Singapore to Kulai, Johor Bahru

Kulai is a major town in southern Malaysia and it is 29 km from Johor Bahru.

It is also just 8 km from the seaside town of Skudai. Kulai is many things combined.

It is an airport town; the Senai Airport is just outside this town.

It is the busy airport that serves the whole of Johor Bahru area and the southern part of Malaysia.

Secondly it is a major tourist destination.

Kulai boasts some of the finest hotels in the Johor Bahru and thousands of tourists visit this town every month all year round because of its fine weather as well as the fine accommodation that is available.

It does not matter whether you want to enjoy your stay at Kulai at a five star luxury accommodation, a motel type lodgings or the very fine and affordable home stays available all year round.

Thirdly, there are good foods in Kulai you probably didn’t know existed. If you are a person with a taste for gourmet fare as well as the delicious native dishes, you will be spoil for choice as there is a wide list to choose from.

Kulai has the largest population of Chinese population in southern Malaysia. Their heritage is felt all over the town with its architecture, quaint and homely restaurants and the vibrant culture.

Kulai is also an agricultural area. There are trips to rubber farms and palm oil estates all around Kulai.
The fact that it is also a tourist destination does not mean that everything is expensive; there are hotels and restaurants to fit every budget.


How To Get To Kulai, Johor

Owing to the locality of the busy Senai Airport, if you are flying there from Singapore, you will land there not many minutes after leaving Changi Airport. You can then hire a taxi or car hire services to to take you to your preferred destination within and around Kulai.

For train lovers, a train from Singapore will take you to the Johor Bahru main station from where you can connect to Kulai railway station.

Public transport is available too. A public bus will get you to Johor from where another bus will get you to central Kulai.

Singapore To Kulai By Private MPV Taxi

Finding a good taxi service from Singapore to Kulai is the best way to travel. This is because of the hassles involved in the other forms of transport. For instance, when you use the public bus or the train, you will have to alight with your entire luggage for customs and immigration checks at the border point. You will also have to connect from the train or bus from Singapore to those that will take you to Kulai.

A taxi will take you all the way from your abode in Singapore to your destination in Kulai. The fact that you only sit in the car while immigration and customs officials do their job, is a major advantage.

One fine taxi service you need to contact if you are travelling from Singapore is SGMYTAXI. Their MPV 7-seater taxi are comfortable enough even for the elderly. Their professional drivers know all the best routes to avoid Singapore’s infamous traffic jams. Try them for a good experience.