How To Take Train To JB From Singapore

Everyone is always on a lookout for the best option to travel, isn’t it?

It is no different when we talk about travelling from Singapore to Johor.

“Traffic jam-lah”, “immigration”, “hassle” are just a few words that pop into people’s mind.

What if I told you that you will just need 5 minutes to travel from Singapore to JB?

You heard it right!

It will just take you 5 minutes to get to Johor via the TRAIN!

Interested but don’t know how to go about it?

No worries!

I tried it and now I will share with you a detailed guideline on how to take train to JB from Singapore.

KTM Train Schedule From Singapore To JB

The KTM Train (Shuttle Terbau) is the one and only train heading to Johor from Singapore.

KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) is a reputable Malaysian railway operator which has provided its services for many years now.

So, I wasn’t too worried about it being much of a hassle.

Basically, their train rides start from Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Singapore) to JB Sentral (Johor).

Here is their train rides schedule:

 Departure Time
(Morning Session)
Departure Time
(Afternoon Session)
Departure Time
(Night Session)
From Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Singapore)8:30am
From JB Sentral (Malaysia)5:00am

Note: Times shown here are subject to changes by the train operator.

How Much KTM Train Ticket Cost From Singapore To JB

It only cost me SGD10 for a to and fro journey for the train ride to Johor (which later I found out that I could get it cheaper! I’ve shared my “secret” in the FAQ Question No.3 at the end of this article)

It seemed like a really good deal considering how much time (and energy) I could save compared to driving my car to Johor.

Train to JB ticket can be purchased at Woodlands Train Checkpoint KTM counter, JB Sentral KTM counter or KTM Website.

The table below shows you how much train tickets cost:

 KTM Train WebsiteWoodlands Train Checkpoint KTM CounterJB Sentral KTM Counter
Singapore To JB
(One Way)
Singapore To/From JB
(Two Way)
JB To Singapore
(One Way)
JB To/From Singapore
(Two Way)

Note: Tickets purchased from JB Sentral will be converted to Ringgit Malaysia.


There are a few tips that will come in handy when you want to purchase your tickets:

  • Make sure you bring sufficient cash (SGD for tickets at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint counter or MYR for tickets at JB Sentral) if you want to purchase your tickets at the ticketing counters.
  • The counters will STOP selling tickets 20 minutes before departure time.
  • If you want to travel over the weekend, public holidays or school holidays, do book your tickets in advance! (their tickets sells out extremely FAST during these periods)
  • However, if the tickets are fully sold out, you can still board a bus to Johor from Woodlands CIQ.

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How To Take Train To JB From Singapore

Let me share with you a complete step by step guideline on how to take the train to JB from Singapore.

Step 1: Purchase KTM Train Tickets Online

I was able to purchase my tickets online without any glitches, which was great!

I purchased my tickets through the KTM Shuttle Tebrau Train Service online ticketing at

The process of getting my tickets was smooth and easy.

Here is step by step how to book train to JB ticket once I get into the website:

Step 1: Choose my place of Departure and Destination (i.e Departure: Woodlands CIQ, Destination: JB Sentral).

Step 2: Choose my dates of depart and return as well as how many people would be travelling (Adults/Children).

Step 3: Click “Search” to go to the next page.

KTM Train To JB Website

Step 4: I was able to adjust the time preference with their time filter which was at the top left of the page.

Step 5: Proceeded in selecting the date and time of my preference.

Step 6: Confirm my booking.

KTM Train To JB Website Booking

Step 7: Complete the Passenger Details and select my preferred mode of payment.

KTM Train To JB Booking

Step 8: Make a payment using debit card or credit card.

Step 9: Received an email confirmation.

KTM Train To JB Payment

Sounds easy right?

Things to take note:

  • With Shuttle Tebrau newly implemented scanning system, your passport is actually your boarding pass. So much more advance now, isn’t it?
  • However, I would advise you to keep a copy of your email confirmation in your electronic device in case of any complications.

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Step 2: Go To Woodlands Train Checkpoint

The day of my journey to board the train to JB Sentral from Woodlands Train Checkpoint arrived.

I being the “planner me” have studied in advance on the ways I can get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint station.

With the combination of MRT rides and one bus trip, I was able to get to Woodlands Train Checkpoint easily.

I have broken down for you on the most convenient MRT stations and busses to take from anywhere in Singapore (you are welcome! …hehehe)

Depending on which area in Singapore you are from, you may choose to go to these MRT Stations to grab your bus to the Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop:

Option 1:

For me, I like to travel to Marsiling MRT Station [NS8] (Red Line / North-South Line) to grab my bus ride.

Just cross over the road to the bus stop and take either Bus No.856 or 950 to go to Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop.

Option 2:

The other option is to travel to Woodlands MRT Station [NS9] (Red Line / North-South Line).

From here, you may choose to take Bus No. 178, 903 or 911 to go to Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop.

Option 3:

Kranji MRT Station [NS7] (Red Line / North-South Line) would be the next option.

The available busses from here to Woodlands Train Checkpoint bus stop are Bus No. 170, 170A or 178.


IMPORTANT to take note that whichever option you choose, do stay alert on your bus ride because it is only a few stops away to the bus stop near Woodlands Train Checkpoint (I am speaking from my experience *sob*)


Step 3: Scan Your E-ticket/Physical Ticket To Board The Train

So now I have arrived at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint


As I have mentioned earlier, your physical ticket or e-ticket is your boarding ticket.

All I needed was to scan my physical ticket or e-ticket by KTM staff at the gate to board the train (Shuttle Tebrau).

KTM Staff Scan Passengers Train Tickets From Singapore To JB


  • Make sure that your passport has at least 30 days validity period before you travel.
  • The gate doesn’t open earlier than 30 minutes before train departure time.
  • Important to take note that the boarding gate closes 10 minutes before train departure time.
  • You’re only can check-in using your passport when you taking the train from JB to Singapore instead of Singapore to JB
  • I strongly suggest for you to be here 30 minutes before your departure time in case for whatever complications that might arise (better earlier than late right?)

Woodlands Train Checkpoint Waiting Area

  • Don’t panic if you have any trouble during the process of scanning your train physical ticket/e-ticket. Just head on to the KTM office located on the ground floor and they will help to solve your problem by validating your ticket.

KTM Train To JB Counter


Step 4: Take The 5 Minutes Train Ride To JB From Singapore

The whole process after I scanned my physical ticket/e-ticket reminded me of being in an airport.

Inside View Train From Singapore To JB

Staff at the Malaysian side checked and stamped on my passport after the immigration process.

All the passengers will then need to load their bags onto a conveyor belt through a scanning machine before being allowed to board the train.

Very similar process when you want to board a flight at the airport isn’t it?

Simple and easy!


  • Although you might see a seating number on your ticket, be well prepared on NOT getting that exact seat.
  • Since it is just a 5 minutes ride, people normally just sit on any available seats.
  • Worst case scenario is that you would need to stand (which is not a big deal because it is just for 5 minutes)


How To Take Return Train From JB To Singapore

For return train from JB to Singapore, there is a new way to check-in to board the train.

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All I need to do is scan my original passport on passport reader.

I just followed the simple instructions given on the scanner and I was done!

KTM Train To JB Check In Guide

Passport verified! I go downstairs for Malaysia Immigration and customs clearance.

Now it is time for me to board the train!


  • You don’t need to show your physical ticket/e-ticket.
  • boarding gate closes 10 minutes before train departure time.


KTM Train To JB FAQs:

Do you still have questions lingering in your mind about taking the train to JB from Singapore?

I have prepared a list of common FAQs that might clear up your mind before you make your ticket bookings.


Q1:  Where to take/board train from Singapore to JB?

A1: Woodlands Train Checkpoint


Q2: Where to buy train tickets to JB?

A2: Trains tickets are available online at .You may also purchase your tickets from the ticketing counters at Woodlands Train Checkpoint or JB Sentral.

Tips: Buy your ticket in advance as the ticket gets sold out fast! You may purchase as early as one month before departure.


Q3:  What is the cheapest train ticket combination I can buy from Singapore to JB?

A3: To get the best deal, buy one-way tickets instead of a return ticket!


  1. Buy a one-way ticket from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to JB Sentral for SGD $5 either online (KTM Shuttle Tebrau Ticketing System) or at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint Ticket Counter.
  2. Buy another one-way ticket from JB Sentral to Woodlands Train Checkpoint for RM5 online (KTM Shuttle Tebrau Ticketing System) or at the JB Sentral Ticket Counter.


Q4: How to buy/book train tickets from Singapore to JB?

A4: Please refer to “Step 1: Purchase KTM Tickets Online In The Comfort Of Your Own Home” OR you may purchase at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint KTM Ticketing Counter.


Q5: How early can I buy train ticket to JB?

A5: 30 days inclusive of date of travel (book early especially over the weekends/public holidays/school holidays)


Q6: Where to take/board train from JB to Singapore?

A6: JB Sentral (same as the arrival destination from Singapore).


Q7: How to buy/book train ticket from JB to Singapore?

A7: Please refer to “Step 1: Purchase KTM Tickets Online In The Comfort Of Your Own Home” OR at the JB Sentral KTM Ticketing Counter.


Q8: What is the last departure time for KTM train to JB from Singapore?

A8: 11:45pm (Refer to “KTM Train Schedule From Singapore To JB”).


Q9: How long should I arrive at Woodlands Train Checkpoint in advance before train departures?

A9: At least 30 minutes before departure (gate closes 10mins before departure).


Q10: What do I do if I can’t find a seat?

A10: Even though the train has assigned seats, the passengers boarding this shuttle train normally sits at their own chosen seats (or stand) since it is just a 5 minutes ride.


Q11: Are luggages allowed on the train?

A11: Yes.


Q12: Does the train have any designated luggage facilities or racks?

A12: No.


Q13: How to board KTM train (Shuttle Tebrau) for E-Ticket Holders Travelling from JB Sentral to Singapore?

A13: Scan your passport at the gate (Your passport serves as the boarding pass. However, do print your E-Ticket or have it saved in your electronic device in case of any issues that might occur)


Q14: Does my child require a ticket?

A14: Children 4 years to 12 years old will be required to buy a ticket (children below 4 years old travels for FREE but will need to be registered at the counter before departure)

Note: There are no discounted or concession tickets.


Q15: What is the minimum validity period needed for my passport?

A15: At least 30 days validity


Q16: What is the KTM ticket price for child under 4 years old?

A16: FREE! (However, you will need to register your child at the counter before departure)


Q17: Any refund if I made the cancellation before the train depart?

A17: 50% refund for cancellation made within 72 hours before the train departs.

75% refund for cancellation made more than 72 hours before the train departs.

0% refund for cancellation made after train departure time

Do take note that all refunds can only be made at the ticketing counters.

Travelling to Johor from Singapore is definitely made easier by taking the Shuttle Tebrau.

The total amount spent for the whole process from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to JB Sentral is about 30 minutes…a far contrast from travelling via the car, taxi or bus.

Now that you know how easy and fast it is, start booking your tickets for the train to JB now-lah!

Go experience it for yourself and I would love to hear how your journey was!