11 Singapore Theme Parks

Take a break from shopping and go on an epic adventure to the world-class theme park instead!

Singapore boasts many all-of-a-kind theme parks and there’s nothing more satisfying than spending a day in any one of them.

It has always made us feel like being in a stress-free world where you will never ever get bored in it.

Here, we are going to show you 11 exciting Singapore theme parks that you should really visit at least once in your lifetime.

The remarkable thing is, some of them stands as the first and only attraction in Asia and even the world.

Read Singapore travel guide, choose your favourite Singapore Theme Park and plan your weekend now!

Top 11 Singapore Theme Park

1. Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore is one of the top attractions in Singapore appears as the very first and only Hollywood movie-themed park in Southeast Asia.

It featuring 24 exhilarating rides in 7 unique themed zones and each zone offers its own rides, street entertainment, shows, restaurant and souvenir shops.

Embark on an adventure to catch your favourite Hollywood characters that come to real life! From Shrek, Minions, Mummy, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar to Jurassic Park, always keep a lookout for them while wandering around the park.

Universal Studio In Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore Highlight:

  • Heart dropping rides for thrill seeker – Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers Ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Battlestar Galactica: CYLON versus HUMAN.
  • Watch The Water world show full of amazing explosive effects and incredible stunts that leave you in awe.
  • Take park in the wall climbing at the Amber Rock Climb in The Lost World.
  • Enjoy the street performance at The New York, Hollywood and Madagascar.
  • Children-friendly rides include Shrek 4D Adventure at Far Far Away Zone, Canopy Flyer at Lost World Zone and Treasure Hunters at Ancient Egypt Zone.
  • Catch the vivid parade from The Lost World to New York. It will have you dancing to the beats with the lively dancers.

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Universal Studio Singapore Attractions

How To Get To Universal Studio Singapore:

First, go to Harbour Front MRT station to board the Sentosa Express from Level 3 of Vivo City Shopping Mall. Alight at Waterfront Station where you will see Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Tips & Reminders:

  • If possible, visit on weekday instead of weekend or public holidays to avoid extremely long queue that could take hours just take a ride.
  • Book your tickets online. Some promotions are available to help you save money.
  • If you are willing to pay, get the Universal Express Pass to skip the long queue at each ride.
  • Pack only necessities and start your day in the theme park early.
  • Make use of the programme sheet which lists out the timings of all entertainment shows and events.
  • The parade runs only on selected weekends and public holidays.
  • Have lunch early to avoid crowd at the food counter.
  • For kids, there is minimum height requirement for each ride.
  • Wheel chairs, strollers and motorised vehicles are available for rent.
Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Details:
Location: 11 Sentosa East Mall, Singapore 099054.
Contact: +65 6577 8888
Opening hours:
Daily: 10:00am. Closing time differs.
Entrance Fee:
Adults (13-59 years old): SGD$74
Child (4-12 years old): SGD$54

2. Sentosa 4D Adventureland

At Sentosa 4D Adventureland, immerse in the sensational 4D experience filled with amazing digital effects and cinematic surprises. While watching the 4D virtual movie, special effects like scents, water sprays and winds are created, making you a part of the adventure too.

This place serves as a high technology interactive entertainment zone. For braver guests, there’s also a 4D roller coaster ride for you. As the attraction is held indoor, it’s great to visit on a rainy day or to escape the heat in the afternoon.

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Extreme Log Ride

Sentosa 4D Adventureland Highlight:

  • Take the exciting virtual 4D roller coaster at Extreme Log Ride where you will be transported immediately to Himalamazon.
  • Grab the motionsensor pistol and shoot down all bandits at the interactive 4D shooting game at Desperados.
  • Watch the 4D movie – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and go on the adventure with the characters. Do expect plenty of cinematic surprises!

Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Singapore Desperadoes

How To Get To Sentosa 4D Adventureland:

By MRT, alight at Harbour Front Station and move your way to Level 3 of Vivo City. Take the Sentosa Express and get down at Imbiah Station. Go up to the Imbiah Look-out by taking escalators.

Tips & Reminders:

  • On site parking area is chargeable.
  • Restaurants are available here.
  • Last admission is at 8:15pm if you want to enjoy all attractions.
  • Plan your schedule well because the frequency of 4D movie is an hour while the roller coaster is half hour.
  • Check out the combo tickets which are available online to save more.
Sentosa 4D Adventureland Details:
Location: 51B Imbiah Road, Singapore.
Contact: +65-6274 5355
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Entrance Fee:
One Day Adventure Pass (Unlimited Entry per day)
Adult: SGD$40
Child: SGD$30


3. Marine Life Park, Sentosa

Divided into 3 major attractions which are Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island and S.E.A. Aquarium, Marine Life Park in Sentosa Island is one of the best Singapore theme park to discover the wonders of underwater world.

Despite featuring world-class facilities, the park also provides plenty of interactive and fun programmes which are specially designed to offer you ultimate splashing fun, bring you close to sea creatures and deepen your knowledge of the blue ocean and ecosystem.

Marine Life Park Sentosa Singapore (S.E.A. Aquarium)

Marine Life Park Sentosa Highlight:

  • E.A. Aquarium – Be inspired and fascinated by the myriad marine life of our planet at the world’s largest oceanarium. It offers more than 100,000 marine life from over 800 species. There’s even a restaurant where you can dine facing the gigantic aquarium.
  • Adventure Cove Waterpark – Encounter the marine life and enjoy the thrilling slides in one! Despite utmost splashing fun, you can snorkel with over 20,000 fishes among the colourful manmade reef and meet the sharks here.
  • Dolphin Island –Meet the Indo-Pacific dolphins and build an intimate bond with these graceful mammals.Take part in the dolphin interaction programmes to learn about their diets, habitats, migration patterns and anatomies.

Marine Life Park Sentosa Singapore Dolphin

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How To Get To Marine Life Park, Sentosa:

Alight at Harbour Front MRT station, make your way to Vivo City and proceed to level 3. From there, board the Sentosa Express and get down at Waterfront Station. All these 3 attractions are within walking distance from Waterfront Station.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Remember to bring waterproof cover of your smartphone especially at Adventure Cove Park.
  • Ticket to S.E.A Aquarium comes with admission to Maritime Experiential Museum too.
  • Book the tickets online to avoid long queue at the counter.
  • Lockers are provided at all attractions.
Marine Life Park, Sentosa Details:
Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore.
Contact: +65-6577 8888
Opening Hours:
S.E.A. Aquarium: 10:00am – 7:00pm daily
Adventure Cove Waterpark: 10:00am – 6:00pm daily
Dolphin Island: 10:00am – 6:00pm daily
Entrance Fee:
S.E.A. Aquarium:
Adult: SGD$38
Children: SGD$28
Children below 3: Free admission
Adventure Cove Waterpark:
Adult: SGD$38
Child & Senior Citizen (60 years old and above): SGD$20
Dolphin Island:
Admission fee varies depending on the programmes you choose.

4. G-Max Reverse Bungy

Clarke Quay lies a fun and incredibly extreme bungy ride called G-Max Reverse Bungy. As the name suggests, you will be experiencing bungy jumping in a reverse way.

Different from traditional bungy jumping, this exciting 5-minute ride takes place in an exquisitely designed open-air capsule made from reinforced steel. With the bungy recoils, it ensures a safe yet extreme experience for all thrill seekers.

G-Max Reverse Bungy In Singapore

G-Max Reverse Bungy Highlight:

  • Get ready to be propelled to 60m high in the air at the speed of 200kph and at a 5G of force. This level of G-forces is exactly how an astronaut experiences in a rocket launch.
  • After a few times of up and down springing, it will stop in the mid-air and descends slowly to the ground.

G-Max Reverse Bungy Singapore On The Air

How To Get To G-Max Reverse Bungy:

Alight at the Clark Quay MRT Station on the North-East line. Then, exit to Tong Sen Street and make your way to the MITA building. Turn left to River Valley Road and you will see the towers of the ride in front.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Minimum age requirement is 12 years old kids above 1.2m.
  • Intoxicated people are prohibited to take the ride.
  • If you think you go for it twice, purchase the combo tickets at SGD$65 per person.
G-Max Reverse Bungy Details:
Location: 3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024.
Contact: +65 6338 1766
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:00am until late
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$45 per person
Student: SGD$35 per person


5. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Singapore situated in a rainforest environment for guests to observe abundance of animals like sea lions, flying foxes and white tigers.

It is home to more than 300 species of wildlife.

Renowned for the ‘open concept’, the zoo is designed to offer animals a spacious landscape resembling their natural habitats.

Educational and interactive content is constantly added to learn more about animals in an engaging way.

Singapore Zoo Car

Singapore Zoo Highlight:

  • Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife – You get to enjoy breakfast with orang utans! The breakfast buffet features local cuisines and western dishes. Advanced booking is needed.
  • Feed the elephants, giant tortoises, giraffes, goat, hamadryas baboons and many more at a small fee.
  • Enjoy at least one of the 4 shows – Animal Friends, Rainforest Fights Back, Splash Safari and Elephants at Work & Play.
  • Pass your smartphone or camera to the zookeeper and they’ll hep you to take pictures with wildlife at certain places.
  • Rainforest Kidzworld – A water play area for kids to beat the heat. Trampolines, pony ride and merry-go-round are available as well. Do visit the exhibition showcasing the full-scale traditional house of Singaporeans.
  • Check out the interesting plants around. For example, Micky Mouse plant!
  • Buy yourself some souvenirs to keep them as a memory.

Singapore Zoo Activities

How To Get To Singapore Zoo:

Go to Khabit MRT Station on North-South Line and board the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to Singapore Zoo. The shuttle bus operates from 8:00am at frequency of 20 minutes.

Tips & Reminders:

  • You will be staying outdoor most of the time. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring umbrella, caps, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.
  • Bring enough water as a bottled water is very expensive in the zoo.
  • Get yourself a map to plan your day well by fitting show times and feeding times into your schedule.
  • Tired of walking? Board the tram to explore the zoo at SGD$5 per adult and SGD$3 per child. There is no limitation for the ride.
  • Wagons, lockers, mobility scooters and strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent.
Singapore Zoo Details:
Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.
Contact: +65 6269 3411
Opening Hours:
Daily: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$35
Child (3 to 12 years old): SGD$23
Child below 3: Free
Senior (60 years old & above):SGD$16


6. Haw Par Villa

Step into this nightmare theme park – Haw Par Villa if you dare to. Away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road and Chinatown, Haw Par Villa sits on the Singapore’s West Coast, telling you the myths and legends of Chinese history, Taoism and Buddhism in the most eerie way.

This is the first and only Chinese mythological park in the world. Pick your favourite from more than 1,000 interesting statues on display.

Haw Par Villa Singapore

Haw Par Villa Highlight:

  • 10 Courts of Hell –Educate visitors on morality and ethnics. The graphic images might be heavy for little ones.
  • The God of Death – Inspired from Buddhist Belief, the god of death oversees the punishment in the hell.
  • The Pleasure Tower – A viewing platform for souls to watch the punishment of their enemies.
  • The Wheel of Reincarnation – People casted here will be reborn as an animal or a human based on their deeds in previous life.
  • Microcosm of Haw Par – Dioramas showcasing folklore and myth in a less brutal way.

Haw Par Villa In Singapore

How To Get To Haw Par Villa:

The park’s entrance is merely one-minute walk from Haw Par Villa MRT Station on Circle Line.

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Tips & Reminders:

  • Some of the graphic and sculptures in the park might scare the kids. Think twice whether you want to bring them here.
  • Take as much interesting pictures as you can.
  • Bring enough water as it’s hardly found in the park.
  • As the theme park is not a sheltered area, the best time to visit is either in the morning or evening.
  • Last entry for 10 Courts of Hell is at 5:45pm.
Haw Par Villa Details:
Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628 Singapore.
Contact: +65 6773 0103
Opening Hours:
Daily: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Entrance Fee: Free admission

7. Kidzania Singapore

A whole new edutainment attraction is now opening in Sentosa Island! Combined role-play with real life, you can say Kidzania is a new country with its own language. All interactive activities are deliberately crafted just like how it happens in the real world.

Specially designed to educate children through experience, they will learn about how a city works, experience career life and manage money on their own. Eventually, it gives them inspiration and the confidence to become a good citizen.

Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania Singapore Highlight:

  • Acting Academy – take lessons in acting and perform on the stage in the Theatre.
  • Aviation Academy – Taste how it feels like to be a pilot operating an aircraft. Parents are welcomed as the cabin passenger.
  • Bank and Vault – Be the cash officer and protect the nation’s money.
  • City Parade – Parade with other performers around the city.
  • Coach Station – Be the tour guide of Kidzania and guide the tourists to all attractions.
  • Convenience Store – Learn how to run a shop and make sure your shop is well stocked.
  • Imaging Academy – Gain insights on camera techniques to take beautiful photographs.
  • Ice Cream Factory – Make your own ice-cream and taste if it’s good!

Kidzania Singapore Activities

How To Get To Kidzania Singapore:

Go to Harbour Front MRT Station and proceed to Vivo City Lobby L located on level 3. Board the Sentosa Express and alight at Beach Station. Walk across the bus interchange to Kidzania.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Similar to kids or toddlers who must be accompanied by adults in the Kidzania, adults who wish to enter must also be accompanied by at least one toddler or kid.
  • The entry is subject to park capacity.
  • Wear covered shoes or kids cannot enjoy some of the activities.
  • Bring light jacket because it’s an air-conditioned indoor area.
  • There is height requirement at Driving School, Mountaineering School and Climbing Building.
  • Check the official website for updates on the park closure for routine maintenance.
  • Kids can get food from the activities while adults have to buy food for themselves.
Kidzania Singapore Details:
Location: Palawan Kidz City. 31 Beach View, #01-01/02, Singapore 098008.
Contact: +65 6653 6888
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$35
Child (4-17 years old): SGD$58
Toddler (2-3 years old): SGD$25


8. Singapore Night Safari

When dusk falls, instead of drinking beers in the club or any other nightspots, why not go to Singapore Night Safari to mingle with wildlife and make friends with them?

Opened in 1994, Singapore Night Safari is the very first safari park ever existed in the world. After blending yourself with the darkness all around, you will be greeted by more than 2,500 wildlife including the endangered species like Malayan tiger, Asian elephant and tapir.

Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari Highlight:

  • Fishing Cat Trail – You’ll find Himalayan Tahr, Asia Otter, Fishing Cat, Indian Gharial and many other creatures here.
  • Leopard Trail – Get up close with leopard and learn about their relatives. Spot the giant flying squirrels and Malayan flying foxes while strolling into the aviaries.
  • East Lodge Trail –Take a rest at the Zebra Café and continue your journey to see sloth bear, giraffe, Spotted Hyenas and Babirusa. Catch the tigers and lions feeding time here too.
  • Wallaby Trail–Spot the Sugar Gliders and While lipped python here.
  • Creatures of the Night Show – A live show performed by civets, binturongs, otters and many other night creatures.
  • Thumbuakar Performance – Be amazed by this exciting fire show and see how a human turns into a fiery beast!
  • A movable feast – Dine on the moving tram to enjoy the fine meals with animals.

Singapore Night Safari Leopards

How To Get To Singapore Night Safari:

Take MRT to Ang Mo Kio Station on the North-South Line. Head to the bus station at AMK Hub Mall and board the bus 138 which brings you directly to destination.

Tips & Reminders:

  • F&B outlets around are opened from 5:30pm.
  • If you don’t mind splashing money, take the private group tour and listen to the cool facts and insider tales about these nocturnal animals. You get to enjoy the VIP buggy ride.
  • Explore the Night Safari by hopping onto the tram. If there is a big crowd, take any of the trails and come back later.
  • Beat the queue by buying tickets online. Discounted tickets can be found online as well.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as some areas are wet and you may fall down easily in the darkness.

Singapore Night Safari Details:
Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.
Opening Hours:
Daily: 7:15pm – 12:00am
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$47
Child (3 to 12 years old): SGD$31
Child below 3: Free
Senior (60 years old & above):SGD$20


9. Mega Adventure Park

Conquer outdoor adventures like flying fox, rock climbing and freefall experience at Mega Adventure Park! Located at the Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island, this is truly a must go place for all adventure seekers.

Let’s grab this chance to build your courage, self-esteem and confidence!

Mega Adventure Park Singapore

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Mega Adventure Park Highlight:

  • MegaZip – A 450m long flying fox which gives you an experience of soaring in the sky like an eagle at the speed of 60kph. Fly over the jungle and beaches to take in the wonderful views of Sentosa Island from high above!
  • MegaClimb – Overcome the fear of height while crossing this tree-top walk with 36 obstacles. It’s a premier rope adventure course that divided into 3 different levels. The higher you choose, the better view you get rewarded.
  • MegaJump – Replicating the parachute jump but ignore the plane ride, this activity offers you a 15m freefalling drop experience that leaves you screaming non-stop.
  • MegaWall–In Singapore, this is one of their tallest rock climbing walls that test your endurance and strength. With 15m high, it offers 3 routes to the summit supported by exceptional auto-belay system.
  • MegaBounce – Despite entertaining the kids, these trampolines can test their acrobatics and dynamic under the care of instructors to ensure safety.

Mega Adventure Park Singapore MegaClimb

How To Get To Mega Adventure Park:

At Harbour Front MRT Station, go to the Level 3 of Vivo City, board the Sentosa Express and alight at Beach Station which is the final stop. Then, take the free tram to Siloso Beach and get down at the third stop. The counter of Mega Adventure Park is on your left.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Wear appropriate and comfortable sportswear.
  • For MegaClimb and MegaWall, covered shoes must be worn.
  • Last entry of each activity is different, from 6:15pm to 6:45pm. Check the official web page for detailed information.
  • Bottled water and lockers are provided.
  • Tickets can be bought by single activity or in packages where different activities are combined.
  • All activities have their own height and weight requirements.

Mega Adventure Park Details:
Location: 10A Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore 099008.
Contact: +65-3163 6352
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Entrance Fee:
All in one ticket & Free Express Pass: SGD$90


10. Jurong Bird Park

Standing proudly as the largest open-concept bird park in Asia Pacific, Jurong Bird Park specialises in offering guests over 600 species of birds mainly from South Asia.

Featuring 4 aviaries, Jurong Bird Park boasts the world’s biggest walk-in aviary with the highest man-made waterfall. Surely you will indulge in the close-up view of birds all around you. Apart from that, 50 cents of every purchased tickets will be contributed to the wildlife conservation.

Jurong Bird Park In Singapore

Jurong Bird Park Highlight:

  • African Penguin Feeding –Feed the cute little penguins hailing from the coast of Africa at SGD$2 for 4 fishes.
  • Lory Loft – A walk-in flight aviary with a high feeding tower offering 360-degree panoramic view of the whole area. It homes to 10 species of beautiful lorikeets and lories. Guests have the golden chance to hand-feed these lorries here.
  • Kings of the Skies – Keep your eyes focused on the blue sky and discover how the magnificent predators catch their prey. You’ll see Harris’s hawk, while-tailed sea eagle and hooded vulture here. The show takes place at Hawk Arena.
  • High Flyers Show – A talent show at Pools Amphitheatre by the clever birds in the park. Raise your hands whenever they ask for volunteer to get up close to these cute creatures.

Variety of Birds In Jurong Bird Park Singapore

How To Get To Jurong Bird Park:

Take MRT to Boon Lay Station on the green line and board the bus 194 which brings you to the entrance of Jurong Bird Park.

Tips & Reminders:

  • Last entry is at 5:30pm.
  • Approach the Membership Services centre if you lost your items in the park.
  • For cash withdrawals, there is an UOB ATM machine at the ticketing counter.
  • Wagon, stroller, electric scooters and wheelchairs are available for rent.
  • Nursing room can be found at Birdz of Play.
  • Apply sunscreen or sunblock if you are prone to sunburn.
  • Prepare umbrella or shield yourself from the rain at the Hawk Café.
  • Prevent insect bites by applying insect repellent on skin.
  • Dining options include Hawk Café, Birdz of Play Café, Lorry Loft Cafe and Curry Gardenn.
Jurong Bird Park Details:
Location: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore.
Contact: +65-6269 3411
Opening Hours:
Daily: 8:30am – 6:00pm
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$30
Child (3 to 12 years old): SGD$20
Child below 3: Free
Senior (60 years old & above): SGD$14


11. Singapore River Safari

Singapore River Safari is the very first river-themed wildlife park in Asia. Offering over 260 species ranging from alligator snapping turtle, crab-eating macaque, giant panda to manatee and sturgeon, it aims at inspiring every visitor to appreciate the freshwater ecosystems in the Earth.

The park can be explored by Reservoir Cruise or by foot. Both ways are best to snap scenic pictures of nature environment.

River Safari In Singapore

Singapore River Safari Highlight:

  • Amazon River Quest – A open-top boat ride that journey down the river. You will encounter more than 30 species of wildlife living around the Amazon river. The boat ride takes around 10 minutes.
  • River Talk – A 20-minute educational show held at Amazon Square. Here, zookeepers will introduce some of the animals to the public. Whenever they ask for volunteer, raise up your hands to be a part them.
  • Feeding session – Follow the staff to selected area to see them feeding the animals. It’s amazing to see all animals gather altogether for food. Get ready your camera at this session!
  • Giant Panda Forest – This is the most highlighted attraction of River Safari, to see the 2 cute pandas – JiaJia and Kai Kai. You will see them having bamboo shoots feast all the time.
  • Mama Panda Kitchen –Enjoy their special Panda Bun that comes with either chocolate custard or red bean flavour. It looks very cute and tastes good too.

River Safari Singapore Animals

How To Get To Singapore River Safari:

Go to Khatib MRT Station on the North South Link to board the connecting shuttle bus – Mandai Khatib Shuttle to Singapore River Safari.

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Tips & Reminders:

  • 2-minute walk from Singapore Zoo.
  • Tickets for Amazon River Quest boat ride can be bought at the counter at SGD$5 per adult and SGD$3 per child. Book early as the seats are quite limited. This boat ride is weather permitting and minimum height requirement for a child is above 1.06m.
  • Visit Jia Jia and Kai Kai as early as possible when they are in a more active state.
  • Bring along insect repellents and enough water.
  • Multi park tickets are available online too.
Singapore River Safari Details:
Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Entrance Fee:
Adult: SGD$32
Child (3 to 12 years old): SGD$21
Child below 3: Free
Senior (60 years old & above): SGD$15