How To Go To Port Dickson

Don’t you dream of that relaxing moment away to drift away in the sound of the ocean splashing in peace and tranquillity?

Dream no more, this ideal place for a wonderful beach getaway is really close to Singapore.

Port Dickson, a popular beach resort retreat located in Seremban that has garnered many tourist from overseas and even locals.

This is one of the amazing hotspots for relaxation and bonding time with family or friends.

So, how do we really get to this amazing location?

Here we have list out a few types of transportation that you can choose based on your preferred travelling style.

1. Private Car From Singapore To Port Dickson
2. Bus From Singapore To Port Dickson
3. Train From Singapore To Port Dickson
4. Flights From Singapore To Port Dickson
5. Self-drive From Singapore To Port Dickson

Port Dickson

Located 30km away from the capital of Negeri Sembilan, this quaint little town has been popular for its scenic view of the beach that stretches along the coastline.

Along the beach, you may find many luxury resorts, hotels and apartments including budget accommodation and holiday home due to the increase of tourist coming to town.

You wouldn’t want to miss out the things Port Dickson have in place, regardless the age. There is something for everyone!

How To Go To Port Dickson From Singapore

1. Private Car From Singapore To Port Dickson

One of the best traveling options is hiring a private taxi.The private car company handles and take care of your safety, procedures of passing through the immigration and of course, comfort! Your wellbeing is guaranteed by them.

Pros of Using Private Car Service:

  • Directly transfer passengers from Singapore to Port Dickson and vice versa.
  • Can get to stay in the car comfortably while passing through the immigration.
  • You choose your preferred time and date for pick-up.
  • Choose your pick-up location in Singapore.
  • Choose your drop-off location in Port Dickson.
  • Don’t share the rides with strangers.

Cons of Using Private Car Service:

  • Travel alone or less than 3 people is expensive

Private Car Suitable For:

  • Families travelling with elderly and/or younger children
  • Group of people with five or more

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, here’s more reason why you should be traveling and using SGMYTAXI!

Private Car To Port Dickson (SGMYTAXI)

We are a reliable private car company and here are the advantages of riding with us.

Experienced and friendly drivers:

  • Knows the way around Singapore and Johor.
  • Punctual and follow customer’s schedule.
  • Understand all safety procedures.
  • Vehicles are properly maintained, clean and checked before travelling.
  • Drivers know the shortest and safest route to avoid traffic congestion at all cost.

Comfortable & spacious

  • Spacious legroom
  • Ample luggage storage

 No hidden charges, booking fee or any additional charges after you reserved the taxi.

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2. Bus From Singapore To Port Dickson

Save from breaking your bank by traveling in a public transport. It may be inconvenient in comparison with the private taxi and you have to travel with strangers, however you get to enjoy the scenic view and can be rather fun too!

Pros of Using Bus

  • Get to save money on transport
  • Suitable for lone travellers, couple or backpackers
  • It is quite an adventure to learn the ways of getting on public transports

Cons of Using Bus:

  • Have to get down from the bus while carrying your luggage to go through the Johor-Singapore checkpoint
  • Time-consuming
  • Have to follow the bus schedules
  • Luggage compartment is limited


2.1 Bus From Singapore to Port Dickson (Direct)

There are many bus companies that cater to bring passengers from Singapore directly to Port Dickson, and better yet, they bring you right to the hotel doorstep! Book your stay at these few hotels for your convenience.

  • Avillion Hotel
  • Admiral Cove
  • Grand Lexis
  • Lexis Hibiscus @ Port Dickson
  • Thistle Port Dickson Hotel

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You can simply book your bus ticket online at and choose your preferred timing and stay.

Take note that bus schedules vary from time to time, so it is best to check the timetable online or ask the bus counters directly.

(i) KKKL

KKKL Express Bus

Ticket Price
Singapore to Port Dickson Hotels: SGD$36
Port Dickson Hotels to Singapore: SGD$36

Departure Point & Time
Bugis MRT Exit D (7:45am)
Textile Centre (7:45am)

Return Point & Time
Grand Lexis (3:00pm)
Port Dickson Avillion (3:15pm)
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson (3:45pm)

4 hours 30 minutes


(ii) Golden Coach Express

Golden Coach

Ticket Price
Singapore to Port Dickson Hotels: SGD$35
Port Dickson Hotels to Singapore: SGD$35

Departure Point & Time
City Plaza Singapore (8:15am)
Concorde Shopping Centre (8:45am)

Return Point & Time
Grand Lexis (2:00pm, 3:00pm)
Port Dickson Avillion (2:15pm, 3:15pm)
Thistle Port Dickson Hotel (3:30pm)
Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson (2:45pm, 3:45pm)

4 hours 30 minutes

(iii) WTS City Holiday

Ticket Price
Singapore to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson/Grand Lexis Port Dickson: SGD$35

Departure Point & Time
Tampines Hub (Fri & Sat: 7:30am)

4 hours 30 minutes


2.2 Bus From Singapore to Port Dickson (via Seremban)

An alternative option if you are not staying at the selected hotels mentioned above, you can still take the bus from Singapore to Seremban and from there, take another local public bus to Port Dickson.

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Here is the list of bus operators traveling to Seremban- there’s lots more choices than a direct one.

Step 1: Bus From Singapore to Seremban

(i) The One Tours & Travels

Five Stars Express

Ticket Price
Singapore to Seremban Bus Terminal: SGD$36.50

Departure Point & Time
Golden Mile Complex (8:30am, 10:00am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, 8:30pm, 11:00pm)
Boon Lay Shopping Centre (9:15am, 10:45am, 2:15pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:30pm)

4 hours 30 minutes


(ii) Starmart Express

Starmart Express

Ticket Price
Singapore to Seremban Bus Terminal: SGD$30
Seremban Bus Terminal to Singapore: RM45

Departure Point & Time
Golden Mile Tower (8:45am, 11:30am, 5:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:30pm,9:00pm, 9:15pm, 9:30pm, 10:04pm, 11:00pm, 11:58pm)
Boon Lay Shopping Centre (9:15am, 8:30pm, 9:00pm, 9:45pm, 10:00pm)
City Plaza (11:00am, 5:00pm, 8:30pm, 9:34pm)
Park Royal Hotel (Kitchener) (11:15am, 5:15pm, 8:45pm, 9:49pm)

4 hours 30 minutes


(iii) SEASONS Express

Seasons Express

Ticket Price
Singapore to Seremban Bus Terminal: SGD$18

Departure Point & Time
Golden Mile Complex (8:00am, 8:30pm, 10:00pm, 10:30pm, 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm, 7:30pm, 11:30pm, 11:45pm)

4 hours 30 minutes

Step 2: Bus From Seremban to Port Dickson

From Seremban Bus Terminal, you can catch their local bus 828 that brings you to Port Dickson, or you can ask the bus counters for the bus schedules. The journey takes roughly an hour.


3. Train From Singapore To Port Dickson

This will be one means of transport where it has longer travelling time compare to the other 3 options. If you’re up for it, to have a wee bit of adventure of transiting trains, here it is!

Do note there is no direct train service from Singapore to Port Dickson, so here are the ways of getting to your holiday destination by hopping on and off at 3 different train stations. Get your schedules in check or you’ll be missing them!

Step 1:

First get on the shuttle train from Singapore Woodland Checkpoint to JB Sentral. You may refer to the full list of schedules and prices here.

Step 2:

From JB Sentral, you have to hop on the KTM train that goes to Gemas.

Port Dickson KTM Train

Here is the train schedule:

  • 10:00am
  • 4:00pm
  • 7:00pm
  • 10:50pm

Here is the train ticket as follow:

Superior Night Class (2nd class sleeper only available on trains 26 / 27):
Lower Berth :
RM33 (adult), RM27 (child)
Upper Berth:
RM27 (adult), RM21 (child)
Superior class (2nd class):
RM21 (adult), RM15 (child)

Step 3:

Once you’ve arrived at Gemas Station, another train will be the ETS train schedule for northbound services. Alight at Seremban Station which is the 4th stop.

The train schedule is as follow:

  • 7:30am
  • 3:00pm
  • 4:00pm
  • 9:10pm

The ticket price from Gemas to Seremban:
RM22 (adult), RM15 (child)

Remember to make an advanced booking to avoid disappointment. Trains from JB to the north are usually fully booked. You can book them via their main KTMB website.

You think you’ve arrived at Port Dickson? Not yet; this final transportation will bring you to your beach getaway.

Step 4:

As you get down from Seremban Station, walk 6 mins to “Opposite Masjid Perbandaran Seremban” and catch the bus no. 828 that brings you to Port Dickson town. The travelling time is about an hour.


4. Flights From Singapore To Port Dickson

There are no airports in Port Dickson or Seremban, you can however take a flight from Singapore Changi to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia.

There are a few alternative routes you can consider once you’ve arrived at KLIA.

Port Dickson Flights

Route 1: From KLIA, you can hail a cab to Port Dickson, which is roughly an hour drive away.

Route 2: From KLIA → KLIA Express train to KL Sentral → ETS train towards Seremban →  walk 6 mins to Opposite Masjid Pembandaran Seremban →  bus 828 to Port Dickson.

Route 3: From KLIA or KLIA2 → bus Cityliner to Seremban Bus Terminal → bus 828 to Port Dickson.


5. Self-drive From Singapore To Port Dickson

Got a license and your own car? You can drive yourself to Port Dickson at your own speed and comfort. Although you have to pay for tolls and probably get stuck in traffic, but the whole idea of driving is really fun too!

The direction to Port Dickson really simple and is via the north-south highway. Follow the route on google map or waze and you’ll be there in 3-4 hours’ time, depending on traffic.