Forest City at Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru

Forest City Gelang Patah, Johor

Modern life has brought with it countless problems. Traffic jams, environmental pollution and negative climate change. Our towns and cities have turned into prisons, we live there simply because we have to.

How many times have you gotten sick of the loud noise and smoke from vehicles and longed for a peaceful quiet place where you can be able to relax?

Well, anybody living in a modern city can relate to it.

Are you tired of living in a congested poorly planned city?

Do you envision a place where technology coexists harmoniously with nature?

Are you looking for a tranquil place where you can work and live far from the hassle of urban life?

If yes, then you might be interested in checking out Forest City, the new development everyone is talking about.

In this article, we will talk about:

1. Getting to Forest City

2. Forest City : The Ideas and People Behind It

3. What is So Unique About Forest City?

1. Getting to Forest City

There are a couple of ways to reach Forest City that is, by road and water transport.  The fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to get to and from the Forest City is by road through the Tuas Second Link Bridge.

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Forest City

Public transport is available but you will like it better when you use the personal taxi services. SGMYTAXI, the most popular taxi service in the Johor Bahru region, is recommended for this as their drivers are very familiar with the routes to use.

The SGMYTAXI vehicles are kept in good maintenance to make your ride to the most beautiful place you have ever seen as smooth and comfortable as it can be.

You might even ask a few questions about the City of the Future to the driver. For More information and bookings visit SGMYTAXI.

It is important to note that Forest City, cutting across two countries, has some immigration checks where you will be asked to provide documentation. The process doesn’t take long though, less than 10 minutes and in most cases you won’t have to even get out of the vehicle.

2. Forest City : The Ideas and People Behind It

Forest City is made up of four man-made Islands spanning 3,425 acres off the Iskandar, Johor Bahru in Malaysia. It is also very near to Singapore, just a forty minute drive so you can access it from there too.

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Forest City Johor Bahru Location

Most of the island is made up of reclaimed land with maximum care not to cause any damage to the sea environment.

Forest City is a partnership between the Chinese real estate behemoth, Country Garden Pacific View (CGPV) and the Johor royal family.

Country Garden holds majority shares of the City at about 60%. A total investment of around 150 billion USD (about RM 170 billion) has been put into the project, with full completion expected in 2033.

Forest City Country Garden Pacific View

The developments will include housing units in particular two and four bedroomed condo apartments which will cover 818 and 1915 square feet respectively.

Interested parties can visit the island to view the property or book the apartments. And they better hurry before it’s too late. The proposed City has attracted international attention and the residential property is selling like hot cakes.

Country Garden also plan to build points of entry from Malaysia and Singapore with a ferry and light railway transit network being at the center of all that. Middle to long term plans also include an electric high speed railway linking the City to both Singapore and Malaysia.

Country Garden has been doing such projects in China for quite some time and they have been met with warm reception, with their residential properties being sold out in no time.

They have planned and developed about 100 green cities around the world. Forest City is therefore a project undertaken by professionals with good grasp of town planning and development.

johor bahru forest city

Impact on the Environment

In their push for environmental friendly and sustainable development, Country Garden, the company behind Forest City have presented a detailed environmental impact assessment for approval by the federal Malaysian

Environmental Department, which has the mandate to preside over all issues to do with the environment.

The developers are working together with international ecological consultants G-Energy to look for ways the project can go “green” and energy efficient to gain recognition by Malaysia and Singaporean green project ratings bodies, GreenRe and Green Mark.

Eight economic pillars

Apart from being a residential, recreational and holiday getaway, Forest City will be driven by 8 economic pillars which will enable it to be a center of the following:

  • Education – To this effect, Country Garden has partnered with other stakeholders and plans to set up schools and other educational institutions in the new city.
  • E-commerce – Country Garden has made deals with big technology companies like Huawei to make e-commerce a reality. This is in addition to the Marina Commercial Center which is set to be complete soon.
  • Foreign Investment – The Island city has great economic growth potential and Foreign Investors will want to be a part of it all and have a share of the profits.
  • Tourism – Forest City is set to attract hundreds of thousands per year for tourism. What with the well manicured gardens, rooftop vegetation and lush green scenery. Not forgetting the immaculate waters surrounding the island. Definitely a place you want to take a trip to, even better with your family
  • Entrepreneurship hub – The way the island is designed and the large population will make it attractive to entrepreneurs who would like to start various businesses.
  • Retirement Community– A Retirement Community where you can go to find peace and serenity in your retirement after working in noisy and congested towns all your adult life.
  • MICE– which basically means Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibition center. A top notch hotel and conference hotels are part of the plan.
  • Financial services hub – there will be several international banks and financial services companies having branches here.
Gelang Patah Forest City

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Looks Like A Forest

The main idea of the development was to create an environment where luxury peace and nature blend together to create a futuristic feel to it.

Forest City Gelang Patah Malaysia

From above, the City looks just like a forest, which was the intended effect. Trees and vegetation are part and parcel of the architectural design of Forest City, mixing perfectly with innovative and never seen before development to create a magnificent ‘Paradise of Nature’.

Forest City Gelang Patah

The design includes vegetation on the rooftops of buildings which serves a number of purposes, energy saving, absorbing dirty polluted air and releasing clean purified one, noise absorbing and for aesthetic purposes.

Add that to a 10km coastline with natural mangrove forests, scenic water view and the end result is amazing.

The fresh air and reduced noise makes forest City an urban area taken deep into the depths of nature itself and a perfect getaway from a chaotic existence.

Forest City Gelang Patah JB

3. What is So Unique About Forest City?

The answer to that will be EVERYTHING. And it’s the absolute truth. For starters, when you get there you will be shocked to see no cars or car parking facilities. You will even be more shocked to learn that all that is underground.

Yes, you heard that right, Forest City is a 3-dimensional multilayered city divided into three layers. The first layer, at the surface and the most visible contains the residential areas, public parks, footpaths, health and fitness centers, swimming pools and recreational facilities including a world class hotel.

Forest City Gelang Patah View

The second level will contain the public transport system such as a passenger light rail and retail outlets such as food and drinks kiosks. The last layer will now include the roads and expansive car park facilities.

The transport system is designed to be eco-friendly and efficient to serve the transport needs of the more than 200,000 projected residents of Forest City.

At Forest City, you say goodbye to traffic jams and the disturbance cars are notorious for causing, especially when you need to rest. Never before has nature been so welcoming of technology and urban development.

Forest City Livable Eco-City

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  • Smart city
Country Garden is working in conjunction with major players in the telecommunications industry like CELCOM and Huawei to make Forest City a smart city, the first of its kind in Singapore and Malaysia.

The smart city will be competing in the same league with the likes of Silicon Savannah in California in terms of being a technology and innovation hub.

Forest City Transportation System

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  • Security system
The security system of the island integrates the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology which is a database of all the buildings and their blueprints.

This helps a lot in security management and decision making in times of security emergencies. There is also close surveillance and 24-hour patrols by security team on the four islands.

  • Economic impact of Forest City to the surrounding areas
The city is expected to directly or indirectly employ more than 220,000 jobs from its construction to completion stages.

The impact of large job creation on the economy of Johor Bahru will be huge, and of course many families will have food on the table.

  • Duty-free Zone
When he was officially opening the Forest City, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia proclaimed the island a duty free zone.

In the ceremony attended by his senior minister and the Sultan Of Johor Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum, the Prime Minister declared the following measures set to attract investors:

  • Tax free goods and services on the island. This, he said was to make the residents, investors and tourists to the island City enjoy their living, working and visiting experience. This will also significantly reduce the cost of living and doing business there as taxes make up a large part of prices of goods and services.
  • Incentives on corporate taxes for developers of Green projects inside the island. The Project managers are not left out too as they will also enjoy the tax incentive.
  • There will be no restrictions on the equity held by foreigners in a company for it to enjoy the corporate tax reductions. This will sure bring in more foreign companies to invest in the future city.
The above measures by the Malaysian government shows that they are fully behind the concept of Forest City and nothing will make investors more confident than the knowledge that the government has their back.

Forest City duty free

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  • A city of the future

With all the awesome things you have read (and probably heard), Forest City is a place you definitely want to visit.

All the things you have read about are nothing compared to actually being there. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words but we say a visit to the island is worth more than a million words.

Forest City Malaysia

And while there make sure to check out the hospitality and conference facilities there, the five star hotel is in a class of its own.

There are a lot of fitness centers that you can visit to keep fit and healthy after which you can take a dip in one of the numerous swimming pools there.

For vehicle owners who have had to deal with long traffic jams which increase their fuel costs, there is no such thing in Forest City. The underground road network is well designed and built to connect all the islands to each other and to Malaysia and Singapore.

If you are into speed and precision transport, you can try out the light rail transport available on the island and you won’t be disappointed. With this you can move from one corner of the island to the other in just a couple of minutes.

  • Picture-perfect
Pay a visit to Forest City and you won’t be able to put your phone or digital camera down. All the beautifully designed high rise buildings with trees on their roofs and the green public parks will keep your camera flashing. You might even gain the experience to be a pro photographer!

This is also a paradise for television, newspapers and magazines photospreads. The natural backgrounds and green scenery will add to your photos and give them that natural beauty.

We can go on and on about how an amazing place Forest City is, but you will never get it unless you take a personal tour, family, friends and pets can also come.

forest city Vertical Greening

We guess you would want to know….