Taxi From Singapore To Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Johor

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

When you coming to Pasir Gudang in Johor Bahru for business or leisure, you need to find a great place to unwind your mind and pleasure stay.

It’s coming to a choice of accommodation that suite your needs. No worry!

Meet the Pasir Gudang Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort, the place with the perfect balance of price, quality, great facilities and infrastructure.

Situated just 30 minutes away from Johor and Singapore across the causeway, Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort allure isn’t only its location, but because it has been hailed as Johor’s top golfing experience, with its three 18 hole championship courses.

Accompanied by equally impressive facilities in the whole resort including accommodation, dining and recreation, the resort isn’t one you want to leave once you get there, and we’ll break it down for you to discover.

These amenities include villas and guestrooms, restaurant and eateries, sports center and more.

Read on as we go into detail about Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort so you’ll see why it’s the perfect choice for your next golf and getaway spot.

1. How To Go To Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort From Singapore

2. Tanjong Puteri Golf Course

3. Tanjong Puteri Golf Rates & Membership Price

4. Why Choose Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort?

5. Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Sports & Recreation Facilities

6. Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Accommodation

7. Dining At Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

8. Events facilities At Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

1. How To Go To Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort From Singapore

This resort is located only 29 km away from Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint and the journey may takes about 42 minutes by car. It’s easy to reach Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort in Pasir Gudang, Johor who knew that superb golfing and vacation resort would be so close by. It’s time to start planning your trip.

A minimum 40 minutes required to get there from the Johor-Singapore Causeway and the Pasir Gudang/Kota Tinggi Exit from the North-South Highway and approx 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from the Tuas-Second Link.

There are 2 options you can consider either you drive on your own or hire a private car service.

1.1 Private Car From Singapore To Tanjong Puteri Golf Course

Golfers with golf bags and families with luggage can get overwhelming to organize, so why not consider a private car service from Singapore to Tanjong Puteri Golf Course Pasir Gudang.

All at your convenience and for the ultimate in comfort in a safe ride with experienced drivers, it’s a great choice and gets even greater with the ease of booking online with SGMYTAXI.


Why Choose Private Car

  • Pick up at your preferred location in Singapore and direct drive you to Tanjong Puteri Golf Course Johor
  • No need to bring your golf equipment and queue long lines in Singapore Checkpoint and Johor Custom
  • Just stay inside the vehicle to get passport stamp
  • Affordable rate and comfortable ride
  • Spacious MPV which can accommodate up to 6 golfers with golf bags
  • Experienced drivers
  • Easy to make a reservation
  • Recommend for golfers with golf sets to carry and family with children and elderly

SGMYTAXI Fleet& Capacity:
(i) Toyota Innova: 4 golfers with 4 golf sets
(ii) Toyota Alphard: 5 golfers with 5 golf sets
(iii) Hyundai Starex: 6 golfers with 6 golf sets

Book SGMYTAXI now for the best rates around for affordable luxury where passengers comfort and safety is always top, and the rides spacious enough for all your luggage, golf sets and family in tow.

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1.2 Self Driving From Singapore To Tanjong Puteri Golf Course

Driving from Singapore to Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort is pretty straightforward. If you’ve got navigation device or app here’s what to key in:

Waze: Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Pasir Gudang Johor Malaysia

Navigation coordinates: 1.4417° N, 103.9403° E

Important info for self-driving from Singapore to Tanjong Puteri Golf Course, click here: Guide For Singapore To Johor Bahru By Car

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2. Tanjong Puteri Golf & Country Club In Pasir Gudang

Built by 1990, and encompassing design inspirations from nature, the surrounding oil palm trees, natural mangroves and forests, all make up the spectacular backdrop for the three golf courses in this resort.

The courses were designed by Akira Mamiya and Max Wexler, who are both known for incorporating nature elements and local vegetation, evident in the many types of fruit trees that can be found throughout the courses.

2.1 Plantation Course

The surroundings of this course are the palm trees from the nearby plantation, and retains much of the natural forest as much as possible while still providing golfers with equally intriguing play on the green.

Tanjong Puteri Golf Course (Plantation Course)

Players here can spot various fruit trees including durian trees as the area of the course was once a fruit orchard. Nighttime golfing is also available for this course.

Length: 6454 meters

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2.2 Village Course

Lending some inspiration of the land’s heritage and history where its said the Acehnese once had their settlements and villages here, designer Akira Mamiya kept the influences of the Acehnese by retaining waterways in the design with lakes, hills and valleys in this course.

Tanjong Puteri Golf Course (Village Course)

The land was also part of an oil palm plantation and palm trees were kept to gel with the overall design of the course.

Length: 6415 meters

2.3 Straits Course

Also designed by Akira Mamiya, this course draws inspiration from the coastline and scenes of the straits of Johor.

Tanjong Puteri Golf Course (Straits Course)

The most challenging features of this course is nature itself as the course demands more skill and strategy from the golfer around tricky tee boxes, mangrove swamps and unpredictable winds which can greatly affect a golfers game.

Length: 6163 meters

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2.4 Driving Range at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

A two-storey 52 bay facility located next to resort clubhouse is a sure way to practice that swing. And if golfers need to fine tune their putt, they can do so at the practice green too. For aspiring players lessons with a coach are available for hire as well, so there’s no excuse not to get swinging.

Operation Hours:
Monday: 2:00pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am – 7:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 7:00am – 7:30pm

2.5 Pro Shop
Managed by MST Golf Malaysia, a golfer can be confident knowing the shop and their experts assist golfers with, repairs, refurbishing and adjustments of all golfing equipment. Of course retail merchandise is available in shop too.

3. Tanjong Puteri Golf Rates & Membership Price

The golf rates for Tanjong Puteri Golf Course are shown as below. Do contact +607-259 6148 or +607-259 6149 for further information, promotion and booking.

3.1 Tanjong Puteri Golf Course Rates

(i) Plantation Course
Weekday: RM 120 per person / RM440 per flight
Sunset Golf (After 4:30pm): RM 70 per person
Saturday (afternoon session): RM 195 per person / RM740 per flight
Sunday (afternoon session): RM 150 per person / RM580 per flight

(i) Village Course / Straits Course
Weekday: RM 110 per person / RM400 per flight
Sunset Golf (After 4:30pm): RM 60 per person
Saturday (afternoon session): RM 175 per person / RM660 per flight
Sunday (afternoon session): RM 135 per person / RM520 per flight
Monday Special: RM 85 per person
Early Bird (Wed & Thu: 7:00am – 9:00am): RM 75 per person

Golf Buggy Fee: RM47.70

3.2 Tanjong Puteri Golf Membership

Types of Tanjong Puteri Golf memberships include a full time membership, term membership, and weekday access only memberships are available for golfers and guests.

Full memberships are typically limited and new members are advised to contact the membership department for complete benefits to each membership type.

4. Why Choose Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort?

Why would we recommend this resort in Johor Bahru for you? Frankly, there are more, than just one reason.

  • the resort is infra-structurally convenient;
  • only 30 minutes drive away from the Johor Bahru – Singapore Causeway and the Pasir Gudang;
  • suit the budget;
  • have a lot of excellent facilities;
  • affordable place to stay with the whole family or a big group of friends;
  • numerous places to eat or have a glass of good wine;
  • the best place to play golf in Johor Bahru;
  • beautiful nature.

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5. Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Sports & Recreation Facilities

With so many activities to choose from, 23 altogether in fact, you’ll stay fit even while on holiday. Check out the complete listing of activities and things to do below:

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort (Bowling)

  • Nature Walk Trail
  • Sand Pit Volley Ball
  • Kiddy Putting Green
  • 8-lane Bowling Alley
  • Camp Fire Site
  • Amigos Horse Riding
  • Khatulistiwa Spa
  • Night Futsal
  • Learner’s Pool
  • Olympic Size Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Pool
  • Sauna
  • Gymnasium
  • Table Tennis
  • Squash Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Futsal Court
  • Billard & Board Games
  • Bicycle Ride
  • Recreation Park & Soccer Field

6. Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Accommodation

There are 164 rooms, which are divided into 3 categories:

  • The 20-rooms clubhouse is an exclusive place for people, seeking intimacy and comfort.
  • The 34 double-stores villas has 4 & 5 bedrooms, living and dining room are suitable for families or big groups.
  • Offering up to 3 different accommodation types, there are rooms and villas and can sleep up to 8 pax, guest can rest comfortable with their big groups or family.

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Lobby

6.1 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Clubhouse Rooms

Divided into Superior, Deluxe and Suite rooms, these rooms accommodate 2 pax guests with two single beds, a double or king bed with rates as follows:
Superior Room: RM 555 nett
Deluxe Room: RM 615 nett
Suite Room: RM 655 nett

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Room

6.2 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Villa

The villas available are a great choice for bigger pax and are the 4 bedroom Mahligai Villa and the 5 bedroom Istana Villa, with both villas accommodating up to 8 pax.
Mahligai Villa: RM 1055 nett
Istana Villa: RM 1325 nett

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Johor Bahru

6.3 Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Bungalow

A 5 room bungalow with ample space, sleeps up to 10 pax adults for your gatherings in one place.
Bungalow: RM 1325 nett

Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort Johor

7. Dining At Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

Plenty of choice for visitors to the resort with five eateries, from a full on restaurant to more casual cafes as break for tea and from the green.

7.1 Golfer’s Cafe

Al fresco dining is a breeze at this café where diners can expect light bites, from hawker typical dishes to western pastries.

Operation Hours:
Daily: 6:30am – 10:30pm

7.2 He Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Highlighting international flavors and seafood dishes, the He Yuan Chinese Restaurant serves up full Chinese traditional dishes and set menus are customizable. For large parties and private gatherings the restaurant can accommodate those in two separate rooms.

Operation Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 12:00pm – 2:30pm (lunch); 6:00pm – 10:00pm (dinner)

7.3 After 18 Lounge

The pool table and karaoke can offer some entertainment and for guests to unwind after a long day on the green.

Operation Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00pm – 12:00am

7.4 De Deli Corner

Located next to the main clubhouse is quite a cozy spot for a few light bites and tea and a quick break.

Operation Hours:
Daily: 7:00am – 7:00pm

7.5 Puteri Cafe

Another spot for some light snacks and bites at tea time, Puteri Café is on the second floor of the main clubhouse.

Operation Hours:
Daily: 7:00am – 7:00pm


8. Events facilities At Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort

(i) Banquet & Seminars

Customizable setup, décor and menu, guests are able to choose full day or half day packages at great value. Seminars and corporate meetings held in the resort can be hosted in 3 different halls.

(ii) Weddings & Banquet Setting

For bigger setup that require a banquet dining style and for weddings, will be typically be held in the ballroom.

(iii) Events & accommodation option

Called the residential and retreat packages, this allows for guests to organize extended seminars, events and corporate functions with a stay in the resorts’ many houses.

(iv) Private Golf Tournament

Golfers can now organize private tournaments complete with prize ceremony at the end and includes lunch or dinner.

Package from (i) to (iv) can be view at here.


Taxi Services from Singapore to Johor Bahru

The resort is also easily accessible through different modes of transportation. So if you don’t want to waste your time and energy driving a car, or you are going with a large group of friends or big family (especially with kids!), it’s better to choose a private taxi from Singapore.

SGMYTAXI is a reliable and top choice taxi service that provides cross borders transfer service between Singapore and Malaysia. With our services, you can travel to Johor Bahru easily from Singapore and vice versa with comfortable MPV car and hassle free trip.

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Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort
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