A Famosa Resort Malacca Trip You Don’t Want To Miss

melaka a' famosa trip

A Famosa Resort Malacca

Did you know that the A Famosa Resort in Malacca is rated by some as one of the foremost leisure and resort destination in the whole region of South East Asia?

The resort is reputed for its most amazing and fun filled activities at its prestigious Water Theme Park among other activities that bring families, friends and corporate entities together.

The resort seats on an expansive 1300-acre site in Alor Gajah and is surrounded by rolling hills and a panoramic landscape.

It is about an hour’s drive from the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Among its various features is a resort, condotels, villas, the World Safari, Cowboy Town and much more.

In this article you will find:

How To Go To A Famosa Resort Malacca From Singapore

If you are travelling from Singapore, there are a number of transportation alternatives that are available that can enable you to reach the A’Famosa Resort in Malaysia.

You can make a decision to use air transport, a bus ride or hire a car or even a taxi. All these transportation modes have different time duration and costs depending on the mode that you choose.

1. Private Taxi From Singapore To A Famosa Resort Malacca

Travel to A Famosa Resort Malacca become more easy and convenient by hiring private taxi services, SGMYTAXI. Their experienced drivers will pick you up from any location in Singapore and directly bring you to A Famosa Resort with comfortable and extra legroom MPV car.

SGMYTAXI is the leading private taxi cross-border services between Singapore and Malaysia. They has experienced and professional taxi drivers who are well versed with the routes to use when travelling to any location in Malacca. It is little bit expensive than taking a bus if you travel alone but if you travel with your family, then, it is the most convenient and hassle free way.

Private Car To Malacca (SGMYTAXI)

Benefits of Using SGMYTAXI Private Taxi:

  • affordable rates.
  • no need to alight luggage all they way in Singapore checkpoint and Johor Customs.
  • no need to disembark from vehicle to get your passport stamp.
  • more faster than bus as bus need has scheduled stops.
  • more comfortable and flexible since the passengers wishes pertaining to the journey are always granted.
  • passengers are able to determine where to have breaks or stops or even to take photo shooting.
  • vehicles are spacious enough and well maintained to give you a seamless experience when travelling with them.

More details to go to Melaka from Singpaore, click here: How To Go To Malacca From Singapore


2. Bus From Singapore To A Famosa Resort Malacca

The Melaka Sentral Terminal is a very busy terminal since many express bus companies operate the Singapore-Malacca Route. Apart from the known bus companies like 707 Express, Delima Express and Singapore Malacca Express, new bus companies have sprouted up and are operating this route as well.

These bus companies include KKKL Express and SS International Express, which have now joined the rank and file of buses operating in this route.

Most coaches end their services at the Melaka Sentral but others, which include The One Travel and Tours, Transtar and WTS, provide other alternative arrival destinations that include hotels in the Melaka area and its vicinity.

The average travel time from Singapore to Malacca using these buses can be estimated at about 4 hours depending on the traffic conditions. The are several alighting points that include the Renaissance Hotel, Melaka Sentral, Equatorial Hotel, Makhota Hotel and Alor Gajah.


3. Self Driving From Singapore To A Famosa Resort Malacca

A trip to A Famosa Resort Malacca from Singapore can be a good way to have a short break during weekends or school holidays.

If you want to drive yourself from Singapore To A Famosa Resort Malacca for either a vacation trip or family trip, you should take exit at 227-Simpang Ampat from AH2. The journey may take about 2 hours 30 minutes drive to reach the resort from Johor Bahru Checkpoint.


4. Flight From Singapore To A Famosa Resort Malacca

Flying to A’Famosa from Singapore entails a series of connections which makes it last a little bit longer. You should first take an MRT to Tanah Merah then connect to the Airport where you can take a flight up to Kuala Lumpur Airport.

The flight will last about 55 minutes. At the Kuala Lumpur Airport you will take a train to the Kuala Lumpur Terminal where you then connect a bus to Alor Gajah. The bus ride will last for about 1 hr 15 min. At Alor Gajah you can take a taxi or hire a car which will take you to A’Famosa Resort in just over an hour.

A Famosa Resort Theme Park

A Famosa Resort is well known for its theme park attractions that feature the water park and theme park.


A Famosa Theme Park at Alor Gajah

  • The Water Theme Park offers a variety of entertainments such as the cool pools that also feature the enjoyable slides. Children and adults play these very exciting water games to help them in bonding.

  • The thrilling water escapades are water games that are adventurous and involve some form of suspense and excitement. They are very therapeutic and relaxing games which remove all the strains and stresses of everyday busy life.

A' Famosa Water World

  • Other games include the telematch and pool games which are group games that bring the element of competition and fun. They involve ball games; relay games, ice breaker games and many more that combine game ideas, resources and ideas for picnics, birthday parties, youth groups, summer camps, company events, family life, and home school or just simply for fun. They are very popular especially to families and even to corporate entities, who take great pleasure in them.

A' Famosa Animal World Safari

  • There are quite a number of pool games and activities that are especially loved by children. These activities are never limited in scope and time since they can be played for a whole day.


Accommodation Available at A Famosa Resort

The A Famosa Resort Melaka offers very excellent rooms and accompanying facilities that ensure the comfort of all their guests. There is a wide range of rooms to choose from and these include the Standard Room, Superior Room and Suites.

melaka a'famosa resort

All these types of rooms are tailored to meet the varied needs of their clients and which offer different experiences depending on the taste of the visitor.

Each and every room has a private balcony which creates a sense of privacy and comfort to any visitor. The balconies enable the guests to enjoy the pleasant surroundings from the comfort of their rooms.

There are also other additional facilities that are offered by the resort to make life more pleasant for the guests. These facilities include:

  • A bicycle
  • A wheel chair
  • A chess board
  • An iron and iron board
  • The Mahjong
  • Internet access
  • A baby cot , among others

1. A Famosa Resort Villa

With a large expanse of land covering over 13 acres, the A’Famosa Resort is able to provide more spacious villas.

These villas are roomy enough to cater for group as well as family holidays.
A' Famosa Villas

Each villa within its large territory has its own swimming pool. The rooms are also accommodative enough and have between 3 to 5 bedroom units. The villas are modern and provide the much needed comfort and security to the guests.


2. A Famosa Resort Hotel

The condotels, or condominiums as they are popularly known, are located in a very strategic location within the property of A’Famosa. Each of these modern and exclusive condotels has its own private balconies with a view of the whole resort.

a Famosa Villa Suite

Their rooms are well maintained, cozy and elegant. The condotels have between 1 to 3 bedrooms which, is sufficient enough.

a'famosa condotel

Other additional features that increases the comfort in the rooms include:

  • A well maintained air conditioning system
  • A spacious living room
  • Color TV and other entertainment facilities

9 Fun Things To Do In A Famosa Resort Malacca

1. Bicycles for Rent

You can be able to have fun or do some exercises within the confines of the resort.

This can be enjoyable as you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the resort in the process. The resort rents out bicycles in terms of single and double rides whose cost is calculated on an hourly basis. The rental is cheap and affordable

2. Equestrian Club

At the resort you can also experience the thrill of riding around in a thoroughbred horse in the open countryside. The resort has quite a number of horses which are thoroughbred and are there at the disposal of the guests.

All these horses are provided by the A’Famosa Equestrian Club, which boasts of an impressive collection of thoroughbred horses.

If horse-riding is not your thing, you can as well jump onto a horse-drawn carriage with your loved one for a romantic ride through the resort. The club also offers Riding Lessons and Stable Management Courses for those who are interested.

3. Fishing Pond

A fish pond is available for passionate anglers who can try their angling prowess at the Fishing Pond facility. The fish pond is well stocked with fishes and it is part and parcel of one of the golf courses.

Among the various fishes that can be found here include the Patin, Haruan, Tilapia, Keli and Jelawat fishes which are found in abundance.

There are also other aquatic creatures which share this habitat with the fishes but the most recognizable one is the golf ball. Fishing enthusiasts will find fresh water pond an anglers’ haven here.

One can choose to either use the fishing rods available or bring their own. Competitions are held each month.

4. Safari Wonderland

A’ Famosa Resort also features the Safari Wonderland which has various key attractions that are fun-filled and exciting. The Safari Wonderland enables the interaction between people and the animal world.

The available animals include tigers, rabbits, horses, camels and elephants. It is in Wonderland Safari that you can be able to see the fangs of the tiger, be able to play with the rabbits, or even ride on horses, camels and elephants.

5. Walk Through Area

There are also walk-through amongst the flamingoes, the dino ancestors and the raccoons too. This is not to forget the emu and the ostriches.

6. Safari Adventure

There is also the Thrill of the Animal Safari whereby you ride on a secure truck in the midst of the giraffes and tigers as the Safari adventure ride cruises by.

The safari also visits the Monkey Island by the use of rafts to see the brown lemurs, capuchins, squirrels, monkeys and the white-handed gibbons.

7. Old West

It features a lot of entertainments which include discos, restaurants, beer gardens bowling alley, game center, children theme park and funfair.

8. Red Indian Show

It include the fire blowing acts which are very popular and also great performances and ceremonial dances. Some of these stunts are dangerous but also present a lot of humor.

9. Carnival

There is also the carnival which has been christened as the biggest and most happening event. You can also experience the most colorful parade that you have ever witnessed complete with colorful floats, beautiful dancers and exciting street parties.


What To Eat In A Famosa Resort

1. Golfer’s Terrace

Golfers Terrace is situated in the vicinity of the international championship class golf course. It offers tantalizing local and western cuisines in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

The cool breeze that is a dominant feature in this set up is really exhilarating. This is not to mention the ala carte and buffet prepared variety of foods and beverages. The experience, coupled with a splendid view of the green serene golf course terrain, is truly remarkable.

2. The Ranch Steak House

The Ranch Steak House, which was newly renovated and refurbished, offers you its excellent and most desired varieties of steak. If you are a meat, lover this is the place to be since the experience will be worth the while.

3. Lakeview Restaurant

Also on the buffet list is the Lakeview restaurant that prepares appetizing delicacies while enjoying the view of the adjacent man-made lake. After the strenuous Water World activities, most visitors stream to this joint during lunch break to recharge their energies.

4. Huang Di Chinese Restaurant

This is one of the restaurants in A’Famosa that really has unique finger licking delicacies that are hard to resist. It presents a variety of authentic Chinese cuisines that will not disappoint. You can drop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and be treated to the uniquely Chinese foods which are a more welcome change from the more traditional delicacies.

5. Side Walk Cafe

This is a convenience café at A’Famosa Water World dining and leisure. It has a beautiful scene of the Water World features and greens, which gives it a very calm and serene ambience. It is indeed a relaxation and dining joint that will surely impress after engaging in the energy sapping activities of the water world.

6. Bamboo Steak House

If you are in the vicinity of the Animal Safari, and you are probably waiting for the Elephant Show, the Bamboo Steak House is the perfect place to be. It is set out with the calming effects of the green and the fish pond.

7. Sunshine Cafe

This popular joint is partly hidden by the Condotel Clubhouse and is a place where everyone can dine and relax. It is a strategically located eatery that affords one the opportunity to unwind while savoring and sampling the various delicacies on offer.


A Famosa Resort Conference & Banquet

The A’Famosa Convention Centre is a well renowned conference venues in the Melaka area because it is well equipped with an array of high tech facilities and services.

These facilities range from meeting rooms, high tech theaters, pillar less exhibition space, professional and audio visual services among others.

This shows the capacity that the A’Famosa Convention Centre has to host a wide variety of conventions and events which include but are not limited to:

  • Concerts and entertainments
  • Annual dinner events
  • Conferences and meetings
  • Exhibitions and weddings


Freeport A’Famosa Outlet

The Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is located in Alor Gajah, which is in the West coast Peninsular of Malaysia. It faces the Straits of Malacca that is about 147 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. It finds itself between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

This outlet mainly deals with 70 different kinds of brands including fashion, sports and accessories. Its style of doing business is an open mall design and one which is characterized by a fountain, a lake carousel, a windmill, and an architectural design which is themed on their Malacca Dutch heritage.

Freeport A'Famosa Fountain

The outlet is a joint-venture between UK-based outlet specialist Freeport Retail Ltd and A’Famosa Resort. However, its brand originates from the US. It has a heavy presence in Europe and is expanding into the Southeast Asian region.

  • Free Port A’Famosa Outlet Activities

The most common brands which are featured here include brands like Nike, Cotton on, Esprit, Puma, Carlo Rino, Samsonite, Folliefollie and many other well renowned brands. Its trade with these brands has attracted quite a number of buyers because they do offer good deals and bargains.

The outlet borrowed the concept from the USA and is known to be the first ones to bring the concept to Europe. Freeport actually opened shop in 1994 and since then has opened about 12 other village outlets either as a joint partnership or as a single entity.

Freeport A'Famosa

It has also set its sights on the UK market and currently has 5 outlets which are up and running in this territory. The other outlets are found in Europe and especially the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries like Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Portugal.

The Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is currently planning to venture into the French market. This is a market which has not experienced this market concept and it is hoped it will expand very fast in this region. Their first port of call in the French market is Lyon.

In South East Asia, Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is the first of its kind in this region as things stand, it is expected to revolutionize the trading concept in this region. Things seem to be looking up as their activity indicates that they are planning to open even more outlets.

It has also identified a partner in the Philippines in Manila and is also looking to expand its activities into Jakarta, Indonesia and Macauan China. The outlet is fast growing into a very strong multinational company which will be a force to reckon within the not so distant future. It is headquartered in Pall Mall, St James London.


  • Freeport A’Famosa Outlet Services
Freeport A’Famosa Outlet does not only sell fashion brands and the other accessories but is also deeply involved with its customers by providing a variety of services that are customer oriented.

They ensure that their customers enjoy their shopping experience and come in handy to make shopping much easier as it normally would have been the case. Their excellent customer focused services have increased their ratings in the eyes of their customers.

They are very particular about their special customers like children and disabled customers. They provide services like parking spaces and toilets for the disabled, changing rooms for children and prayer rooms for their Muslim customers. All these services are aimed at making shopping an enjoyable and easy task.

Apart from that, they also run a chain of cafes and restaurants which offer the much needed convenience to their customers. They also provide financial services in terms of Automatic teller Machines and Cash deposit Machines. These services are aimed at easing their customer’s financial burdens and also make funds and finances easily accessible to their clients.

This is indeed a new shopping concept that is unique and revolutionary. They also provide taxi and bus stands at their premises to make it easier for their customers to drop off and also to get transportation easily.

  • The Freeport A’Famosa Outlet Stores
The Freeport A’Famosa Outlet operates quite a number of stores dealing with different categories of products ranging from fashion, sports apparel, food and beverages, conveniences, children, optical and accessories, shoes, bags and luggage and beauty and fragrances. All the products that they deal with are branded products which are testimony of their quality.

On fashion, they have so many different types of brands that offer variety to the customer. The same goes for all the other products which show diversification. Over 90% of the stock comprises manufacturing overruns or unsold stock from full priced stores and increasingly made-for-outlet product lines. Besides selling unsold items, brands place their stocks in outlet centers so that they can maintain control of them.

The best thing is that the outlet offers various bargains and discounts on their products and their deals are the best. The A’Famosa Freeport Outlet gives discounts of up to 80% which attracts many shoppers to this premium outlet. What outlet shopping is all about is that it is leisure shopping.

It is destination shopping, so the design has to be a bit of fun. That is why a lot of outlet centers are open air because they want to be different from a full-price shopping center. The single-level design is because people tend to behave like water- they go along the line of least resistance. The stores are easily navigable because of their open mall concept unlike other stores where shoppers actually get lost.


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3. SG - Senai 100SGD(Nett)
4. SG - JPO 100SGD(Nett)
5. SG - NUSAJAYA 100SGD(Nett)
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