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15 Must-Visit Cafes In Malacca For Good Coffee & More

15 Best Cafes in Malacca

The charming City of Malacca packs quite an amount of rich history and culture. Situated next to the straits of Malacca and near the royal city of Muar, Melaka is a UNESCO world heritage site with a rich trading history going back centuries, and a multicultural heritage

7 Best Seafood Restaurants In Malacca Every Seafood Lovers Must Try

7 Best Seafood Restaurant Malacca

We know that Malacca is famed for Portuguese Settlement, but do you know that Malacca serves exceptional seafood too? Sourcing fresh seafood is quite hard in Singapore but here in Malacca, you can get the freshest seafood every day as the Straits of Malacca is just right

5 Famous Local Bak Kut Teh In Malacca Every Bak Kut Teh Lovers Must Try

5 Famous Local Bak Kut Teh Malacca

Normally when we talk about Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia, Klang first come into our mind. We cannot deny the fact that Klang is truly hometown of Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia. However, do you know that Malacca boasts delicious Bak Kut Teh too? The special part

Melaka River Cruise: 6 Things To Know Before Your First Visit

Have you heard of the Melaka River Cruise? It is the best sightseeing option in Malacca town! This is truly a unique cruise experience where you can see the beauty of the heritage town in both day and night. Sitting on the boat in comfort, you will

Malacca One Day Trip: Where You Must GO and Selfie

Malacca One Day Trip

Only had a day off from work but doesn’t know where to go? Why not soak yourself in a land of abundance culture, history and gastronomical delight? Malacca was once a thriving trading port. Today it is teeming with history! While it no longer enjoys the glory

26 Best Malacca Food And Where To Find Them (Updated)

Best Malacca Foods

Top 26 Best Food in Malacca “Malacca is a food heaven!” is what you’ll most likely hear when you enquire about the small and historical city. On top of being an ideal destination filled with wonders of ancient buildings and colonial structures, Malacca is also a land of gastronomical delight.

12 Best Homestay Melaka: Pocket Friendly & Unique Design

12 Best Homestay In Melaka

Want a home-away-from-home vacation with affordable prices? You can enjoy all these and more in the cultural fiesta that is Melaka. Melaka has a history going back hundreds of years ago and most historical sites are still in a relatively good state. Luckily, all the places are

Jonker Street: Ultimate Travel Guide 2018

Jonker Street Ultimate Travel Guide 2018

1. Hotel Near Jonker Street 1.1 Moty Hotel Distance From Jonker Street: 2.1km (12 minutes’ drive) Price Starting From: RM143 @ SGD$48 (include hotel tax & service fee) Moty Hotel Highlights: Complimentary Wi-Fi Indoor swimming pool complemented with children’s pool & whirlpool Steam and sauna facilities Floor

13 Local Nyonya Food In Malacca You Must Know Where To Find

Best Nyonya Restaurants & Nyonya Foods in Malacca

Malacca is a great location for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a vast variety of centuries-old cultures. One of the most prominent cultures in Malacca is the Peranakan, also called Baba Nyonya, culture. Peranakan is mix of two very different cultures that began in the 15th

5 Best Dim Sum In Malacca That Tourists Have Yet to Discover

5 Best Dim Sum In Melaka

Have you ever wondered where to find the best dim sum in Malacca town? And, do you know how differently the dim sum in Singapore and Malacca could be in terms of appearance, texture, flavour and tastiness? Recently, we have hunted 5 best dim sum in Malacca


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