Singapore to Perling, Johor Bahru

When developers Pelangi Berhad started developing this area, they probably didn’t know what a vibrant commercial and residential area Perling would turn to.

With over 10,000 housing units, it is a town in its own right.

Covering over 900 acres, it is located only twenty minutes from Johor Bahru.

The main road carriage is by the Second Link Expressway.

The crown in the crowning jewel in Perling is the Perling Mall.

With over 100 shops on two floors, anybody who lives there or their visitors will have a great time shopping here.

There are also commercial buildings and offices. With all amenities like banks, medical services national schools close by, it has become one of Johor Bahru’s prime addresses.

In fact a good number of its residents live there but work in Singapore. The Second Link Expressway has made this all the easier.

The reason why it has become a magnet for people looking to live and invest is its range of residential properties on offer. There are:

  • Semi-detached houses
  • Apartments
  • Terrace houses
  • Condominiums

Perling is adjacent to the equally vibrant suburbs of Bandar Uta Utama as well as Taman Sutera.

For people looking for fine addresses to live and work in, away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, in cool and pleasant surroundings, Perling is the place.

Like most development areas around Johor Bahru, Perling is not served by a rail link or public bus services. Most visitors here tend to hire private taxis for the convenience they offer.


Why Hire A Private MPV Taxi From Singapore To Perling, Johor?

If you intend to go to Perling from Singapore, either on business or a private tour, your preferred mode of transport will definitely be a private MPV taxi from Singapore.

This is because the absence of rail and bus links in the immediate locations means that you will have to transfer yourself, your family or friends into another car after transferring from the railway or public bus at Johor Bahru city center.

1. Avoid The Hassle of Customs and Immigration Clearance

If you have travelled by rail or public bus between Malaysia and Singapore, you know how hectic and tedious it can be especially on weekends and public holidays.

When you hire a taxi from Singapore, you will be spared all that because it is not necessary to join the queues at immigration and customs. This is because passengers in private cars are processed right there in their cars; talk of convenience! It is also easier to pay the tolls when you are in a taxi.


2. Pick Up At Your Preferred Date & Location

A taxi lets you decide when and where you want to stop. Be it for refreshments, pictures or restrooms. This luxury will not be allowed on public means; you have to wait for scheduled stops.

If you intend to visit Perling, you will need a good taxi company with experience in driving visitors to destinations in Johor Bahru in general and Perling in particular. SGMYTAXI is such a taxi company. Years of experience, great cars, and trained drivers all make for a convenient, comfortable and satisfactory journey.