Limousine Services In Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is the southernmost city in Peninsular Malaysia and it is in the Johor region, one of the fastest growing regions in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia.

It is the region’s main commercial and tourist hub with its proximity to Singapore, just across the Johor Straits a major factor in its growth. For some aspects of travel, our limousines in Johor Bahru are the best mode.

We will look at the city of Johor Bahru, or JB, first.

Being the commercial and tourism hub of this part of Malaysia, there is plenty to do and see.

This city of a metropolitan population of 2.7 million receives more than 15 million tourists every year.

Most of the visitors come here from the rest of Malaysia, from Singapore, China, India and other parts of Asia and other parts of the world.

From world famous theme parks, water parks, eco parks, national parks, beach front attractions, historical landmarks, diverse cultures and natural attractions, there is plenty to see and do in Johor.

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Apart from being a major tourist hub, it is also a commercial center because all the tourism businesses will require support businesses. There are banks, insurance companies, legal offices, manufacturing and other service industries.

The hotel sector is among the most developed in South East Asia with thousands of them ranging from the five star facilities to the roadside bed and breakfast. It is also a government seat for the Johor region.

There is currently a mega project at Iskandar Puteri which will make Johor Bahru the largest financial hub in Malaysia. This will definitely increase the need for executive travel including limousines in Johor Bahru area.


Popular Hotels In Johor Bahru As Listed:

  1. KSL Hotel Resort
  2. Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Center
  3. Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru
  4. Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru
  5. DoubleTree Hotel Johor Bahru
  6. Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

There is also great shopping in JB. There are many shopping malls all over the city and in the suburbs. Singaporeans flood these malls every weekend to shop as prices of commodities are considerably cheaper here than in Singapore. There is also fine dining with many restaurants with fine cuisine from Asia and beyond.

Info: If you’re going to shop for branded fashion stuff,  you must visit Johor Premium Outlets (JPO).

How to get to JPO, click here: How To Go To Johor Premium Outlets


Why You Need Limo Services in Johor Bahru (Avoid Long Queue & Save Your Time & Energy)

People Long Queues At Singapore Checkpoint & Johor Custom

Getting around JB is a breeze because the options are wide and varied. Form numerous taxis for hire, buses, car hires and our limousines in Johor Bahru, it is not difficult to get to where you want to go to in and around the city.

With the increasing importance of the city as a commercial hub in Southeast Asia, and with the highly developed Singapore just next door, hiring a limousine in Johor Bahru from us has become increasingly common and convenient.

It is a luxurious way to get from place to place with all the comforts that come with a limousine ride. A limo can be used in many ways, but here are the most common:

1. VIP Transport

All important people deserve a transport mode that reflects their status. This is why we will supply you with the best limousine in the city to take you or your esteemed guests to their destinations.

Our services are available throughout and clients are assured of a great ride in elegance and comfort.

2. Business Events

For CEOs and other important people visiting the city, a limousine in Johor Bahru will be their preferred transport. Commuting from hotel to business events like:

  • Seminars,
  • Product launches,
  • Meetings with officials of other commercial enterprises or from the government,
  • Power breakfasts,
  • Corporate dinners,
  • Annual general meetings,
  • Other prestigious events

These events will need a service that eliminates all problems that come with city transport and affords one the preferential treatment they deserve. This is where our limousines come in.

3. Airport Transfers

We appreciate the fact you will be jet-lagged and tired from a long plane trip. To get you to town from the Senai International Airport which is 30 minutes away, we will make our limousines available so that you can have a comfortable ride to the city center, your hotel or wherever you need to get to.

The cars are spacious and you will travel in comfort together with your entire luggage. When it is all over, our limousine in Johor Bahru will pick you up from wherever you are and shuttle you to the airport. We know that before an airline trip you will need to be relaxed and we will give you that on your trip to the airport.

4. Weddings & Parties

Our limousines are not only for business and government dignitaries. We can also provide them for special occasions like weddings and other social events where luxury transport is desired.


Cross-Border Travel To Singapore (By bus will take you a few hours and JAM)

The border crossings between Johor, Malaysia and Singapore are always busy. What with all the workers who come from JB for work and business to Singapore, and Singaporeans and other visitors who travel from Singapore to JB for business, shopping or leisure activities.

Johor singapore causeway link jam

For executive travel our limousines in Johor Bahru will make your crossing easy, comfortable and elegant.

This is because there could be congestion especially on weekends and on holidays. You will need to be comfortable and relaxed for this journey.

Perhaps the best thing about our limo service to Singapore and back is that you do not have to alight from your car to get processed for customs and immigration like commuters in trains and buses need to do. You will be processed right in your car on both trips which will be a lot more convenient for you.


The Cars & The Chauffeurs (Our Transportation)

Any limousine service will be judged by its cars and its chauffeurs. We have made it our prime objective to have the best cars and chauffeurs in the city.

Our limousines in Johor Bahru are all modern, clean, elegant, air-conditioned, well maintained and well driven every day of the year.

Keeping our cars in top shape at all times is one of the factors that have made our company the preferred choice when it comes to limousine hire JB.


Our chauffeurs are professionals. They are well trained in VIP relations, they are courteous, helpful and their knowledge of the city, its environs and all the way to Singapore is unrivalled.

They are also good drivers who will make your trips around the city something to remember. Most of all they will eliminate all your worries on transport so that you can focus on more important things that you have to do in the city and beyond.


Your Reliable & Top Choice of Limousine Service Between Singapore & Malaysia

Any time you are travelling from Singapore to Johor Bahru and vice versa, and you need the best executive transport available in the city, get in touch with SGMYTAXI for our deluxe limousines and excellent service.

A limousine in Johor Bahru is what you need to make your travels within the city and its environs safe, fast and convenient. You will never go wrong with limousines.