Is Living In Johor Bahru A Good Move For Singaporeans

Is Living In Johor Bahru A Good Move For Singaporeans?

The cost of living in Singapore can often make you curious about life north of the border.

The thought of lower rent, more space and cheap goods can tempt you to pack and live in Malaysia – Johor Bahru to be specific.

But is that enough a reason to make you move?

How sure you are those things are very rosy on the other side?

This is the dilemma that confronts many Singaporeans who would wish to move to Johor Bahru.

Important to note that many Malaysians often cross over to Singapore to work owing to the favourable economic conditions in Singapore.

So if life is easy in Johor Bahru why many Malaysians cross over to Singapore in search of greener pastures?

Let’s check it out the factors that may lead a Singaporean to move to Johor Bahru and also the factors that may make a Singaporean shy away from living in Johor Bahru.

7 Reasons Living In Johor Bahru Beats Living in Singapore

  • Car Ownership

Cars in Malaysia are available at very cheap prices if compared to Singapore. This is due to the fact that Malaysia manufactures its own cars and importing.

The procedures too for owning a car are not complicated and bureaucratic like in Singapore. Petrol is very cheap in Malaysia making it even more convenient to own a car. Car ownership costs are high in Singapore due to expensive fuel.

  • Low Cost of Living

When compared to the cost of living in Singapore, the cost of living is reasonably low in Johor Bahru.

Shopping at Johor Bahru

Being an industrial hub goods are available at low prices and that’s the reason why many Singaporeans flock shopping malls in Johor Bahru to do shopping over the weekend. Properties are quite cheap and available.

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  • JB Offers A More Holistic Living Environment

Senibong Cove Isola Grandeur

Recreational facilities are quite limited in Singapore, yet for people living in Malaysia they enjoy a whole array of recreation facilities. There are also many options to enjoy time like visiting malls.

  • Diversity

Malaysia is more diverse than Singapore. It is easy to see Malays, Chinese, Indians, iban, and many more ethnic groups . This means you can have a variety of foods available to people living around. Due to this you get a chance to interact and experience other cultures first-hand.

  • Huge Potential For Savings And Owning Property

You can buy and own property in Johor Bahru owing to the fact that the land is available. Singapore is considerably small and Iskandar itself is three times the size.

  • High Cost of Houses In Singapore

Senibong Cove The Hills Residence

With increasing property prices in Singapore, residential developers like Iskandar and Senibong Cove have provided Singaporeans with attractive yet low cost options. This is found to be luring many Singaporeans to relocate to Johor Bahru.

  • Many Investment Opportunities

Generally there are more opportunities in Johor Bahru, Malaysia than Singapore. Considering it’s an economic hub there are many business options. Some of the sectors that perform well include: Real Estate, Furniture, Education, Oil and gas and many others.

8 Reasons Living In Singapore Beats Living in Johor Bahru

  • Transport System Still Need To Improve

Singapore is the best transport system in the world. Therefore, the transportation in Singapore far more better than Johor Bahru. Singapore Changi International Airport is within reach and Singapore ports too are easily accessible.

The road system connecting in Singapore is well developed making road transport very efficient. The trains in Singapore are very reliable and efficient if compared to Johor Bahru.

Light rail is ever expanding to meet the demand of public transport. Taxis are quite many and cheap at the same time.

  • Malaysian Ringgit Is A Weaker Currency

The weakening Malaysian currency is undeniably one of the drawbacks of staying in Malaysia and Johor Bahru for that matter.

Malaysian Ringgit Is A Weaker Currency

Compared to other currencies the Ringgit is fairing badly and this often affects the price of goods. The Singaporean dollar has consistently dwarfed the Ringgit in terms of value.

  • Language Barriers

Bahasa Malaysia is the national language in Malaysia. Hence, it is advisable that you be conversant with the language for easy communication especially if you want to start business. If you have children who are school going language barrier may affect them in school.

  • JB Has Very High Crime Rates

The rate of crime in JB has catapulted over the years to unprecedented levels. Theft, pick pocketing is rampant and one cannot enjoy a safe environment like in Singapore.

  • Lesser Career Development

on an average scale Malaysians are less ambitious than their Singapore counterparts. People are often satisfied and most companies don’t even send their employees for training which is a minus if you want a great career advancement.

  • High Traffic In JB

Johor singapore causeway link jam

Traveling in Malaysia without a car is quite hectic. Due to this fact many people own cars which often lead to long waiting jams on the road and can easily inconvenience you.

  • No Freedom of Speech

The freedom of speech is not respected in Malaysia. You cannot criticize the leaders even if they on the wrong or even speak out your mind freely. This makes pollen feel constrained and limited when living in any Malaysia city.

  • It Is Difficult To Import Goods Due To High Taxation

People who are involved in import business often find staying in Malaysia hard due to high taxation. Anything that is not manufactured in Malaysia is taxed severely. This reduces the profit margins and often kills businesses.


From the above analysis you can’t draw the line and say whether Singaporeans should live in Johor Bahru or they should not. The onus is on the person to weigh their options and make informed decisions.