Zenxin Organic Farm Johor

Worrying about where to go for a short weekend getaway from Singapore?

Within so many Johor attractions, we sincerely want to tell you that a day trip Zenxin Organic Farm at Kluang could be your solution!

Combining recreational and educational purposes in one, the farm itself offers so much to learn even to an adult!

We do hope you realize that this knowledge is only one decision away.

Hence, think twice if you’re planning a day trip to places other than Zenxin Organic Farm.

Let’s move on if you are kinda interested!

1. Zenxin Organic Farm

Opened in 2006, Zenxin Organic Farm serves as the very first organic farm in Malaysia that welcomes the public. In Malaysia, it is also the largest organic farm (100-acre) featuring a restaurant, recreation activities, flower nursery, organic shop, and other facilities.

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Zenxin Organic Farm

Up until now, Zenxin leads Malaysia in producing, distributing and retailing the organic food. They strictly disallow the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and hence, they’re able to produce quality organic food that achieves prominent level of satisfaction of consumers.

Zenxin Organic Farm View

The farm even offers a wide array of organic products at affordable prices. These products contain no preservatives, no artificial additives and are even certified by the Australian & International organic certifier, NASSA.

Currently, it has transformed into a recreation park, an ideal place for family and schools to plan a day trip for children. It is also one of the eco farm in Johor. The farm even provides relaxing recreational activities which children can learn the farming process, in the most memorable and educational way.

2. How To Go To Zenxin Organic Farm Kluang From Singapore

2.1 Private Car To Zenxin Organic Farm From Singapore

Recommended by most of the Singaporeans, SGMYTAXI private car company that offers travelling route between Singapore and Johor can bring you directly from any location in Singapore to the Zenxin Organic Farm in Kluang.

Why You Should Choose SGMYTAXI?:

  • Any designated pick-up point and drop-off point.
  • Professional drivers with good driving skills and good attitude.
  • Luxury fleets offered.
  • Hassle-free as clearing customs does not need to disembark from vehicles.
  • Prices range per trip is affordable.


Comfort, convenience and flexible, these are the 3 things that SGMYTAXI emphasizes on to ensure a pleasant ride. They even offer reasonable price range as they’d taken the affordability of Singaporeans into consideration.

Imagine travelling with Hyundai Starex, Toyota Innova or Toyota Alphard. These are the fleets offered by SGMYTAXI. Isn’t it luxury and spacious?

The booking process is very simple. Just reserve a booking online and leave all your transportation worry to SGMYTAXI. They will settle everything for you perfectly.

If you have any inquiry regarding the services, kindly WhatsApp them or message through Facebook Messenger. They are dedicated to serve you the best they can.

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3. 11 Things To Do In Zenxin Organic Farm Johor Bahru

1. Farm Tour

Zenxin Organic Farm can be divided into 4 sections mainly Vegetables Farm, Herbs Garden, Happy Farm and Fruits Farm. The best way to have a fun and educational experience in Zenxin Organic Farm is by joining their farm tour.

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Farm Tour at Zenxin Organic Farm

Image credits: zenxin.com.my

Their trained park guides will bring you to explore the Herbs Garden, meet their organic Vegetables & Fruits Farm, try out their hand on green-themed workshops, interact with their pets at Happy Farm, let you harvest your favourite herbs and fruits and visit their park farmers to know more about farming stories.

2. Pet Feeding

Zenxin Organic Farm (Pet Feeding)

Pet feeding is truly an amazing experience where you can get in touch with lovely animals! There are many rabbits, ducks and fishes in the farm and everyone is welcomed to feed and be friend with these animals.

3. Fish Catching & Feeding

Bonding time with fish has come! Fish-catching equipment is provided to catch as many fish as you can. Then, just release it again into the pond.

Zenxin Organic Park (Fish Catching & Feeding)

Image credits: zenxin.com.my

Besides the traditional way of feeding fish, try the milk bottle fish feeding. You will be fascinated to see the fish crowd struggling to suckle the milk bottle beneath the water.

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4. Knock For Fun

Knock For Fun Activity In Zenxin Organic Farm

Ladies would love to join the activity! They can create their own flower prints on a white cloth and bring the imprinted cloth back home.

5. Archery

Archery at Zenxin Organic Park

Challenge your archery skills with friends. This is suitable for all ages but it isn’t that easy. It requires high level of concentration and perseverance in order to hit the centre point.

6. Flower Nursery

Let’s buy something at flower nursery to beautify our home. This is truly a heaven for those who love gardening as cactus, flowers, organic fertilizers, and gardening tools can be bought at affordable price.

7. Cycling & Bicycle Renting at Zenxin Organic Park

The farm has a seemingly endless cycling track where visitors can cycle around and take in the beautiful nature. Also, they provide well-maintained bicycles for rental.

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Rent a bicycle and cycling at Zenxin Organic Farm

Image credits: zenxin.com.my

Opening Hours For Bicycle Rental:
Daily: 8:30am – 6:30pm
Price: RM15 for 2 hours ride. RM5 meal voucher is included.

8. Farm Mart

Zenxin Farm Mart

image credits: deeniseglitz.com

Enjoy a one-stop organic shopping experience at the Farm Mart where a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at affordable prices. All the healthy food products and dry food here are organically-grown without adding any preservatives.

Besides, the mart has been putting the customer first to serve their customers the best they can.

9. The Chef Garden Restaurant

The restaurant prides themselves in offering organic dishes that are healthy yet flavourful. All dishes are prepared by a chef who experts in organic dishes.

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Chef Garden Restaurant At Zenxin Organic Farm

Besides, never ever forget to try the Zenxin Organic Steamboat! Featuring 10 different types of fresh organic vegetables, beehoon and many other scrumptious ingredients, the steamboat even comes with a uniquely-boiled soya bean soup or chicken soup.

After all, you’ve got all-natural taste in your mouth!

10. Mushroom House

You can visit the Mushroom House at Zenxin Organic Farm where the spores are mixed with rice bran and sawdust for mushrooms to sprout. In order to repel the insects naturally, the farmers plant the lemongrass around the mushroom house.

Zenxin Organic Park (Mushroom House)

Besides that, they also purposely left the spider webs in the mushroom house to trap the insect.  For your information, the humidity of the mushroom house is kept at 75% to ensure maximum sporing.

11. EM Mudball Making

Unleash your creativity by making any models that you like using the EM Mudball! “EM” stands for effective microorganism and hence, the models can be used to purify water and remove the deposits of slime and sludge.


4. Zenxin Organic Farm Entrance Fee

Launched in 7th November 2015, the tour presents you a better content filled with an educational and fun experience. They even introduce a whole new organic farming workshop to teach the techniques in growing vegetables.

Ticket Price:
Adults: RM15
Children (4 to 11 years old): RM12
Children (0 to 4 years old): Free of charge

Ticket include of:

  • Organic Guided Farm Walk
  • Organic Welcome Drink
  • Organic Farm Special Workshop
  • Restaurant Cash Voucher
  • Farm Activity: Playing with fish

Organic Guided Farm Walk Schedule

There are 3 different guided tours offered at different time. Each tour takes around 30 minutes. Agricultural and organic knowledge is introduced.

Below are the schedules.


Organic Vegetables Farm Tour

Organic Herbs Garden & Happy Farm Tour

Organic Fruits Farm Tour

Organic Vegetables Farm Tour

Weekends & Public Holidays:

Organic Vegetables Farm Tour

Organic Fruits Farm Tour

Organic Herbs Garden & Happy Farm Tour

Organic Fruits Farm Tour

Organic Herbs Garden & Happy Farm Tour

Organic Vegetables Farm Tour

5. Zenxin Organic Farm Tour Package

In all the tour packages, there will be trained guides bringing you around and exploring the magical organic world. However, you can choose to explore yourself by bicycle or by foot!

1. Group Guided Tour

The group guided tour is special for kindergartens, schools, organisations and companies. Advanced booking is required to make arrangements of detailed activities.

Activities offered:

  • Guided tour
  • Green-themed workshop
  • Organic meal is provided

Farm Family Tour Package is one of the group guided tour. It can be divided into 2 packages as below:

Package 1: Budak Kampung (RM30/pax)

Package include of:

  • Farm Guided Tour – discover organic farming of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Organic Kitchen DIY Workshop – able to taste the food during the workshop.
  • Pets Feeding – get into the animal house and close to the little animals!
  • Milk Bottle Fish Feeding – playing with fish will never have so much fun!
  • Harvesting Activity – may bring the harvested produces of the day home.


  1. The estimated duration of time: Approximately 2.5- 3 hours.
  2. Minimum 5 persons and need to book at least 3 days in advance.
  3. The program above are subjected to change based on the weather and availability on the day.

Package 2: Rasa Sayang (RM30/pax)

Package include of:

  • Farm Guided Tour – discover organic farming of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  • Refreshment Drink
  • DIY Your own souvenir: Knock For Fun – may bring the souvenir you made home
  • Herbal Growing Workshop – able to bring back the herbs in the pot
  • Organic Kitchen DIY Workshop – able to taste the food during the workshop.


  1. The estimated duration of time: Approximately 2.5- 3 hours.
  2. Minimum 5 persons and need to book at least 3 days in advance.
  3. The program above is subjected to change based on the weather and availability on the day.
  4. We will prepare the herbs’ growing medium without soil for visitors who will go through an outbound custom check.

Contact the marketing department to make a booking.
Tel: +60 19-773 8985 / +60 7-759 5196
Email:  zenxinorganicpark@gmail.com


2. Zenxin Organic Park + Kluang Bat Town Day Tour

Package includes of:

  • Round trip transport from any pick-up point
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fees
  • Tickets for activities
  • Dinner: Steamboat
  • In-house guide provided


10:00 am – Arrive at Zenxin Organic Farm and move on to the guided tour.
11:00 am – Activities session:

  • Pet feeding
  • Harvesting
  • EM Mudball Making
  • Cycling
  • Archery
  • Fish Catching
  • Planting program
  • DIY curry puff
  • “Knock for fun”
  • Growing program

12:30 pm – Lunch at the Chef Garden Restaurant.
2:00 pm – Go to Kluang Bat Town (Places of interest / enjoy local food)

  • Coffee Factory
  • Gunung Lambak (Or Mount Lambak)
  • Tong Huat Confectionary
  • Kluang Railway Station

4:00 pm – Shopping at Kluang Mall
5:30 pm – Steamboat dinner
7:00 pm – Go back home


  • Tour will be cancelled if the number of visitors fails to meet the requirement.
  • Minimum 8 person for a van, Minimum 30 person for a coach.
  • The schedules could be changed without notice.
  • Book the trip at least 2 weeks before the visit.
  • Date of departure follows the availability of the company.
  • An additional fee is imposed on Malaysia School Holiday & Malaysia Public Holiday.


6. Zenxin Organic Farm Products  

6.1 Zenxin’s Fresh Produced Fruits & Vegetables

Without using chemical fertilizer and pesticides, Zenxin prides themselves in producing the natural, healthy and wholesome organic fruits and vegetables to customers.

Fruits and vegetables that can be bought:

  • Passion fruit
  • Dragon fruit
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Kang kong
  • Choy sum
  • Siew pak choy
  • Long bean
  • Kailan
  • Cucumber
  • French bean
  • Pumpkin
  • Bitter gourd
  • Eggplant
  • Lady finger

6.2 Simply Natural Food

To create a healthier and greener world, Zenxin produces organic food products that contain no preservatives and artificial additives. These organic food products include:

  • Organic noodles
  • Oats products
  • Sprouted rice products
  • Healthy snacks
  • Organic honey
  • Organic spices
  • Energy bar
  • Organic wine

6.3 Zenxin Organic Tea

Perfect for relaxation, Zenxin develops distinct flavours of tea under a natural condition and environment. Still, they do not use any artificial fertilisers to grow the tea leaves.

Organic teas offered:

  • Mulberry Leaf Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Misai Kucing Tea (Cat Whisker’s Tea)


6.4 Zenxin Organic Fertilizers

Zenxin produces home-made organic compost and fertilizers for sale too! The raw materials used are agriculture waste and chicken manure. It can be found inside the organic park and Zenxin Organic Shop.


7. Travel Tips on Zenxin Organic Farm

  • Mulberry farm has a beautiful field. Remember to take pictures of it.
  • The typical banana takes around 90 days to mature. However, the farm grows a 40-day banana that only takes 40 days to mature. Find it out!
  • The farm grows the smallest cucumber in Malaysia – the creeping cucumber. Try it as it has a really juicy taste.
  • Try to make yourself a loofah body sponge. The famous body scrub is even sold in The Body Shop.
  • Hard to find a scarecrow in Singapore? Then remember to take pictures with it at the farm.
  • From the herb garden, you can harvest some herbs and bring it back home.
  • At the Horti Plant Centre, you can buy seeds, plants and terrariums to grow them at home.
  • At the restaurant, never forget to taste their unique dragon fruit juice and mulberry juice.
  • If you still have plenty of time, visit the Kluang Bat Town nearby. Have a short tour and explore more places around Malaysia.


8. Zenxin Organic Farm Map

Zenxin Organic Farm Map

image credits: zenxin.com.my

View Zenxin Organic Farm, Johor in a larger map

Address: Plot 47A & 47B, Batu 9, Jalan Batu Pahat, 86000 Kluang, Johor.
Contact: +607-759 5196 / +6019-773 8985
Fax: +607-759 5193
Email: zenxinorganicpark@gmail.com
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