Transport to Malaysia (From Singapore)

Transport From Singapore To Malaysia

Instead of watching tv at home, why not head on over to another country that is not too far from Singapore that is only a stone’s throw away? Malaysia is a unique country of multi-language and culture, filled with scrumptious food and brimming with history, hence it

Taxi From Singapore To Plaza Angsana JB Town

Taxi From Singapore To Angsana Johor Bahru Mall

Finding another shopping mall in Johor to indulge in shopping, dining and entertainment? Angsana Johor Bahru Mall has it all. This shopping mall is very popular among the Malay community because it caters to everything that caught their fancy including fashion and food. Angsana Johor Bahru Mall

How To Go To Pontian From Singapore (5 Easy Ways)

How To Go To Pontian From Spore

Pontian is a beautiful town with awesome tourist destinations that brings you close to the mother nature. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your dear ones. But, have you ever been to Pontian before? How should I get to Pontian from Singapore? How much

Taxi From Singapore To Pasar Borong Pandan JB

Pasar Borong Pandan Johor Bahru

Pasar Borong Pandan In Johor bahru Being in Johor Bahru downtown in Malaysia and visiting Pasar Borong Pandan marketplace is a thing of extreme happiness; relatively due to bulk of amazing quality and designer stuffs there at significant economical rates. Taking a stroll in Pasar Borong Pandan is

Taxi From Singapore To Johor Bahru

SGMYTAXI: Private Taxi/Car From Singapore to Desaru Coast Water Park

Singapore To Johor Taxi From Singapore To Johor Bahru You can choose to drive on your own to Johor. But if you frustrated with traffic jams, you can hire private taxi service. SGMYTAXI provides hassle-free and affordable private transport to Johor Bahru from Singapore. If you travel in a big

Taxi From Singapore To Johor Premium Outlet

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

Johor Premium Outlets also known as JPO is located at Kulaijaya, Johor. Taxi From Singapore To Johor Premium Outlet SGMYTAXI provides private 7 seater taxi service from Singapore to JPO at affordable price. The journey from Singapore-Johor border is estimated about 1 hour under normal traffic condition. The 7