Singapore to Mount Austin, Johor Bahru

Mount Austin, a suburb of Johor Bahru is a developed residential area in the outskirts of Johor Bahru city in southern end of Peninsula Malaysia.

This area is popular with people who work in Singapore since it is only 14 kilometers away across the causeway.

It is still visited everyday by people from Singapore and the rest of Malaysia who are looking for residential houses as well as scouting the area for viable commercial opportunities.

One thing that draws people to Mount Austin is security.

With security concerns being voiced in most of Johor’s townships, here the security is impressive because almost all residential units are situated inside gated enclaves.

One good thing about Mount Austin is that it is free from the crowds that fill other suburbs of Johor especially on weekends. The most amazing thing about this place is that it is a good place to raise a family.

There are schools and medical facilities just outside the development and the road network is good. Should you need some action when you are a resident or a visitor in Mount Austin, you will not be far from it. With the port town of Pasir Gudang nearby, and golf clubs too, you are well covered.

How To Get To Mount Austin From Singapore

Due to its location, the most sensible mode of travel from Singapore is by road. This is because Mount Austin is just 14 kilometers from Singapore proper.

The benefits of using a taxi far outweigh the need to use air transport, rail or public bus. Here is why you are better off taking a taxi from Singapore to Mount Austin.

  • If you want to travel by air, this is what you will need to do. You will probably take a taxi to Changi Airport through the traffic, take your flight and land at Senai Airport shortly after. You will then take another taxi from Senai to Mount Austin through Johor Bahru. This taxi ride will take at least thirty minutes.
  • If you travel by rail, you will have to brave the Singapore traffic to the railway station, cross the causeway and join the queues at the border checkpoints, your luggage and all. You will then take another taxi to take you to Mount Austin after you alight at Johor’s station. The same kind of trip will be experienced buy the bus traveler.
  • When you take privately hired taxi from Singapore to Mount Austin, you will not leave the car unless you want to. This is because all immigration services and customs will be served while you are in the taxi, and this goes on for 24 hours.
  • Since it is just past the causeway, you will arrive on time. In fact, you will arrive before the people who opted for air, rail or public bus to get to Mount Austin.

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