditions of the main roads to and from Tuas Checkpoint.
  • Provides up-to-date traffic information to help commuters in planning their journey.
  • Detects traffic congestion to avoid frustration of sitting in traffic.
  • Provides traffic alerts regarding the breakdown vehicles and accidents, enabling immediate clearance of these inconveniences.

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LIVE Traffic Woodlands Checkpoint Camera spots as below:

  1. Woodlands Causeway towards Johor and Singapore
  2. Woodlands Checkpoint towards BKE
  3. Woodlands flyover towards checkpoint
  4. Woodlands south flyover
LIVE Traffic Tuas Checkpoint Camera spots as below:

  1. Tuas Second Link
  2. Tuas Checkpoint towards Johor and Singapore
  3. After Tuas West Road

Woodlands Causeway

Also known as Johor-Singapore Causeway, Woodlands Causeway serves as the first cross-border road in linking Singapore with Malaysia.

This 1056m long Causeway is built in 1924 and it connects Woodlands to Johor Bahru, the southernmost city in Malaysia.

Woodlands Causeway

Causeway boasts a railway, 3-lane road and pipes that transfer fresh water into Singapore.

Even though there’s another cross-border road available, majority still prefer to use Causeway.

As a result, traffic jam and noise are quite common here.

Plus, the vehicles emission which causes air pollution has affected the nearby town, especially Woodlands Central Road and Johor Bahru.

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Tuas Second Link

In order to overcome the traffic congestion occurred at Causeway, Tuas Second Link is introduced to public in 1998.

It is a 1920m long bridge connecting western part of Singapore to Gelang Patah, a city in Johor which is also near to Legoland Malaysia in Johor.

Tuas Second Link

Second Link offers smoother traffic compared to Causeway, and hence it takes shorter time to reach the opposite town.

However, Second Link is congested on every Sunday evenings.

This is due to masses of Singaporeans return to their country after spending their lovely weekends in Malaysia.


Woodlands Causeway & Tuas Second Link Traffic

Traffic Camera Woodland Tuas Secondlink and CIQAccording to statistics, more than 300k people and 50k vehicles are travelling across Woodlands Causeway each day.

Most of them are Malaysians who work in Singapore so they need to head to Singapore early in the morning and return back to Malaysia after work.

This leads to massive traffic jam especially at 7-9am on the road entering Woodlands and after 6pm on the road heading Johor Bahru.

Causeway and Tuas Second Link are both congested during weekends and festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Good Friday, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas because both Singaporeans and Malaysians are travelling over for vacations.

If you wish to travel in these periods, do check the traffic conditions before getting on the road.

1. Johor CIQ (from EDL) Live Traffic

2. Tuas Second Link Live Traffic

Useful Tips When Using the Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoints

  • Avoid bringing forbidden items in and out Singapore. Check for those items at www.ica.gov.sg.
  • Always check for validity of passports before getting on road.
  • For foreign-registered cars, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fee of SGD5 and Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee of SGD35 are charged daily. Buy an Autopass Card to pay for these fees and toll charges.
  • ERP fee is charged every time you travel through ERP-priced roads. If you don’t want to pay for fixed ERP fee, install one IU in your car.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and SG Public Holidays, no VEP fee is charged.
  • Autopass Card can be bought at toll office of any checkpoint for SGD10 with SGD4 cash value inside. Maximum top-up value is SGD500. Validity is 5 years.
  • One Autopass Card is restricted to one vehicle.
  • Fill your petrol tank to more than ¾ full or else you are prohibited to leave Singapore.
  • Speed limit on these roads is 110km/hr.


How To Check The Traffic Conditions In Johor Bahru

Terrible traffic jam in Johor Bahru areas occurs at rush hours during weekdays, during weekends and on public holidays.

In order for you to avoid heavy traffic, it is significant to plan your journey wisely beforehand.

I would recommend you to effortlessly check the road conditions by using below app (MBJB Johor Traffic Cameras) by download it to your mobile before you head out.

Effortlessly check Johor road conditions before you head out. Available on Android.

JohorTraffic.com (Live Traffic Camera In Johor Bahru)

This tool puts the traffic cameras around Johor Bahru easily accessible to you. The system will effectively pulls live traffic images from MBJB cameras around Johor Bahru areas.

This enables you to check the real current traffic flow for your convenience and for you to avoid traffic jam.

Johor Bahru Live Traffic Camera

JB Live Traffic Camera

This tool will:

  • Give you relevant information regarding the traffic around Johor Bahru so that you can plan your journey effectively.
  • Detect any vehicles breakdown and accidents which may cause traffic congestion, so that you can choose other alternative path in order to avoid unnecessary waiting and inconveniences.
  • Provide information of traffic conditions live at most of the main roads around Johor Bahru.
LIVE Traffic Camera spots as below:

  1. Tebrau Highway
  2. Kempas Highway
  3. JB to Skudai
  4. City Square & JBCC Komtar
  5. JBCC Komtar
  6. EDL to Permas