How To Get To Lotus Desaru Beach Resort From Singapore (Top Rated Johor Beach Resort)

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

The most famous beach along the east coastline of Malaysia, Desaru, boasts a warm and lively resort, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa.

With year-round water activities and its gorgeous landscape, the resort is renowned as “The Resort for all seasons”.

The resort is perfectly surrounded by decent tropical rainforest, sparkling blue ocean, white sandy beach and swaying palm trees.

By providing a peace and tranquil environment, it is an ideal place for a romantic getaway, family vacation or even a tropical adventure.

Come and enjoy this nature’s gift.

It will leave you an unforgettable and memorable experience that you have never imagined before.

In this article, we will talk about:

How to Go to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort From Singapore

Before even looking at the features and attractions of the resort, it is important to know the resort location and the easiest and comfortable way to get there. The Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is located on the Kota Tinggi coastline in Johor Province close to the Malaysian-Singapore border.

There are several ways to access the resort from Singapore. From Johor Bahru, it will only take you little more than an hour’s drive to get to the resort. From Singapore, the best way is through Kota Tinggi.

  • By Private Car

The best and most comfortable way to get to the resort is by private car service, SGMYTAXI to be specific. provides hassle free private transport from any location in Singapore to Desaru Lotus Beach Resort.

The charge is affordable and the experienced drivers are very familiar with all the routes. All you need to do is filling out the reservation form and enjoy the trip. Flexible, Convenient and Comfortable! Their customer service is exceptional, truly a holiday before the holiday!

  • By Singapore to Desaru Ferry

The resort can be accessed by boarding a ferry from Changi Terminal in Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor Terminal in Johor. The ferry journey may take about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Then, you need to drive another 35 minutes to 45 minutes from Tanjung Belungkor Terminal to reach Lotus Desaru Resort. The resort is about 31.1km from the terminal and it’s quite close to Singapore. So obvious you can’t miss it.

  • By Public Transport

While there is public transport to the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort, it can’t be relied on as the public buses are normally far between and stuffy and uncomfortable when one finally manages to come through.

You can take a bus from Tanjung Belungkor to Desaru which is about 32km distance from the resort.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa Review

The Lotus Desaru Resort goes by the tagline “a Resort for all reasons” and that is not very far from the truth.

As a matter of fact, the description is an understatement, visiting the resort in person is surreal and unbelievable.

Getting to the hotel, one is met by pristine water with magnificent sandy beaches on a 22 km lined with tall palm trees to complete the picture perfect paradise that Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa is.

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Walking through the sandy beach with the rhythm of the sea behind you is an experience that you will not likely forget in a hurry. The beauty of the resort will make even the most photophobic people to pose for a photo, or two, or three for memory sake. And that is only on the outside, inside, the resort offers much more.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort johor

  • Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Facilities

Getting to the Resort or anywhere close to it, you will be amazed at how big it is. That thing is huge! And I’m not even joking. It is not every day you come across a hotel with more than 600 rooms and a bunch of other facilities all on the same ground.

The multi-storey resort has more than 700 rooms divided into 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom suites all with a range of in-room features like:

  • lounges for those moments you want to just lay back and watch the ocean waves,
  • a kitchenette to make sure you don’t miss any of your local cuisines installed with a microwave and refrigerator,
  • a separate dining area for the obvious,
  • private bathrooms
  • walk in closets.
  • each room has a safe deposit box for all your valuables, access to elevators and free WiFi.

During your (presumably long) stay at the resort, you will have access to round the clock room service and daily laundry service at affordable cost.

For your entertainment needs, there is a fully stocked bar at the resort which plays really good music and the bartenders are just something else.

The restaurant is another place you might want to visit or take your family to.

It serves exotic cuisines and delicacies from all over the world, from French to Mexican to Oriental meals capped with efficient and friendly staff who are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your stay there and possibly even come back.


  • Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Recreation Facilities

The Desaru Beach resort market themselves as the holiday destination of choice and have some wonderful recreation facilities including several swimming pools indoor and outdoor with a children’s pool also included to make sure the little ones are not left out of all the fun.

For those times you want to lay back and let the sun rays wash over you or to get a tan, there is a garden complete with lounges for that, not forgetting an exclusive private beach within the resort for those who value their privacy.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort recreation

  • Fitness Center

The resort also has a fully equipped fitness center with trained instructors to help you keep in shape. As keeping fit and staying healthy is for everyone and not just adults, there is a children’s fitness center with kid friendly equipment and personnel to ensure the juniors exercise in a safe environment.


  • Sea Sport

For sports, there are various sea sports you can partake in while at the resort such as rafting, boating, canoeing and kayaking. More demanding sports include paddle boating and jet skiing.

Simply put, you get to have an adrenaline charged evening or morning competing with other residents or even your friends or family but most importantly against the ocean waves and sea elements in a safe and controlled environment.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort sea sport

  • Massage

Massage parlors are also included in the resort because we all need that soft gentle touch after a long fun filled day which usually takes toll on our stiff and normally under exercised muscles. You can get almost all types of massages you ask for, from hot stones massage to acupressure to head and foot massages, name it.

  • Lotus Desaru Water Park

There is also a large water park at the resort with features like fountains, water slides and splash pads for those who would like some fun in the water. The water park also contains several swimming pools for all recreational swimming needs.

The water park is one place you definitely don’t want to miss, and rightly so. Whether you are a swimming enthusiast or somewhat hydrophobic, you will not regret your visit to the park.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Waterpark

For body treatments, the resort has a large spa as is on the name. Spa staff are trained to do all types of body treatments and pampering including facials, manicures, pedicures and aromatherapy.

Modern and advanced beauty care treatments like body waxing and electrolysis are also included in addition to professional make up application and hair styling to keep you in top shape both physically and psychologically. The spa also has a large public sauna with hot and steam baths as we all know a spa day is nothing without a hot steamy bath.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort SPA


  • Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Accommodation

As earlier said, the expansive resort consists of about 650 elegant and fully furnished suites with 1 bedroomed, 2 bed roomed, 3 bed roomed and 4 bed roomed suites available at affordable prices, all spacious and fully furnished.

For the large family, there are some pent houses which can host up to six occupants, more than the average family.

There are also different meeting rooms for all your business and/or informal meetings. These range from boardrooms to conference halls to ballrooms like the Lotus Ballroom which can also double up as a workshop or seminar hall.

All the residential suites come with buffet breakfast and exemplary room service, the breakfast depending on the room size and the number of occupants.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Room


The 1 bed roomed suite is suitable for a small family of up to two adults and a buffet breakfast is provided for the same with two Lotus Desaru Beach Resort wristbands to preserve the memories of the fun times.

The 2 bed roomed suite is ideal for a group or family with up to 4 adults with buffet breakfast provided for the same. 4 wristbands are given out by the hotel to make sure you don’t forget your experience there in a hurry.

The 3 bed roomed suite is only allowed 6 adults on the standard charge, any additional will incur extra costs. Buffet breakfast and four branded wristbands complete the amazing package.

The 4 bed roomed suite is hands down the largest and most spacious suites and the resort allows up to 8 adults to share the suites and the same number of beds. Branded promotional wristbands are provided for each of those to preserve the memories of their stay, i mean who wouldn’t want to brag about a visit to such an amazing place?

The Pent Houses are simply the epitome of spacious accommodation as offered by the resort and are ideal for the large family that does not shy away from splashing large amounts on holiday accommodation. A full course buffet breakfast, strong WiFi signal at a small fee, and wristbands are provided for up to 6 occupants of the pent houses.

Please note that The Resort considers anyone above 12 years an adult meaning no free accommodation is provided for them. For children below 12, free accommodation is available on condition that they are sleeping on the already existing bedings, request for extra beds such as a cof for toddlers will attract some more charges above the usual room rates.

The meetings or conference facilities are available for hire by all groups corporate or family on a first come first served basis. If you plan to hire one of these be it for a seminar, workshop, company retreats or family gatherings, you are advised to make early bookings as they attract high demand.


  • Dining Available In Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

There is a public restaurant and two bars in the resort and all are open to the public, until some hours past midnight every day.

For your meals, you can decide to call room service who will deliver your preferred meals straight to your room, which has a dining area and kitchenette exactly for that purpose.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Dining

Better still, if you are the social type, you might want to visit or take your family to the resort’s restaurant which serves all the major world delicacies prepared by professional chefs and decent service.

Due to the large size of the restaurant and the amount of people it serves, be prepared to wait for quite some time for your food to arrive.

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort Beach

The best way to avoid the long wait is by placing an order in advance ,the restaurant has some discounts to this effect so you might want to try it out.

Fast foods and coffee aficionados are not left behind, there is a coffee bar where you can also find some snacks while also getting to meet and know the crowd there, who knows you might find your lifetime friend(s) here!

The coffee bar stocks most of the different types of coffee including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. If you are the type that can’t go a day without a cup or two off coffee, this I for you.


  • Drinks and Entertainment

For night life and alcohol lovers, there are two fully stocked bars at the resort each with its own theme and color. The bars serve all kinds of drinks like Russian vodka, whiskey, beer, malt and the finest and high quality wine with prices depending on the quality and type of drink.

Mostly though, the drinks at the bar are on the higher end of the price level and you may be forced to cough up more than you normally would at your local. The service and atmosphere make up for the prices though, and by the end of the night you won’t be thinking of how much you spent on drinks but on how much fun you had.

On the entertainment part, each of the bars is fitted with a modern high end sound system which is sure to keep the atmosphere calm and classy through the night. No loud and irritating music here, just the right sound and intensity to keep you entertained without any damage to your eardrums.


  • Booking and Inquiries

If the Lotus Desaru resort is in your holiday plans, you can get room prices and other details at their website

For faster and more personalized replies, make a phone call to their front desk at +607-884 2800 which is ideal for people in and around Malaysia and Singapore, it might be expensive to call from outside this regions as international call rates are usually high.

Instead, you can email the resort with your inquiry question through their official email at


Hotels or Resorts Near Desaru Lotus Beach Resort

The Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is not in isolation as it neighbors several beach hotels and resorts in the Desaru area. It looks like Desaru and Johor by extension is the hospitality capital of Malaysia.

1. Sand & Sandals Desaru Beach Resort & Spa

Anyway, the 200-room Sand & Sandals Beach Resort & Spa (previously known as Pulai Desaru Beach Resort & Spa) is a few kilometers away from the Lotus Desaru and is famed for its wonderful seafood and majestic golf courses.

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Pulai Desaru Beach Resort&Spa room

It is one of the most popular hotels in the Desaru area. One of the benefits the resort offers to occupants is rides to various places around Desaru like the ostrich farm and Desaru town in general.


2. Desaru Golden Beach Hotel

Desaru Golden Beach Hotel is a 4 star hotel in the same Kota Tinggi locality as The Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and is one of the few hotels in Johor with anything above a 3 star rating.

The Desaru Golden Beach Hotel is not only a holiday or weekend getaway but also has a currency exchange center making it a great destination for all internationals not to mention its proximity to Senai International Airport.

Desaru Golden Beach Hotel

Main features of this hotel include more than 100 rooms, a big swimming pool and wonderful golfing facilities for executive and gentlemen clubs.


3. Desaru Tunamaya Beach Resort & Spa

In the same Desaru area and about 95 km from Johor Bahru is the magnificent Desaru Tunamaya Beach Resort & Spa which is in a class of its own.

Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

With a majestic beachfront with panoramic ocean views on one side and a tropical rainforest on the other, it is deep within nature itself. Excellent room service, free WiFi and swimming pool access are the other features you will find here.


4. Bayu Balau Beach Resort Desaru

Another of the many resorts and hotels around Desaru, Bayu Balau Beach Resort (previously known as Pelangi Balau Resort Desaru) is a 100 roomed hotel with a large public pool and water park for all the water games and recreational activities.

Pelangi Balau Resort Desaru

Guests at the hotel also partake in various other activities including jungle hikes, group visits to the many attractions around Desaru including the Museum and the Fruit Farm.


Desaru Attractions

1.) Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm is arguably the largest fruit and plant farm in Malaysia. The farm is located on more than 100 acres of land is home to almost all the tropical fruit and plant varieties known to man.

Desaru Fruit Farm One Day Tour

There is also a mini-zoo to keep the youngsters entertained as the parents look around and sample the plants.

The farm is large and extensive with hundreds of orchards and fruit trees some of which you may have never seen before and are less likely to come across anywhere else.

The tour guides on the farm are warm and friendly and will even offer you some fruit samples to try out before purchasing.


2.) Desaru Ostrich Farm

Entrance to the Desaru Ostrich Farm is only RM 12 for adults and RM 8 for children.

At the farm you will see more than 90 ostriches of different varieties with all the facts about ostriches explained to you by a personal tour guide who will be assigned to you on entrance and after paying the admission fee.

Desaru Ostrich Farm

There are even ostrich rides for a small fee, you definitely won’t forget that in a hurry! For memories sake, the farm management sells some souvenirs like ostrich eggs and feathers for a few Ringgit Malaysia. Certainly worth it.


3.) Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

The Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is definitely a must visit when in the Desaru area, entrance fee is around RM 8 for adults and even lower for kids which is pretty affordable.

The farm is home to hundreds, possibly thousands of the reptiles of different sizes, age and variety.

Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm

Sizes may vary from baby crocodiles only a foot long to giant crocodiles more than 15 feet long. Age also varies with some crocodiles in the farm being more than 150 years old! No kidding.

You get to see the farm staff feed the crocodiles which is normally a dangerous undertaking and you could also get to do it, for a small fee.


4.) River Cruise Firefly Tour

One of the major tourist attractions in Desaru is the Bujang Firefly River Cruise tour which is a boat ride launched from a floating restaurant by the same name. The cruise takes about 40 minutes around the Bujang River and only takes place at night when the fireflies are out.

To enhance the viewing experience, the boats have minimal light which speaks volumes about the eye power of the sailors. After some time, the fireflies are very visible and it’s one hell of an amazing experience which can be made better by splashing some water to the bushes where they are.

Sungai Lebam Wetlands -Fireflies

Seeing some light, the fireflies even go closer to the boat and you will be surprised that despite being associated with fire, they are as cool as they come. Children especially like this experience which they usually compare to a Christmas tree.

With all those attractions, Desaru is a place you definitely want to visit. The places you may go to and for how long will obviously depend on your finances.


Core Services Rates:
1. SG – Legoland 100SGD(Nett)
2. SG – JB 90-100SGD(Nett)
3. SG – Senai 100SGD(Nett)
4. SG – JPO 100SGD(Nett)
5. SG – KSL 90SGD(Nett)
6. SG – JB Sentral 90SGD(Nett)
7. SG – Mersing 220SGD(Nett)

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