Achieve Healthier Lifestyle With Aenon Health Care

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to an isolated mountain, treating yourself with wholesome organic food fresh from the farm…

… while you enjoy dwelling in the beauty of mother nature and learn a new way to a healthy lifestyle?

In short, a healthcare staycation that mend the body, mind and soul all at once!

Such meaningful experience will no longer be your mere imagination.

Here is the good news! We have spot the perfect place where you could experience all of these in just one single trip!

Right here at the border between the states of Malacca and Negeri Sembilan, lays the healthcare center called Aenon Health Care which provide home-style live-in environment with different lifestyle program to renew the body, mind and soul.

12 Things You Can Expect from Aenon Health Care

If you have not heard about Aenon Health Care, these are the things you will be experiencing once you are there.

1. Various health packages and programs to meet individual needs

2. Medical evaluation and consultation by doctor

3. Develop a healthy dietary habit

4. Natural treatments and remedies

5. Beneficial Swedish massage therapy

6. Informative engaging health lectures

7. Basic principles of nutrition and cooking

8. All natural healthy food with no additives or preservatives

9. Recharge in the breathtaking sights of nature

10. Achieve maximum health benefits

11. Enjoy fresh homemade bakery

12. Cultivate new habits for a healthier lifestyle


A Haven For Healthy Living

Aenon Health Care started off in year 1999. As the health care services provided here are scarce, it is able to make its way to what we now see today, a well established health care center in Malaysia.

Aenon Health Care For Better Lifestyle

Their amazing vegan dietary concept has also been introduce to Aenon The Health Kitchen, a vegan restaurant located in Kuala Lumpur. The vegan food served in the restaurant is so popular that it was even interviewed and aired on Astro AEC tv program in Malaysia!

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This health center is managed by a team of dedicated and skillful health care provider including experienced doctor, nurse, trained therapists and health educators.

Sounds like you are in the hospital? Do not be confused, you will not find any medicinal product here nor medicine will be prescribed.

Accommodation In Aenon Health Care

Sleep is part of the health principle here as it plays an important role in restoration of the body. Adequate quality rest is very much valued in Aenon Health Care.

Needless to say, all rooms here are well ventilated and furnished with comfortable beds for guests to obtain quality sleep.

Comfortable Bed For Quality Sleep At Aenon

There are total of 17 rooms in Aenon Health Care which allows it to accommodate as many as 34 to 36 person at once.

As quality sleep is concerned, there is no reason for sleeping late at night. So be ready to adopt the habit of sleeping early when you are here.

Wholesome Vegan Meals At Aenon Health Care

As healthy diet plays an important role in healthy living, Aenon Health Care emphasizes on using all natural fresh ingredients and wholesome grains vegan diet.

All meals are prepared without adding in any MSG, dairy products, irritating flavoring like chili, vinegar and pepper as well as caffeine! Isn’t it amazing?

Aenon Health Care Vegan Meal

Other than premium selection of ingredients, the meals are also cooked in a healthy way abstaining from deep-fried to minimize oil content in the food.

You may be wondering how meals would prepare in such a way ever taste good. Fret not, they definitely do not sacrifice flavor for nutrition.

Aenon Rolled Oat Cookies Is Yummy

You might need to save your ‘healthy food taste bad’ perception once you have your first try on the vegan meals served here.

There is no other way better to enjoy the nutritious food than having it with the scenic view of natural beauty.

Here in Aenon cafeteria, mountain rocks are part of the artistic interior together with row of translucent windows along the wall allows you to catch the spectacular view of greenery when you are dining.

Aenon Cafeteria Nice Interior

Aenon Health Care Shop

If you have been to Aenon Health Care, you will find the healthcare shop located downhill right at the corner of the main building.

It is a small shop that sells various imported organic products, activated charcoal, homemade nutritious cookies and jam, Aenon vegan recipe books and also essence oil for massage.

Assorted Organic Product From Aenon Shop

Other than buying products displayed in the shop, you can also buy Aenon wholesome bakery fresh from the oven!

Some popular bakery you should not miss are Aenon’s whole meal bread, scones as well as wholemeal Tau Sar Peah (bean paste cookie).

Again, as far as health is concerned, all bakery sold are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, low sugar and organic.

As mentioned, you will not find the bakery being displayed in the shop. If you feel like giving it a taste, you will have to pre-order it and you will be guaranteed getting freshly made bakery!

Tasty Aenon Bean Paste Cookies

Aenon Farm

We have gone through Aenon wholesome meals, facilities, cafeteria, accommodation and what’s next? Aenon farm. Yes.. you read me right.

In order to have a complete set of healthy living system, the source of food ingredient is one part that should not be overlooked!

The best way to ensure clean food source is by having it’s own farm. All the vegetables from the farm are organic, pesticide-free, absolutely safe and unpolluted.

What is the best part? You are not only here to enjoy the harvest from the farm, but you will also be given the chance to experience hands-on gardening!

This is definitely one good way to boost the immune system while you get to enjoy the quiet moment, relieve your stress, slow down your pace and amaze at the wonder of nature.


What Are The Package Programs Available?

There are various health programs provided here in Aenon which includes cancer battle program catered for early stage cancer, lifestyle to health program and intensive health program for high blood pressure control and reversal of heart disease.

If you are bothered with your current body weight, there is also a weight reduction and control program provided here.

Aenon Natural Health Treatment & Remedies

Heavy smokers who are considering to quit smoking or for anyone who had tried quit smoking but failed, here’s the good news! In Aenon, you can get yourself a 5-day stop smoking program which will be a great start to a healthy lifestyle.

Not sure of which health program is suitable for you? Check out more of their available programs here!

Each participant of selected package will undergo health evaluation including blood test, medical history and physical examination.

Upon getting the evaluation results, a conditioning program will then be tailored by the profession accordingly.

Honestly, it’s not easy to find another place like this where you could pamper yourself physically for better health.

Aenon Health Care Program

A Little Sneak Peek On Aenon Health Programs

1. Hydrotherapy Treatments

As the name goes, hydrotherapy treatment uses water of different temperature to encourage blood circulation, smooth tensed muscles, boost immune system and detoxification.

Aenon Health Care Fascilities There are a few treatment for you to choose from, including contrast showers, hot fomentations, hot foot bath, Russian steam baths, whirlpool baths and infrared therapy.

You will be able to enjoy hydrotherapy treatment and at the same time learning the method of doing it the right way!

2. Colonic Irrigation or Enema Cleansing

This is an optional treatment as not everyone will be willing to have their accumulated toxic be removed in such a way.

Also, it is not recommended for people with gastric as fasting is required the day before treatment. There will be extra charges applied for colonic irrigation.

3. Swedish Massage Therapy

Unlike the ordinary massage that you get out there, Swedish massage is a deep tissue massage that is way beyond body relaxation.

Other than allowing your body to achieve exceptional relaxation, Swedish massage therapy also delivers therapeutic benefits, improving blood circulation and flexibility.

Aenon Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Massage therapists here are skillful and well-trained which will definitely able to provide you an unforgettable experience.

4. Daily Exercise Session

As exercise is one of the important part in building a healthy body, you will be able to join the exercise in the beginning of the day.

With the surrounding nature and cool fresh air in the morning, you will soon find out that exercise could never be better!

5. Nutritional Vegetarian Cooking Class

If you are a meat lover, do not let the word vegetarian scares you away.

Here in Aenon, you will be taught the way of cooking simple and delicious vegetarian meals with all the secret recipes revealed. You will soon find yourself indulge in the world of vegetarian!

Aenon Health Care Cooking Class Demo

6. Health & Medical Classes

Each session of health and medical class is conducted in lectures mode where you will be exposed to informative and up-to-date health experiences.

Informative Health Lectures Of Aenon Health Care

You will also learn practical tips to better help you in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Each participant is encouraged to turn these practices into habits which will then lead to healthy life changes.


What Others Say?

More than 1000 guests have attended the lifestyle programs and they have seen incredible improvement in their quality of life and restoration of their health through lifestyle changes by Aenon Health Care

Click here if would like to learn more about the testimonial of participants in Aenon Health Care.

It would be a trip full of unforgettable experience as you rejuvenate, spiritually refreshed and you find yourself at peace.

Relax At Aenon Health Care

If you are planning to go there, registration is necessary. Visitors without registration will not be entertained as program slots may be fully booked.

So what are you waiting for? Register today and save yourself a spot for lifestyle to health program!

You would probably come home with rewarding experience on developing new habits and new way of living.

Location: Lot 961, Jalan Batu Belang-Keru, 73000 Tampin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Contact: (+6)012 7126961 *PRIMARY HOTLINE / (+6)012 7126960
Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday & Sunday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Closed on: Saturday


How To Go To Aenon Health Care From Singapore

1. Private Car From Singapore To Aenon Health Care

Considering that you might be bringing elderly or family member for your staycation in Aenon Health Care, taking a private car service from Singapore is probably the easiest and fastest way to reach there.

Group travel can always make easy by simply choosing the right mode of transport. Many experienced travelers can easily tell that private car is definitely the best choice for group outing.

Wonder how long does it takes to arrive at Aenon Health Care?

Once you are out from Malaysia’s custom, it takes about two and a half hour drive from Johor Bahru.


If you have not discovered the advantages of reserving a private car service, here are some of the highlights:

  • Direct pick up from your preferred location
  • Drop-off will be the exact destination that you book
  • Get your clearance at Singapore-Malaysia Custom while you enjoy waiting in the car
  • Comfortable seat with spacious leg-room
  • Experienced driver with advanced driving skills

As Aenon Health Care is located in suburban area, the road condition on the way may not be at it’s best, it is strongly recommended to reach there by hiring private car.

You can make a direct reservation with us for a two-way trip from Singapore to Aenon Health Care by simply contacting us or book online for spacious MPV private car service.

2. Requests For Transport Service From Aenon Health Care

As mentioned, Aenon Health Care is not easily accessible. It could be a headache if you do not have your own transport there.

Fret not, you may request for transport service with Aenon Health Care with additional charges applied.

Aenon Health Care Scenic Nature

They will usually pick up from the nearest railway station (Pulau Sebang/ Tampin Railway Station). From there, it takes only 10 minutes drive to reach Aenon Health Care.

But here is the catch! Travelling from Johor Bahru to Tampin by train could be an issue as the entire journey would take about 5 hours. Timewise, travel by train is definitely not the best choice.