SG Electronic Arrival Card

Attention! Singapore Will Eventually Replace White Card With Electronic Arrival Card In Year 2020!

Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will cancel the transit card (white card) in 2020 and launch a Singapore electronic arrival card via mobile application.

In the future, tourists need to fill in immigration information online before entering Singapore.

When you arrive at the Singapore border, you only need to show your electronic arrival card to clear customs.

How Does Singapore Electronic Arrival Card Work?

Step 1: Download “SG Arrival Card” from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

SG Electronic Arrival Card

Step 2: Open “SG Arrival Card” mobile app.

Singapore Electronic Arrival Card (Main)

Step 3: Select Individual Submission – Fill in the trip information and submit it prior to arrival. Multiple trips can be included within a single submission.

Singapore Arrival Card (Invidual Submission)
OR Select Group Submission – Fill in the trip information and submit it prior to arrival as a group. Form a group by selecting a leader and member(s). Only applicable for single trip per group submission.

Singapore Arrival Card (Group Submission)

Step 4: DE Number – Retrieve DE Number (reference details upon successful submission) before immigration clearance.
Electronic Arrival Card Singapore


Electronic Arrival Card Singapore FAQs

1. What is the Electronic Arrival Card Singapore?

The Electronic Arrival Card, also referred to as the SG Arrival Card or white card, is a free e-service provided by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to assist foreign visitors with their entry documentation prior to arriving in Singapore.

It replaces the disembarkation/embarkation (D/E) cards that provide visitor information such as dates of entry and departure, passport and contact information, and where you will stay while in Singapore, if applicable.

Note: The Electronic Arrival Card is not a work permit or a visa. Click here to determine if you need a visa to enter Singapore.


2. Who is eligible for the Electronic Arrival Card Singapore?

Most foreign visitors travelling to Singapore can use this service. Work pass applicants and foreign visitors travelling with cruise ships must continue to complete and present the physical disembarkation/embarkation card.

Note: We are currently using the beta version of the Electronic Arrival Card service for online and mobile applications. Once the trial period is complete, ICA anticipates extending this electronic program to all foreign visitors.


3. When should I submit the Electronic Arrival Card?

It is recommended to submit the Electronic Arrival Card within 14 days before your date of arrival in Singapore to avoid delays at the immigration clearance checkpoint. All information, whether provided by you or on your behalf, must be provided in English and must be true and accurate.


4. Clearing immigration

Upon arrival, present yourself and your travel documents to the ICA officer located at the immigration counter. A list of travel documents required can be found here.

Note: Submission of Electronic Arrival Card information does not grant admission into Singapore. Eligibility for entry is assessed by the ICA officer upon arrival to Singapore.


5. How to apply for the Electronic Arrival Card?

Foreign visitors can submit their information online at

They will need your passport information, contact information, travel information, and accommodations information.

For foreign visitors using their smartphones to apply, the SG Arrival Card mobile app can be downloaded free of charge from both Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). Both versions of the mobile app are also in beta testing at this time.